Another Week and a Day

My DSL was really iffy for four days last week. It’s been iffy a lot lately, anyway, but I could usually do what I needed to do but, last Wednesday, it went down and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to behave. I called technical support and he told me what to do. I did as he said and it was back up for a few hours, then back down again. It was that way on Thursday but Friday night, it went completely out. Sabbath afternoon, I went to a baptism at a church in the opposite direction from where I attend weekly services. Not much farther toward the downward side of the mountain, I can get a signal on my cell phone. I called tech support but there wasn’t anything more he could tell me to do. He said to give him a number where I could be reached at home but that was why I was calling on Sabbath afternoon—my phone doesn’t work if my DSL is down!

I gave them my neighbor’s cell phone number (I thought) but when I called to warn her, I had transposed some of the digits so I called someone I definitely do not know. So…I called the right number and she gave me her husband’s cell phone number. I called back and gave it to the tech to replace the incorrect one.

Getting home, I went over and told my neighbor what I’d done. It was fine with him. He handed me the phone and told me to roam around the place and see where I could pick up a signal. Standing in my bathtub, I could get sort of one but I couldn’t get through to anyone in support. I went outside and finally was able to call if I stood in the vicinity of the electric meter and held my head to one side. I don’t know how long I was on the phone in that position but the tech (it was a nice woman this time) hoped I had a place to sit down. I told her I was afraid to sit down because I might lose the signal. She ended up having to call me back once, and I held my breath when I laid the phone down to dash into the house to grab the modem so I could give her the serial number. When I got back, she was still there.

A technician was to come out today between 8 and 12 but someway, somehow, the DSL came back up sometime yesterday evening and has been up, strong, ever since. I called this morning and canceled the service call. But THAT is why there was no weekly post last night.

Let’s see…Last Sunday was spent at home. While the days are long enough to go grocery shopping after work, I’m savoring having one day a week when I don’t have to go anywhere. It was a routine Sunday for me. Changed the bed, did some things around the house, played Wordscraper with my worthy opponent (she has won the last several games we’ve played) (I think she is getting more ruthless) and generally enjoyed the day.

Re: Wordscraper, we are currently playing on a blank board. The only square that has any value at all is the middle one. This is our second game on it. She started the first one, I started this one. She was ahead all the way and won and now I’m ahead. I do believe that it does matter who starts first with this configuration.

Monday, it was back to the track. I did the first mile with hand weights and the other two without. That was the same for the other days except one. That morning, I got there late and only got in 2.5 miles.

One of the two missing people was back to work and it made life a lot easier for all of the ones left. I was hoping the ailing one could cover her scheduled weekend day but that wasn’t to be. Two people agreed to split it. Kudos to the staff!

On Friday, I got an email from the usual bank/mail person to please take it over that day and the rest of this month! So…that’s what I’ll be doing.

The other days were fairly normal, whatever that is. I worked on the schedule, anticipated some increase in volume because of the closing of the ER in the next town, and cringed at all the overtime there’s been in the past week or so. There wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it, though.

There was some good news from my sister who had fallen over a week ago. She’d had her ankle x-rayed and the findings were that she’d not broken it but had “only” chipped a bone. She has to baby it for another week before she starts driving and doing her usual routine.

DD and merm went to visit merm’s sister this weekend and didn’t get back until late (for me) today. DD and I agreed to have our weekly call tomorrow since we are both off (woohoo!).

After yesterday, I’ve been sort of washed out today though it could be worse. I’ve turned some of the last Kent mangoes into sorbet and I took my neighbor a sample. He figured he’d like it but he said not to bring him any more of those fava beans. I didn’t think he’d like them because he’d just had the fresh ones. There’s really no comparison. I’d bought three English cucumbers to marinate but only used two of them. I gave him the other one.

The female half of the couple had said she was taking some days but she’s still working. She needs a break. When I asked her when she was going to have some off time, she said maybe tomorrow if she could get enough done today. I need some of her ambition and drive.

When I was on the phone back at the side of the house, I noticed there were mosquitoes buzzing around. Today, I found out why. The old concrete steps from the front door are back there, turned upside down, and there’s water standing in them. I took a box of salt and shook it into all the cavities. There were lots of wigglers floating. Hopefully, they aren’t salt-water adapted.

I haven’t heard from DS1 about how he liked the Blue Men Group. He’s been a fan for years but this is the first time to see them in person.

A bill came from the naturopath’s office for the two co-pays that were waived and a third for our telephone consult. I’ll have to get in touch with them to find out why I’m being billed for something I was told I wouldn’t owe.

Now you know that I’ve made it through another eight days. I’ve barely hit the high spots but I’m signing off now.

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  1. Lila September 6, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    Sorry, Tommie, but you and I both misinterpreted the “chip” fracture. The fracture is of the ankle and fibula, and, from the way things look now, will not heal as quickly as we hoped. Anyway, it could be a lot worse, and I am receiving plenty of TLC.

    • Tommie September 6, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

      I was just going by what you told me and I’m so sorry it turned out that way. Glad you have such a good support system!

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