Glutathione, I Hope

Despair had just about set in when I was trying to find a naturopath in the state of Tennessee. I kept Google on overtime and kept at it until I found this site. The information there is going on five years old but I haven’t come across anything that says it isn’t still current. The practice of naturopathic medicine in the State of Tennessee is illegal. No wonder I couldn’t find anyone! Interestingly enough, the State of Washington has the most naturopaths of any of the states where they are allowed to practice.

There was one practitioner of something similar in Chattanooga but it looked rather “out there” so I didn’t pursue it.

Then one of the people working at the hospital told me about a medical doctor who also practices integrative medicine. I did a search online and couldn’t find him at first. Later, I searched again and there he was. He’s located within a reasonable distance of my home so I may call the office tomorrow to find out if he will be willing to continue the treatment started by my doctor in Washington. It was a definite until I went to a cookout (I had watermelon, tomatoes and cucumber) this evening and found out about yet another doctor. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord puts people together at the right time?

This doctor is a DO, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine which is what my PCP is. I still haven’t been able to get in touch with my doc so I’ve all but ruled him out. One of the women at the cookout was telling me about the new-to-me one. Actually, he isn’t that new to me but the fact that he practices integrative medicine is. I’ve seen his name on orders coming through for outpatients but it was just another name in many.

She said that a friend of hers goes to him and that he really listens to his patients. Her husband handed me the doctor’s card and said his wife had told him to give it to me. I had my netbook with me so I looked him up and he has five ratings on one of those “rate your doctor” web sites and every one of the ratings is a five out of five. Can’t get any better than that. A disappointment was that there’s a web site listed on the card but when I typed in the URL it gave me “This registered domain is being parked by the owner until website development is complete.” Well, shucks!

Since I won’t know anything about anyone until tomorrow, I just have to be patient.

Today, I got notice of my electronic EOB from Blue Cross for my first B-12/folic acid injection and it certainly isn’t what I expected. I was told by one of the reps (you may recall) that the injections would be covered not subject to deductible or copay. Well, that is either false or the claim was processed incorrectly. Most of $40 was applied to my $1,000 deductible. Now, that wouldn’t be bad if it were a one time thing but I’m having two injections a week so that could get very expensive very quickly. That’s another phone call I’ll have to make.

Today is July 25. The preceding was written a week ago. Lots has happened in that length of time.

First, I called Blue Cross on Monday and pleaded my case. I told the rep that another rep had steered me wrong about the benefits that the claims would be processed under. She promised to get back to me with an answer. Next day, she called and said the claim had, in fact, been processed incorrectly and would be reprocessed—with the full amount going to the deductible! Once again I told her that I didn’t think that was right since I’d been given the wrong information. Stating she would get in touch with her team leader about processing the claim at 100%, I informed her that wasn’t the only injection. As I read the dates off to her, I could hear her typing them into the computer. She said any claims from Tuesday on would be paid according to the benefits she quoted. 100% going to my deductible until my $1,000 was met and then I’d have to pay 20%. I could only hope and pray that they would see things my way. Last night, I got a corrected electronic EOB and my prayer had been answered in the affirmative, at least for that one! There was no deductible and no copay. Now for the rest…my last injection at the hospital was on the 19th. Up until then, I’d had them every Monday and Thursday since June 28. That’s seven at over $100 a pop—six that still haven’t been billed as far as I know.

I called my PCP’s office and asked for a conference with his office nurse. It was her opinion that the doctor would allow me to get the shots there but she would have to let me know how much. On Thursday, she told me he’d said they could do it for $10 an injection. No administration fee. At the hospital, that alone is $79. I asked her about the glutathione IV push and she said I’d have to talk to him myself about that. I’d struck out with the two possibilities I thought I had. One didn’t do any glutathione therapy and the person I talked to at the other doctor’s office was so hateful, I decided I wouldn’t want to go there anyway. So…tomorrow I’ll ask him about that.

My first shot at the doctor’s office was on Friday and I wrote my $10 check. It didn’t have the folic acid but I’d talked to my naturopath’s office and was told to go ahead and get it anyway. I can take folic acid orally if the doc okays it. I’ll be getting them on Mondays and Fridays instead of Mondays and Thursdays. They’re closed on Thursday.

There was an announcement in the paper last week that my PCP is taking most insurances again. I haven’t asked if it includes mine. With everything I’m having to have done, I hope he does.

What a mess this has turned out to be! When cold weather comes, I’ll know if my gas logs contributed to my misery. I hope not because they surely make the place cozy. However, I had to quit rebounding because I would have such terrible headaches when I’d bounce and the rebounder is located close to the fireplace. For now, I’m feeling better every day, praise the Lord!

I trust I’ll have more news next week so check back!

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