My Week: I’ll Never Get It Back

Last Saturday night, I woke up just about freezing. My waterbed heater had gone on the blink and hadn’t responded even though I’d turned it up to 100 degrees. It was getting old, I knew, soldiering on for more than 15 years. I got up and felt around in the dark for my mother’s little postage-stamp-sized comforter and put that on the bed. Snuggling down under it, I went back to sleep but when I woke the next morning, my right shoulder felt like it was in the middle of January. Something would have to be done.

Sunday, I called Wally World to see if they had any heaters in stock. No, the lady told me. They don’t even carry the sheets any more. I went to Amazon but didn’t see what I wanted. What I wanted was one that was shielded so it wouldn’t emit EMFs or, at least, not the full dose. Going to one of the links from Amazon did help and the one I ordered along with a goodly supply of water conditioner arrived yesterday. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…

DD and I had a good long visit. She’s going to pottery class again and said she was making a wind chime. I asked her to make me one, too. I don’t know if she will. She’s pretty busy. I have a place that needs one.

Monday, I found out I’d be the bank/post office person all week. Leaving early came in mighty handy on Wednesday. I had to go across the mountain to buy groceries. At Wally World, one of the produce guys proudly gave me a guided tour of the produce department. They’ve spruced it up and have things where I can actually reach them without endangering my balance and subsequent health. He said they have more organics now which is nice. Pointing out the organics have to go on the top shelves in produce, he explained why. If there’s conventional produce above it and water drains onto the organic, it’s no longer pesticide free. That makes sense. He was charmed by my reusable produce bags I got in Seattle and said he was going to ask about getting them there. I had to use one plastic bag after loading up the three I had. I was careful with it and put it with my stash of bags to give away.

I’ve been walking every weekday as per usual. Monday through Wednesday, I did two miles at the walking track and a lap around the buildings when I’d get to work. It’s been so hot, by Thursday I couldn’t see wearing my work clothes to the track so I wore shorts and a T-shirt (when I told DS1 how I was dressing to walk, he whistled) (I told him my shorts aren’t whoo hoo! They are floppy and come almost to my knees. One pair I bought for maybe 50 cents and the other was given to me.) and did 15 laps instead of 12. That’s 2.5 miles. I changed clothes in the nursing home bathroom.

There has been a variety of people at the track. Yesterday morning, there were several young adults in the picnic shelter just visiting. I’m on speaking terms with most of the walkers now. Maybe someday we can all slow down enough to get acquainted. I did do my first lap rather slowly but I was the only one walking then. I try to get there before it starts heating up.

I had a theft on Monday. I don’t know if a person was responsible or maybe an animal. If it were an animal, I’d think there’s be some evidence. Two of my Mr. Stripey tomatoes were just about ready to pick. I’d been watching them and simultaneously drooling. When I went out to check ’em out after work, they were gone. I wished one of two things: either him/her/it needed them worse than I did or they would get a belly ache. I’ve been picking all the tomatoes that are beginning to turn to rescue them. As for thieving, the man who had the picnic table full of produce in former years has given it up. I don’t blame him but I miss stopping there. Fortunately, I’ve had enough tomatoes I haven’t needed to buy any. My cucumbers aren’t doing terribly well but I still have some I can marinate if I scrape out the seeds first.

Thursday was overcast and a little misty. It was nice for walking. Later in the day, there was a cloudburst that was so heavy it soaked a couple of the girls coming back from lunch. I told one of them to get the hairdryer from the nurses’ station so they both made use of it. WeatherBug didn’t record any rainfall for the whole day. Maybe it didn’t rain at the elementary school. It only put down a quarter of an inch here.

The church was almost uncomfortably cool this morning. I’d worn a long sleeved top and could have had another layer. The service was good. The father of one of the members is visiting and he’s a powerful speaker. After, I was invited to go to a singles get-together. I don’t fit any of the categories. For a few minutes, I considered going but the offer of peaches and bananas didn’t outweigh what I had waiting at home. I hadn’t taken anything and I was supposed to take my own chair, too. Maybe next time. I dunno. Someone said I could go to socialize but I prize my time at home. I don’t get to be here nearly often enough.

I’ve been feeding Smokey again this week. He meets me at the door in the morning and when I get home from work. My neighbors got back today. I went over this afternoon and the male half said he hadn’t seen the cat. I did this morning when he was waiting for his food. We had a good visit and he gave me some cluster tomatoes and a couple of ripe jalapeños. Then he paid me the highest compliment possible—he said I’m the best neighbor he ever had! I told him he and his wife are the best ones I’ve ever had. It’s a good thing since we live so close.

He was telling me about when he was growing up and when he was a young man. If you could hear his stories, you would agree with me that he should write a book. He has the talent of making you “see” what he’s talking about.

Hoping they were Kents, I bought three mangoes at Wally World the other day. I peeled and ate one today and it IS a Kent! I’m so glad I came home after church.

When I spied the van in the driveway, I went over to welcome the female half home. We were talking about the heat and I said DS1 had called me yesterday (to wish me a happy anniversary) (DH and I got married 38 years ago) (he had lots otherwise to tell me). He said a fellow he knows had to be hospitalized because of dehydration and, after he’d been there for a day or two, he had a stroke. BTW, he asked me to request prayer for the man during church and I did. She told me that she’d been working on a roof and had to get down because she started feeling sick. Then, they were putting sheet-rock on a ceiling and one of the men that was helping to hold it up got sick. He managed not to drop it but they had to hose off the floor.

My Wordscraper opponent manages to step in it every now and then. She’d played “herd” then I played “dojo” off the D. She thought she’d be really smart and play “amigo” with the O over the H so she’d get credit for two words. That was for a total of 53 points. Well, you know me. I play to win. I’m not nice when it comes to Wordscraper. I played “isozyme” using the M in “amigo”. 656 points. I left her a dig in the little message area of the game and said, “Gracias, mi amigo!” I didn’t try to be authentic and use the upside down exclamation mark at the beginning. She replied, “no! lo siento!! i want a mulligan!” to which I said, “No second chances here.” With a more than 700 point lead, I think I’m going to win this one. She’s won a couple lately herself.

I’m getting to bed earlier these days. Tomorrow is going to be another hot one but “only” in the mid-90s. My electric bill came the first of the week. Before I opened it, I took a deep breath and prayed. It was $90. I wouldn’t have been surprised had it been $200. My water bill was up but I wasn’t surprised. I’d watered the garden one day and forgot to stop it until the next evening. I’m eating expensive tomatoes but they surely are good!

4 Responses to My Week: I’ll Never Get It Back

  1. Lila August 7, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    Sorry about the missing tomatoes! Hope it doesn’t happen again

    • Tommie August 7, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

      Me, too! If it does, they’ll have to get the green ones.

  2. Mary Jane August 8, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    You’re doing better than I am with you little garden. With my big one, financially, I’ve gone in the hole!

    • Tommie August 8, 2010 at 11:49 am #

      The Square Foot Garden is set up to get lots out of small spaces. Are you going to try it next year? If you have a mushroom farm close by, see if you can get someone to haul some dirt in for you. It isn’t expensive and it really does the job!

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