The Condition My Condition is In

Just a brief update! It’s so nice to be able to answer “Fine!” or “I’m doing very well” when asked, “How are you?” I know that isn’t a phrase that people use to actually get the status of your health, but just a couple months ago, I would answer in a positive way and think, “No, I’m not.” Since the reply is mostly automatic, I don’t think I was lying. If anyone reading this actually met me and I said that, please forgive me for not being totally honest.

As I said in my last update my PCP received my records from the naturopath in Seattle. He said he would have another doctor look at the records and get his opinion. Later, I got in touch with him and he said he’d talked to two doctors, one from Vanderbilt and another from some prominent location. They agreed with his assessment. However, they had not seen me as a patient so I don’t put much stock in their decision. I didn’t get their names but I have asked for a copy of the records for myself. I have the lab results but not the notes. I was also informed that I didn’t need “all that stuff” and that my blood work was good.

I asked when I was going to be able to get in for my shot. He told me he wanted me to cut down to once a month because he was afraid I would get toxic. Now, from what I have found out about B-12, it’s almost impossible to overdose on it but since I’d been having two a week for a couple of months, I agreed. THEN he wanted me to learn to self-inject. So…I have a supply of B-12, syringes and alcohol prep pads. I have been instructed on where and how to give the injection.

Last week, I was able to walk three miles three days, 13 laps another day (when I had to leave to find a bathroom) and 2.5 miles the fifth day. Several of those days, I rebounded when I got home from work. Yesterday and today, I have both done the BodyFlex routine and rebounded. I try to get in 10,000 steps. Some days I don’t quite make it but others go over. I couldn’t have done any of that back in May.

Whenever I have talked to my PCP about the B-12, he has agreed that it would make me feel better. Well, a few months ago, I would have had to feel better to die. An exaggeration, I know, but not a huge one. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. Whether or not the suspicion the naturopath had was correct, the treatment plan he put me on has had the results I wanted. I feel human again.

My sister emailed that she wasn’t surprised my PCP didn’t agree with the naturopath. MDs and DOs (which is what my PCP is) have little use for naturopaths and I know that. Naturopaths have little use for MDs and DOs. I’ve been to all three and the only one who has really listened to me was the naturopath. Sure, his prescription didn’t include pharmaceuticals. I’ll give you that. Pharmaceuticals would have been covered by my insurance. Pharmaceuticals have side effects.

The other day, someone asked me how long I would have to eat fava beans. I said as long as I didn’t want my tremor to get worse. I’m not operating under the assumption that it will ever be completely gone but it is less noticeable than it once was. If it does disappear someday, that will be a bonus.

I have my carbon monoxide detectors and am waiting until cold weather to see if my gas logs are putting out CO. When I mentioned it to my PCP, he did admit that he’s leery of that form of heating. What if he finds out the suspicions were right? Wonder if he will change his tune?

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