My Week: Saying Goodbye Too Many Times

This is another of those “I didn’t update every day” posts for the week of June 20-26. I’ll have to just try to remember what I did and when it happened. With my memory what it is, it may be spotty and I may leave some things out. If it isn’t all here, count yourself lucky.

On Sunday, I’m sure we did something. There wasn’t a day when we didn’t the whole time I was there even if it was just looking for the Elusive Fava Bean. Oh! on Friday the 18th, after Chaco Canyon and the Space Needle, we went to Emery’s Garden. It is a huge nursery with thousands of plants of every size and description. There were even some fuyu trees. I wondered if I could take one back on the plane. I told the kids to pick out a plant and I would buy it to go in their garden. They’ve snagged another plot so they will have room. They picked out a cardoon but figured they would get it later. The ones we saw weren’t in bloom.


We wandered around some more while merm commandeered my camera to take pictures.

Lookit that belly!

Tree Shopping

DD in the sun!

Me in the baby forest

Sometime last week, I would go in to play on Wordscraper and my worthy opponent wouldn’t have played yet. I got concerned that there might be something amiss personally so I called her. The hard drive on her laptop had crashed. She’d been doing lots of reading. She got the Computer Doctor to come in and take care of it. He installed a larger hard drive and replaced one of the fans that had been binding and she was back in business.

I’d also checked in with my neighbor. She said everything was okay on my home front. On theirs, her husband was having a rough time after surgery. She couldn’t take any “away” jobs because she needed to be where she could come home on a moment’s notice. That could be hard on the budget. Twinkle was spending a lot of time in the cat house and wouldn’t always jump back in the window when she went over but she’d always always hiss at her.

Now, back to Sunday. We hadn’t been to Pike Place Market yet and that was one place I really wanted to go. We drove around and around until merm found a parking place close to the stairs that went up to the top. I managed to make it up all but the last flight of steps before my legs started seizing up and I was completely out of breath. I felt like I was going to pitch forward if I didn’t stop. The kids waited for me with concerned looks on their faces. I rested for a few moments and pressed on.

Some of the produce displays were a raw foodist’s paradise.

Produce at Pike Place Market

There were several street musicians but this one had his own upright piano.

Music on the Street

Outside, we were sure to get damp.

Another Rainy Day

I had been kidding merm about wanting to find Tajin. We’d checked every supermarket we went to and bombed out. He found a stall filled with hot sauces and other condiments and, sure enough, there it was.


There was just about anything a person could want.

Walking Along Pike Place

And lots I wouldn’t. We saw the “flying fish” routine a couple of times.

Poor Fishies

Then there was the original Starbucks.

The First Starbucks

Both the kids insisted that we HAD to go to Uwajimaya. We’d been to H Mart once and Fred Meyer many times but Uwajimaya was in a class all by itself. It’s HUGE and has everything someone who likes Asian food would want. We inquired about getting a durian but decided against it.

We’d parked in the bowels of the building and over the store are apartments which are reportedly very expensive. It would be handy, though.

We did hit the jackpot in a manner of speaking, though. I’d been looking for kelp noodles and merm persevered until he found some. I had him get two bags. I think they were 12 ozzies each and came in at $2.69 per which is a little more expensive than I can order directly from Sea Tangle if I get the 2 lub restaurant packs.

It had been a long time since I’d had any kelp noodles so when we got back to their place, first thing we did was open a package. DD didn’t care for them. She ate them right out of the bag and they really need some preparation. However, merm was excited to find something that is a low calorie food and filling. He was thinking about different ways of fixing them. All I did was rinse a handful and cut them up in my fava beans. Yummy! If I’m going to have to eat fava beans, I want to enjoy them.

Monday, it was back to work for the couple and back to searching the WWW for fava beans and supplements. I managed to find both. I’d already ordered some Bob’s Red Mill that had come last Friday but I’d need some to be in TN when I got home. I called Jaffe Brothers to find out if theirs were peeled or not. They weren’t. I ordered two lubs just to see what they were like and put in for my next shipment to be sent right away from Amazon.

I’d planned to have an “at home” day but that wasn’t to be. My niece was coming over before she went to see my sister and invited me to go along “for an hour”. Well, an hour wasn’t bad. That wouldn’t wear my sister out or me, either. She asked if I wanted to bring some food along and I said I’d be okay for that long. On the way over, my niece informed me that I don’t have pernicious anemia—I merely have a B-12 deficiency. I told her I had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia. Then she said her husband (who is a doctor) said there’s more than one way (an autopsy) to determine if someone has Parkinson’s. That would be imaging. Actually, that won’t confirm Parkinson’s. It only rules out other possibilities. Anyway, I told her I don’t want imaging.

My sister had to have attention so we went to the employee break room so my niece could make some self-decaffeinated tea (which ends up still having around 20% caffeine). She offered me some and I told her thanks but I don’t drink tea. She pursed her lips and said, “I find it interesting how restrictive your diet is.” I didn’t say anything. My caffeine days had ended some 8.5 years before and I wasn’t about to start drinking something so unnecessary again.

She got several phone calls and one thing led to another and she elected to leave me at the rehab center with my sister. She had me call DD & merm to come pick me up. DD had to work late, so I ended up being at the center for more than four hours. I think my poor sister was glad to see me go. It was a little long for either of us, especially since I’d had nothing to eat the whole time.

The others wanted to go out somewhere but I was planted at the house. I refused. I’d been somewhere. They went to the garden to work and I wished them well. Pixel and I vegged out.

When they got back, I think that’s when we watched “Awakenings” with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

Tuesday, Shari came and picked me up after dropping off another “cheesecake” and a case of beautiful champagne mangoes. We went to Thrive for lunch. She had a mix of beet juice, some other veggies and ginger plus a shot of wheat grass juice. She had me sample the beet juice and it was a little ACKKK! for me. I had some wonderful coconut water. I had thought I was getting the whole coconut but it was just the water. That was fine. It was delicious.

For edibles, I had raw chickpea miso madness (the Spicy Thai) and the chili con marvelous. They were both good. I got the small sizes since I got two things but Shari got the large mighty thai. She had me sample it and, as with mine, it was good, too.

We had elected to sit outside. The sun was out and it was comfortably cool. A van pulled up and a woman got out and went inside. She came back out, shortly, with a case of young coconut. Shari saw the van was from a town where she has relatives. She shouted at the woman and we started having a conversation. She is the pastor of an SDA church. Shari told her she conducts “cooking” classes and to get in touch with her if she were interested. Later, Shari said, “Shoot! The only time I’m down there is on the weekend and they have church on Saturday!” I told her she could go to church and they’d probably have a guest meal after.

Going in to pay and use the restroom, we met a woman at one of the tables who isn’t eating raw yet but is trending that direction. She said she’d read 80/10/10 and it wasn’t for her. Well, nothing is for everyone. I hadn’t even thought about taking pictures. I was just enjoying Shari’s company and BEING.

From there we went to Shari’s mango lady’s market. I got some frozen jack fruit (which wasn’t that good), frozen durian seedless pods and two young coconut (merm doesn’t care for those).

We did a little more sightseeing and Shari dropped me off at the doctor’s office at 3:30. She came in with me and hugged me goodbye. That was the first one. I was so sad to see her go.

I’ve told about my third visit to the doctor’s office here so I won’t go into that again. One thing, I did tell the doctor I’d watched “Awakenings” (that was an assignment) and he wanted to know what I thought. I told him I wanted Leonard to be okay. He said he did, too. I said merm had commented that if he had been, that would mean there was a cure for Parkinson’s. The doctor agreed.

DD was late picking me up. The office isn’t easy to find the first time and she’d wound up over at the liquor store across the street. On the way back to their place, I said, “I’m out of spinach.” She sounded resigned when she said we could stop. Not necessary. I can’t eat it. I’m allergic. She was very surprised.

Back at their place, we pigged out on mangoes and had some “cheesecake” after I ate my fava beans.

That night, I coerced merm into watching the original Karate Kid. He didn’t like it. Not his cup o’ tea. Well, it’s still one of my favorite movies.

On Wednesday, we went back to see my sister in the afternoon. Before we left, I had merm take some pictures. I won’t post them here. They are for family only. It was hard to leave. Yet another goodbye. I don’t know when or if I’ll see my sister again and it’s getting to me to write those words. She is not at all well. I’d taken her some stuff to put on her rash. It’s supposed to be used PRN as well as rubbed on the soles of the feet three times a day. She can’t do the feet so I rubbed it on for her. It may well be the last thing I ever get to do for her.

That afternoon, we ate mangoes, jack fruit, durian, young coconut and cheesecake (after I ate my fava beans). I was stuffed.

Later, merm got on Live Sync and sent me a bunch of videos to watch on the plane. Included were two seasons of Costa’s Garden Odyssey. I’d gotten hooked on Costa while I was there.

I went to bed as early as possible after getting all the packing done I could. Next morning, I was up before the chickens. I finished packing and merm got the scale and weighed my suitcase. It came in at 45 lubs. I’d put my books (my sister had given me All the Way to Heaven by Elizabeth Sherrill) and two 20 ozzie packages of fava beans in my tote. I could have put them in the suitcase. I didn’t take the time.

DD had gotten up to see me off. She wasn’t going to the airport with us. She’d have to start work at 6 a.m. and that’s when my plane was scheduled to take off. We hugged and kissed and I managed to hold back most of the tears. Another goodbye.

At that hour of the morning, there was little traffic and merm got me to the airport in plenty of time. He got my suitcase out of the trunk and hugged me goodbye. How many does that make? TOO many.

Check-in and security were no problem and I went to the bathroom and bought a bottle of expensive airport water. I was set for food with Shari’s onion bread in addition to the dried fruit I had left over from the flight out.

I got on the free wireless and sent an email to the family and Shari to let them know my whereabouts.

Boarding the plane, I claimed my window seat. A couple with a little baby boy sat next to me. They studiously avoided making eye contact but the baby flirted shamelessly. He was very good the whole way except for when he overflowed on his father. He got a little fussy and his dad was fishing around in the diaper bag for something. I was silently yelling, “Not the bottle! Not the bottle!” It was the bottle. The baby just chewed on the nipple, though, and there were no more eruptions.

I took some pictures but they are just more of the same like I posted before.

We got to Dallas-Ft. Worth early. My boarding pass didn’t have the gate listed but the flight attendant had announced it. It was so far away, I had to take the SkyLink to get there. I almost made a complete circle. I plugged my netbook into a receptacle and watched some more Costa until I thought it was time to leave.

The woman at the desk told me the plane wouldn’t board for another half hour so I called and told merm. He said they had been tracking my progress online and the plane I was to board was notorious for being late. DIL1 was meeting me in Chattanooga so I called her and let her know. She said it was no problem. She’d be there.

When we FINALLY boarded, I made my way back to my window seat. A red-haired Neanderthal in shorts was sitting in the aisle seat. When I said, “That’s me over there” he groaned and said, “Oh, boy!” I thought, “Well, I don’t want to sit by you, either.” He got up and grudgingly let me in while muttering something under his breath about “hippies”. I sat down and he said, “You’re sitting on the seat belt.” Well, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. I got it out from under me and was going to fasten it but it was pulled ‘WAY out. I said, “Seems a rather large person was sitting here.” He said, “That’s mine.” Well. Could I put my foot in my mouth any further?

There was no more conversation. After we got up to altitude, he got out a to-go plate from TGI Friday and ate a pretty healthy-looking meal for cooked. I watched Costa and after a couple of episodes, I noticed he was watching, too. He couldn’t hear but he was watching. My ears got tired so I put my netbook away. I don’t know how we started talking but he asked if I am a gardener. I told him I’d like to be—I have grow boxes. He wanted to know what I’d planted and I listed everything I could remember. When I mentioned onions, he asked white or yellow. I answered both and that seemed to satisfy him. Then he wanted to know who that Costa guy is so I told him a little about him.

He told me where he lives, where he grew up and that he was going to be in Chattanooga for only that night and would be leaving the next day. When we were taxiing up to the airport, he exclaimed, “It’s LITTLE!” Yes, it’s a nice little airport. I prefer it. I pay more to leave from there. He said, “I like BIG airports.” Well, he was outta luck. It’s little and nothing could change that at the moment.

I followed him off the plane and went to the baggage claim area. There was DIL1. I gave her a big hug and announced I needed to go to the bathroom. She said she figured she’d find me if she stayed close to the facilities. When I got out, I pointed to my seat mate and she said, “Oh, my!” I told her he turned out to be pretty nice after all.

We went to the supermarket and bought some grub then on to pick up DS1 from work. It was probably not as long as it seemed but I drank almost the whole bottle of water while we waited. As soon as he got in the car, we went to their place. They had a houseful of company but offered to let me stay the night if I wanted. I surely didn’t look forward to driving home so I agreed. After much discussion, I gave in to DIL’s mother and took her place on a pallet on the dining room floor. Before I turned in for the night, I had a big piece of watermelon and started some fava beans cooking. Thursday was the only day I hadn’t eaten any of the beans. I hadn’t eaten much of anything.

I went right off to sleep. I have no idea how long I slept but I woke with horrendous leg cramps and didn’t go back to sleep for what seemed like hours.

Next morning, I took my supplements, ate more watermelon and got ready to leave. DS1 had already told me goodbye (!) and I told the others goodbye after I’d loaded the car. That was the end of the goodbyes.

Wally World is being remodeled and it was a mess trying to find things. Twinkle’s treats were back where the shoes used to be and the bathrooms were behind what was once electronics. The bathrooms at the front of the store were closed. I asked my produce guy WHAT he had done and he let me know it wasn’t his idea. Produce is still where it was but the aisles have changed.

I stopped at the produce place and came on home. Twinkle hissed her welcome. When I unloaded, I didn’t even unpack. I just put food away and ate. I let the neighbors know I was home. I’d gotten a set of storage containers like DD and merm have so I brought them in.

Sabbath morning, I didn’t EVEN try to go to Sabbath School. I got there for church and people seemed glad to see me. I played for the service and it seemed a little strange after so long.

In the afternoon, I relaxed as much as Twinkle would let me. I sat on the deck and she lay in her cat house. Every time I moved, she hissed. It was getting old. I was about ready to tell her goodbye, too. I was home.

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