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My Week: Grandparents Day

I must admit I was dreading going to Grandparents Day. Last year, it was a total zoo. I was sitting with my sister (who elected not to go this year for the second time in the last eight) close to the outside door of the gym and would get a blast of cold air on […]

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More Health Issues

When I talked to my naturopath several weeks ago, he wanted me to have my labs run for comparison to the previous ones. I called my PCP’s office and, through the nurse, he agreed to order them. All the essentials were done and here are the results: If you can’t read the small print, click […]

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My Week: It Ends Yucky

I think I’ve slept too much. I felt pretty good up until yesterday. It was not even 9 o’clock when I went to bed last night and I didn’t wake until after 7. That is, I didn’t wake to stay awake until after 7. There were the necessary potty breaks but that’s routine. It was […]

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My Week: The Walking Track

Before we get to the main subject of this post, we’ll start with Sunday. I got everything done that I set out to do before I went to the gathering at the church for friends and family of the deceased. I saw people there I hadn’t seen for years and it was a most enjoyable […]

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My Week: You CAN Train a Cat!

It’s been quite busy the last seven days. Work/eat/sleep. Oh, I forgot walking. I did that, too, though not as much as I’d planned. There was some real winter weather three of the days with a heavy frost one morning. No frost here, though. The lowest it’s gotten at my house is 37 degrees F. […]

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Pictures from Sabbath School

As I mentioned in my weekly update, there was a special program for Sabbath School 10/02/2010. It was to commemorate the selection of the name of our denomination, Seventh-day Adventist. The 150th anniversary was Friday, October 1, 2010. Dick and Adele, two of the most active members of our congregation, dressed in the fashion worn […]

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My Week: Another Milestone

I didn’t get anything posted last night because I had two lengthy phone calls in the late afternoon. That kind of pushed everything except my supper to the back burner. It was past 8 o’clock before I finished eating my fava beans and I still had to put some more on to cook. And not […]

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