My Week: A White Christmas Nightmare

It was pretty routine up until Thursday. I’d taken that day off, thinking I’d be going to DS1’s place in the afternoon so I could be there bright and early Christmas Eve. Since Christmas was falling on Sabbath this year (makes it sound like an accident, doesn’t it?), that was when the family was planning to celebrate. Then DS1 called and said they wouldn’t be home until late that night so he advised me to wait and come on the Eve. I agreed and was a little relieved since that gave me more time to get everything squared away.

Friday dawned and it was a beautiful day. I did my body test and my Wii age came in at 37. All was right with the world.

Then I checked my email. A new member had joined the forum. I always check out the newbies. When I clicked on the link, I saw that he/she/it had been active for about seven hours. And I mean ACTIVE. According to the stats, there were 439 new posts, all attributable to the new member. I refreshed the page and, sure enough, it went to 440. I had to act and act quickly. I knew the posts wouldn’t be anything I wanted on the forum and, as I thought, they were all spam. I immediately deleted the member and said yes, I wanted all the posts deleted as well. It would have been fine if they had been deleted as requested but they weren’t. I spent the next hour deleting them one by one. When all was said and done, my shoulder felt like I had bursitis.

I figured I should call DS1 and give him a status report but the computer wouldn’t recognize the MagicJack. Consequently, I spent the next three hours with MJ support, working the problem out. I chatted with three different people, Therese, Nigel and Ivan. Ivan asked for permission to remote in to my computer and I granted it. Trouble was, whenever he opened Device Manager, he couldn’t get any farther. Finally, he had to walk me through what to do, step by step. Unplug this, uninstall that, go into the registry and delete this value. After 11 o’clock, he had me back up and running.

Almost in tears, I called DS1. I told him I hadn’t even had breakfast yet and was thinking of waiting until Christmas to go to his place. He objected and said it was supposed to snow and I should set out ASAP. I juned around and got everything into the car, left Twinkle a clean cat box, sufficient food for maybe three days and fresh water.

I’d called in an order for half a box of oranges that day and a full box on Sunday. The produce place and Wally World were the only stops before I headed south. It was hard to believe there would be snow.

After the car was unloaded, DS1 pointed out some additions to the living room. We did some Kinect bowling, he and my granddaughter played a game of ping pong and she demonstrated how she can play volley ball (I think) or maybe it’s soccer. Anyway, it was fun.

We all had supper and went to bed after watching some specials on 3ABN and a DVD of the school Christmas program.

This morning, I went to the bathroom and checked out the window. No snow. I went back to my bed on the couch. I got up at 6 and thought I should probably stay up but I went back to sleep again before I could put the plan into action. DS1 woke me over an hour later, puttering about in the kitchen. When I asked him what time we should leave for church, he said in about an hour. I have to wait that long after taking my thyroid med before I can eat. I had to eat so I could take my supplements. I’d learned the hard way not to miss having my fava beans.

Another thing he mentioned was that walking shoes would be a must because they might not be able to get back up the hill. I looked out at a world of white. The weather guessers had been right! We were having a white Christmas! I elected to stay home. I took some pictures of the world outside.


More snow!

I’d had breakfast and lunch by the time they got home. My granddaughter had made a snow angel and DS1 had fallen walking around it. DIL was the only one that wasn’t pretty well covered.

My plans to go see DS2 and his were put on hold. I talked to my DIL on the phone and she said to let them know when I was planning to come tomorrow. Later, I called DD and wished their household a Merry Christmas.

We watched Gifted Hands in the afternoon (I’d already watched it this morning). DS1 thought it was a pretty good movie.

This evening, I called my neighbor thinking they were out of town. No, they were home. It had started snowing about sundown and had been coming down heavily ever since. There was already about 3” of the white stuff on the ground.

DS1 turned on the TV and the words “Winter Storm Warning” were scrolling across the bottom of the screen. Church services are canceled for tomorrow. I feel about frantic because my cat is at home alone with no way to get more food or water if she needs it. I’ve been praying I’ll be able to make it tomorrow. If I can, I may forget about stopping anywhere and just head for the hills. The other day when DD and I had our weekly conversation, I told her there was a white Christmas predicted. I said, “I hope I get snowed in!” Be careful what you wish for. I have come to the conclusion that it’s better to be snowed in at home than snowed out.

That was last night. This is Sunday night. I could keep you in suspenders, wondering what had happened but I won’t do that.

I didn’t sleep well at all. Whenever I did, I kept dreaming of links to click and I knew there was no Internet access at DS1’s house. Even my dreams were frustrating. I woke after 3 and went to the bathroom. On my way back, I turned on the TV to see if there were any coverage of the weather situation. Nothing except what I’d already seen.

Back on the couch, one of the cats had taken up residence where my feet were supposed to be. I felt condemned to do it, but I had to push him off so I could be comfortable and try to go back to sleep. During all my waking hours, I had been praying that the Lord would take control and whatever happened would be His will. Then I’d worry some more. I’m not too good at letting go of problems.

I’ve been having a recurring dream for years that I have a small child. I get separated from him/her and am frantically trying to get back to where the little one is. That’s the way I felt about Twinkle. She’s my baby, I guess.

I don’t know what time DS1 has his alarm set for but he “snoozed” it until about 6. It must’ve been set for 5, as many times as it alarmed. The first one woke me. The others kept me awake. When he appeared, I gave up and got up. I knew I’d feel like something the cat drug in later.

His cell phone had rung earlier so he called his driving partner back. He was to wait and leave about 7:35 to be sure to get there at 8 o’clock. Since they are a one vehicle family, DIL had to get dressed and take him to catch his ride on to the trucking area, whatever it’s called. She made it back 50 minutes later. Normally, it wouldn’t take more than 20 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, I’d had my quiet time and proceeded to eat breakfast. She advised me to wait to leave later on in the day. I settled on 1 o’clock since that was when the winter weather advisory for that neck of the woods expired.

I contacted my other DIL and let her know I wasn’t going to try to stop by today. She said she’d attempted to go to work but had turned around and gone back home. She understood.

When I was packing the cooler, I noticed my B-12 paraphernalia. I grabbed it, went in the bathroom, locked the door and shot myself in the leg. Later DIL1 told me she didn’t think she could ever do that. I told her I’d felt the same way. I noticed I had the stinkiest sweat I can ever remember having and attributed it to stress. I cleaned up and got dressed.

Along about noon, I started getting ready to load the car. She bundled up and helped me clean the snow off. Before it was all gone, I measured it and it was around 5 to 5.5″, heavy and wet.

I called my sister and asked her to pray for me and get our other sister in on it, too. She asked me to call as soon as I got home.

About 12:45, DIL told me she’d go move the car from the driveway so I could get out. I was to wait a few minutes before I tried it to give her time to get to the bottom of the hill. Before I ventured outside, I thought I should call DS1 and let him know I was leaving. I didn’t get an answer so I left voice mail.

When I went out to the car, I saw her trying to drive up the hill. If I hadn’t stopped to make the phone call, I would have been going down the hill while she was coming up. The Lord was looking out for both of us. The way she was inching back down the driveway, I could tell she was having trouble. I prayed for the Lord to send His angels to help her and He did. She made it to the bottom without incident.

I’d driven over the hump of snow banked in front of the car when my phone rang. It was DS1. He said my DIL had called him to call me (she didn’t have my number) to tell me to go ahead and try it. I was halfway down when he called me back and said for me to wait until she blew the horn. I informed him I was almost to the bottom by that time—I hadn’t even tried to stop—and I could see where she was. She was well out of my way. I tooted the horn at her, waved and went on.

For the first time I can remember, I didn’t go to the university supermarket. I even had a gift certificate that was my Christmas present from DS1 and his. I went on past the turnoff and didn’t even blink.

The shortest way from their house to mine is via state and county roads. The state roads were fine but there was some snow and a few icy spots on the county roads. I stayed where the cars had beat it off the pavement, though, and I was fine. There was one connecting road I was concerned about. It’s very hilly but it was as clear as could be. For the first time ever in my life, the dirty snow that had been scraped to the side looked beautiful to me.

On to Wally World, I had my list in hand and, for a wonder, I stuck to it. A woman had been scrutinizing a display of items that had been marked down to half price. I was looking to see what it was when a face peered around at me. It was my favorite ex-produce guy. We visited a little while, then I went on to check out. That’s when I saw one of the women who works at the post office and WE had to have a visit.

After checking out, I went on to the produce place to pick up my oranges. They were supposed to close at 6 but they started shutting the garage-type doors as I was leaving. I wondered if they had been waiting on me. Maybe they were having a slow day. I had called this morning and told them I’d try my best to get there.

It was wonderful to turn the car into my driveway. When I opened the front door, there was Twinkle. If I’d had free hands, I would have hugged her. I brought my computer in and set it up so I could call my sister as promised. She said her son and his family had just left a few minutes before after arriving at 1 this morning. Their trip over took six hours when it normally takes three and a half. He was determined to get back before the roads froze.

The deck in front of the door and the steps were snow-covered. I swept it off but it was getting covered again. I don’t know if more snow was falling or if it was ground blizzards. The wind had picked up. The wind chimes sound prettier when it’s warm.

I have everything unloaded and put away. I’m not unpacked, though. I called and left DS1 voice mail to let him know I made it. I also called my neighbor and she was glad I’d made it home. I’ve had supper and have taken my vitamins. If I have the energy, I’ll do some walking. DD and merm gave me a Wii game for Christmas but I don’t know that I’ll try it out tonight. My sister gave me the women’s devotional that she contributes to every year. I’ll wait until January 1 to start reading it.

The temptation to take tomorrow off is very strong. I’ll see how I feel in the morning. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed.

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  1. Mary Jane December 27, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    It put me in suspense, even though you had told me a lot of it on the phone! Aren’t we glad that better weather is on the way?!

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