My Week: 168 Hours Long

It’s been another one of Those Weeks. It started out badly. My computer had been driving me nuts with a “mouse stutter” and I decided the only way to fix it was to start Windows loading again on Saturday night. I went on to bed, secure in the knowledge that it would do what it was supposed to do and it would be finished Sunday morning. Not so.

There was a program that monitored all the activity and I had to give it permission to let Windows install. That was what greeted me Sunday morning. I said yes and went on about my business. I got out my trusty netbook and did my online reading for my devotions on it, read my books and hooked the speakers up to it so I could listen to the Sabbath School discussion on PineKnoll. Was I ever glad to have a spare!

Laundry was done and on the line early because rain was predicted in the afternoon. (It never materialized.) I changed the bed and came in to check on the computer. There was a message that it had encountered an error and couldn’t proceed. I kept trying to get past that but couldn’t. Then it got so all it had was a blank screen. GRRRRRRRR! I hooked the Magic Jack up to the netbook and called Support.

I actually got someone who was nice, patient, spoke clearly and was female. I think her name was Taura. I have it written down along with the case number but I won’t take time to look it up. She had me take the battery out and put it back in and then boot it up while pressing F9. That would take it back to the factory defaults. After Vista installed, I was to do a clean install of Windows 7. So I did. Everything went well then but the day was pretty much shot. I knew it would take days to get everything back the way it was supposed to be.

Thankful I had a clean bed, I took a shower and fell into it later than was advisable.

Monday-Friday, it was back to the track in the mornings. I averaged waking almost an hour before the alarm went off every morning but Friday and it was just 40 minutes then. I’d rush around and get ready to go so I could be there early enough to walk before it started getting really hot. One day, it was 81 degrees in the valley before I left the house and I groaned. I know it won’t do me any good not to walk so I went. Another day, it was misting when I left the house and started sprinkling the first few laps. Then it started raining. It wasn’t a hard rain but I sat in the car until it was over. I got my 12 laps in and, for four days, I’d do another one around the hospital. Friday, it was too close to my starting time to do that extra one.

Grocery shopping didn’t take place until Tuesday and that was a bad day to go. I did get some of my favorite romaine and lots of fruit plus a huge cantaloupe that I cut yesterday. It’s really really good. I’ve had two meals out of it and still have enough for two or three more. I’d called the produce place a day or two before and asked for a half box of juice oranges but they were unable to get any. They’d cleaned the cooler out and had almost a box full of rejects that I could have for nothing if I wanted it. I figured if I couldn’t use them, they could be used for target practice or something so I took them. I’ve had to throw one away but they are, mostly, just ugly but still good.

I learned my sister in the Great Northwest has been transferred from the hospital where she was a patient for several days to a nursing home. At least that’s the impression I get. No one seems to be able to tell me what level of care it is and they have all of them available. Then my oldest sister has had some issues but she’s doing better and is back home and will wind up the home health visits soon.

Speaking of my oldest sister (my “big” sister) (she weighs about 84 lubs), she called Wednesday and said her computer was driving her nuts. We talked until her phone started dying with me not helping a bit. It’s kind of hard to be Support when I know nothing whatsoever about her system. She’ll be back in CyberSpace maybe by tomorrow or Monday. I let the others know what was going on.

I was the bank/post office person Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday. I loaned my netbook to the Absentee One so no mind would be lost by being away from the home system. I’m so nice!!

My eating routine made me late getting to church this morning. Song service was over and they were singing the opening song when I went in. There were some nice surprises. Central air has been installed and the heat will be hooked up later. It was a little on the cool side for me but not having the roar of the a/c was welcome. Then, when it came time for a video, I found out what the wires hanging out of the ceiling the last several weeks were for. There are twin projectors that display on the walls on either side of the platform. New windows that don’t have to be covered since the projectors are close enough not to wash out have been put in. We are getting uptown! We’ve had a two holer for a couple weeks now, too. There’s more to be done but it shouldn’t be long.

One of my Facebook friends had posted a question to everyone in general about how he’d met us. I said we had never been formally introduced but we shared a pew at church. When I went to sit down, he stuck his hand out and said, “Hi! I’m Josh.” I didn’t hear what he said at first so he repeated it. I shook his hand and replied, “Hello! I’m Tommie.”

Representatives from Adventist World Radio were there and it was a good service. The two of them joined two ladies for some music that was toe-tappin’. There was a bass, two guitars and an autoharp. The three ladies sang while the man played the bass. I know one of the singer/guitar players and her mother, sister and brother were there. Her mother, sister and I had a good conversation after church.

I was invited to the fellowship meal even though I hadn’t brought anything but I declined. I came on home and ATE. My neighbors got home yesterday after being out of pocket for several days. It was nice to see them back.

My netbook was waiting at the hospital so I went by to get it and ended up getting the ox out of the ditch. There was someone waiting to be registered and had been there for something like 1/2 hour. The registrar was either in the ED or at lunch. I took pity on the person and did the registration before I walked out. I figured it was doing good on the Sabbath.

I watched Gifted Hands for the third time this afternoon.

There are loads of tomatoes ripening. I’d share them but stink bugs have messed them up. I cut that part off and eat them anyway. One of my Facebook friends said her father would gather up the bugs, blend them with water and spray the “juice” to keep them away. I don’t think I’d have the heart. She said they’d smell death and destruction and leave.

The Wordscraper games are rocking on. I guess my opponent got tired of my winning so she set up a board where she could get so many points on the first word that I could never catch up. I turned the tables on her and started a game with the same board and now I’m ahead.

Tomorrow is another day. We’ve had some rain this week. I’d turned the container to catch the water off the roof over to keep the wigglers from turning into mosquitoes so I didn’t catch any. Unless it rains again soon, I’ll have to use city water to give my deck plants a drink.

WordPress notified me a new version was available so I’ve upgraded. It’s been a couple of weeks since DD and I have visited by phone but we still email and chat.

I’m winding this up for another session. I have a busy day planned tomorrow. My computer is just about back so I shouldn’t have to do anything that is so time-consuming.

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