My Bladder and Me: Update?

The last time I posted about my problem concerning my bladder, I was mulling over whether or not to go back to the urologist. I got no help from anyone regarding the decision I should make so that left it up to me. I guess there was no opinion either way.

My appointment was on 10/06 so on 10/05, I called and canceled. When asked about rescheduling, I said I’d have to call back about that. I think the person realized then and there they’d lost a patient. Just in case they miss me too much, I may go back one more time. I’ll have to think about it, though.

During the interim between my last appointment six months ago and now, I have been exploring the World of Incontinence Products. I have settled on some favorites that I’ll post another time in a review.

One day, I was perusing another site that is a reliable source for information. I don’t remember which one it was at the moment but I do remember it’s in my mental list of trusted sites. There was an ad for an aid that I’d never seen before. I started Googling and came up with a number of sources for it. I have been against taking anything that really messes with my system but this is an herbal preparation that, to me, shows some promise.

Pricing varied somewhat from site to site but the best price I could come up with was a third party seller on Amazon. I ordered some Better Woman by Interceuticals. I didn’t order enough to get the free shipping. I want to make sure it works before I get in that deep.

So far, I’ve taken four capsules and I slept better last night than I have in a long time. I usually have to get up anywhere from four to six times to go to the bathroom but last night was only three. I had watermelon this afternoon (uh oh!) so I’ll see how I do tonight.

There are some positive reviews of Better Woman I’ve found as well as some negative ones. The only thing I know to do is to find out for myself. I’ll report back in a few weeks.

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