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My Week: A White Christmas Nightmare

It was pretty routine up until Thursday. I’d taken that day off, thinking I’d be going to DS1’s place in the afternoon so I could be there bright and early Christmas Eve. Since Christmas was falling on Sabbath this year (makes it sound like an accident, doesn’t it?), that was when the family was planning […]

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A Real Blessing

That’s what the Wii is. I wouldn’t have bought one yet. I was waiting for my finances to be in better shape so I could justify the purchase. However, things work out in mysterious ways. I can’t say it was an answer to prayer because I hadn’t prayed for one. I’ve heard of people who […]

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My Week: Mii, Myself and I

Sunday was a busy day. I got up that morning with every intention of getting lots of things done before I had to leave for my friend and fellow church member’s memorial. I can’t say I got everything done I’d planned but I did get quite a bit accomplished before I left. I’d taken a […]

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My Week: Surprise, Surprise

Sunday morning, I got up after daylight and when I looked out to see if the clouds weren’t blocking the sun, I was amazed to see snow! Not a lot but enough to cover the ground. It had evidently been carried to the deck by the wind because about half of it was covered in […]

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My Week: It’s All in the Past

That’s the way it usually goes. What’s past is past. The future is uncertain. All I have is the present. What is that quote? “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present.” You can find anything on the Internet. I was looking that up and found the […]

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