My Week—and a Day

I ran out of time last night to blog. This morning would be when I did it. Well, guess what? I didn’t do it then, either. I’ve done almost everything else I wanted to accomplish but not that so here I am. It’s right at 7:30 P.M. EDT and I’m just now getting a round tuit.

The week has been almost a blur. Get up. Get ready. Walk (except for Friday). Work. Come home. Eat. Go to bed. Over and over and over.

The first couple of work days were as fully staffed as we ever are but then one person took some vacation days, another had a family emergency and that left one registrar and me on Friday. Fortunately, the patients came in one at a time. Sometimes, several show up at once but God had mercy on us and they were spaced far enough apart that it was an overall good day. The poor registrar agreed to fill in for the one with the emergency on Sabbath. Another will come in and fill in tomorrow. There will be five days this week when the others will work the second shift for the vacationing one. I have a good staff.

No grocery shopping last week except for bananas and I bought some peaches, too. Most of the bananas came from the kitchen and were so speckled they were almost too ripe so they are residing in the dehydrator. It’s taking a long time to get them dried enough so they won’t spoil. I’m seriously considering buying an Excalibur dehydrator. Shari has four so they must be good.

I went to visitation after work on Friday. It was so sad. The person had had knee surgery and there were complications. Only eight years older than me. It was a shock to see what a short time it took for the end to come. Today, I got a call that one of the church members had died. An altogether different situation, though. He was in his 90s when he was put into a nursing home. It had been many months since I saw him. His son posted on Facebook that he probably wouldn’t live long. Doesn’t matter how old or how young. Death is still a sad thing. It’s part of life, though.

When I came back from Seattle, I forgot my shirt-jacket at DS1’s house. I jokingly said I would probably need it but for them to just keep it until I went back. I could have used it yesterday. It was cold in the church. Even when the congregation had been in there long enough to warm it up some, it was “up” to 74 degrees. When a person is sitting down all that time, it gets chilly. Especially when the feet are bare for long stretches. So…I need to figure out what I can do to keep warm next Sabbath. I may break out my winter wardrobe and go dressed in layers.

I called my neighbor twice yesterday and wondered why she didn’t call back. When I called the third time, she answered. She’d called me several times, once to offer me some okra. I checked my spam folder and, sure enough, there were messages there from DD, DS1, my neighbor and my sister. I tried to call DS1 but didn’t get anything but voice mail. I called my sister back today and had a good visit with her. DD and I also caught up on things. She’d been to Whidbey Island yesterday for an alone day and enjoyed several hours in a nature preserve.

My sister asked me what I was planning to do today. I listed off all the things and I’ve just about gotten them done. One was making mango sorbet. It is sooooooooo goooooooddddd! I licked the paddle and the bowl then went out on the deck and ate a large scoop of it.

Wordscraper was down for maintenance from Friday afternoon until this morning. I always take Sabbath off, anyway, but it was still a long time. A friend had made this board for my opponent using her initials. The letters in her name were all worth 25 points and the others were 10.


Then my opponent made this one using all three of mine. Since my name has more characters, all of them were worth 25 but the others come in at 5. Very creative, what?


Well, I have a couple more things to do before I go to bed so I’d better get at them if I’m going to get up and walk in the morning. That wasn’t everything I did this week but it would take me a good seven days to tell everything and I’m not going to do that. Aren’t you lucky?

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