The First Telephone Consult

With the three hour difference at home and the two hour difference at work, I couldn’t remember which time zone we’d settled on when I made the appointment for the consult with my naturopath. When I verified the time, it was 2 o’clock CDT last Friday. I was relieved I would have coverage for the time it would take for the call.

I used Google Voice since I don’t make personal long distance calls on the hospital’s dime and they must’ve been having some problems because it would drop at the most inopportune moments. I’d call back and we’d talk some more. My One Suite has expired so I can’t make the call that way. I should have had the doctor call me back but we finally got everything said we needed to.

My report was that I saw some improvement in the preceding week. I’d been walking as much as I could. My legs were protesting all the way but the doc said that was a good thing. I started out with 15 minutes for several days the first week and then 20-30 minutes during the week the next by going in early and walking before work. As I reported on last night’s post, I can’t walk for 30 minutes straight at the hospital even though I only take one break all day for something other than going to the bathroom or having my twice a week injection (such fun!). Anyway, he was pleased with my progress.

He asked about my tremor and I told him sometimes it is barely perceptible and other times worse. When he voiced his opinion, it was spot on. The times it is worse is when I’m under stress.

Then he wanted to know if I am getting my injections of B-12 and folic acid. Yes, every Monday and Thursday but we still weren’t sure of the dosage. He clarified it and I asked him to fax another order. I have actually been getting more than he intended but he said it was okay in the short term.

Fava beans? Yes. He ordered me to continue them. I told him it was rough doing without spinach but I was managing.

What about the supplements? Yes, I’m taking them as he told me to. He said he could send them to me if necessary but I’ve been able to find them online.

I asked about the glutathione push and he wanted to know if my doctor will do it. I had to tell him about my doctor’s decision not to file insurance any more.

Dr. Announcement

I fear his practice is doomed. I hope not but it makes me leery of continuing to go to him. If he doesn’t participate, I don’t know that it would do any good to file my own claims.

In the face of no IV push, the doc told me to continue taking the l-Glutamine. I understand it isn’t as effective but until I can find someone who is willing to do it, I guess that’s that. I can investigate seeing if my insurance would pay for having it done at the hospital.

He ordered me to take my car for an emissions test. After researching that later, I found that there are only five counties in TN that require them and none of them are where I live or where I work. I’ll have to go at least 40 miles to have that done.

I let him know I’d gotten a carbon monoxide detector and it hasn’t alarmed anywhere yet. I said maybe my car is okay and he said he hopes it is. After reading that the standard ones only alarm at about 70 ppm, I’ve ordered this one which will be here Wednesday. A level of 20 ppm over a period of time can produce symptoms like I have.

When I said CO poisoning can cause Parkinsonism, he said yes, that’s what made him suspect it when my H&H came back elevated. I asked him how much it was elevated and he said about 30% above normal on both. Ouch!

Before we hung up, I told him I know he doesn’t have a crystal ball to which he answered, “Yes, I do!” and laughed. I asked him if he thought I’d be able to pull out of this. He said with my treatment and getting the source of CO done away with, he expects my H&H to be normal by September. I certainly hope so. He told me I’m one of his healthiest patients so I’d say there’s no reason for him not to be right.

When September is much closer than it is now, I’m to contact them for an appointment for another telephone consult. Some of the forum members are very interested in how all this plays out. Not nearly as much as I am…

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  1. Shari July 15, 2010 at 12:22 am #

    $50 over and above the cost of the push? What will the doc charge you for the actual stuff? I pay Dr. Steve a butt load more than $50 for what I get every two weeks!!! (almost 3x more, but not quite). Why not pay it until the doctor either goes out of business or September and Steve tells you to back off on them. I’d hit it with everything until I was better, but that’s me.


    • Tommie July 15, 2010 at 6:24 am #

      Yes, $50 over. The $50 is just for the office visit. I’d have to get our doc to send me the stuff so I’d have to pay him, too, unless my doc could get it here. I’ll have to talk to him first to see if he would even do it since it’s an “alternative” treatment.

  2. terry in the keys July 15, 2010 at 9:58 am #

    Tommie, now that he isn’t billing insurance, he probably doesn’t care if it’s an alternative method of treatment as long as he can find a supplier of what you need. Since it’s an alternative treatment, insurance would most likely not pay for it anyway. I’m sure he can give you the price for having an IV in his office and your WA doc could tell him where to get and how much the cost will be for your IV medicine. Hope things work out for you real soon.
    Terry in the Keys

  3. terry in the keys July 15, 2010 at 10:02 am #

    I forgot to mention, by law you are required at least a 20 minute paid lunch break, or a 30 minute unpaid lunch break, you also are supposed to get 2 – 15 minute breaks if you work 8 hours (I’m pretty sure it’s 8 hrs.) Though, you might want to check on these figures since it’s been a long time since I worked in Human Resources. Terry

    • Tommie July 15, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

      This is true of hourly, I know but I’m salary and I have to be there to back the others up when they are on their breaks. It’s kind of durned if I do and durned if I don’t… 😛

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