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More Results

Last Monday, I spent enough time at the track to put in 2.5 miles. I didn’t want to be late to my 8 am appointment with my nurse practitioner so I didn’t stay long enough to make it three miles even. First, I found a bathroom and made sure I was comfortable, bladder-wise, and decent. […]

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My Week: And Then There Were Four

Sunday, I did most of what I wanted to get done before I went to town to Trade. That included washing four sets of sheets complete with pillowcases and hanging them on the line. I didn’t plan to be caught short again any time soon. Throwing on some jeans and other clothing items, I left […]

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My Week: Gone With the Wind

Sunday was overcast with rain off and on. I was caught without clean sheets. I should have washed them two weeks before but I was busy destroying almost all of the garden. The arugula has still been holding on, as has some volunteer dill, and the little tomatoes I picked are ripening. For that I […]

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I’m Back?

Just a quick update before I go to bed. My energy level is increasing and the headaches and other symptoms are fewer and fewer. The tremor is still hanging around but it isn’t as bad as it once was. Last Monday, there was an open house for the four retiring doctors. I went over right […]

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My Week: Wii Wii Wii

Another seven days is down and I lived through every one. It was a long week but I made it. That was an accomplishment in itself. On Sunday, I geared up to go to Trade, as my mother would say. It wasn’t something I wanted to do but with the time change, it gets dark […]

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Doctors, Doctors

Doctors are necessary. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to frequent their establishments other than to get the occasional prescription for my thyroid medication but that wasn’t to be. The gas logs are still unlit. I’m afraid to crank them up even though the cold weather could justify the cozy warmth. If my carbon monoxide […]

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My Week: The Last of 2010 Daylight Saving Time

Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I loathe Daylight Saving Time. It doesn’t save anything. The sun is still up there the same number of hours. Sure, it gives the illusion that there’s more daylight in the afternoon but that’s just it—it’s an illusion. It’s one some people like but I […]

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