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My Week: 168 Hours Long

It’s been another one of Those Weeks. It started out badly. My computer had been driving me nuts with a “mouse stutter” and I decided the only way to fix it was to start Windows loading again on Saturday night. I went on to bed, secure in the knowledge that it would do what it […]

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Glutathione, I Hope

Despair had just about set in when I was trying to find a naturopath in the state of Tennessee. I kept Google on overtime and kept at it until I found this site. The information there is going on five years old but I haven’t come across anything that says it isn’t still current. The […]

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My Week: Another One Down

It’s one thing sure and another thing certain that I won’t ever get the past seven days back. Another sure/certainty is that I wouldn’t want to. I do wish I’d done daily updates, though. I can’t go back and change that, either, so I guess I’ll quit whining. Sunday, I went on to town fairly […]

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My Week: Time, Distance or Steps?

Here we go! I kept intending to do a daily update so I wouldn’t have it all to do at once but guess what? I diddunt. I’ll just try to hit the high spots but look out! My memory is improving! Sunday, I did little but veg out all day. I’d called Wally World and […]

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The First Telephone Consult

With the three hour difference at home and the two hour difference at work, I couldn’t remember which time zone we’d settled on when I made the appointment for the consult with my naturopath. When I verified the time, it was 2 o’clock CDT last Friday. I was relieved I would have coverage for the […]

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My Week(s): Two in One

Sunday (weeks of June 27-July 10) Since I did my grocery shopping on the way home, I didn’t have to go anywhere today. Yesterday at church, it was announced there would be a business meeting this morning but I have elected not to go. It has been a LONG time since I’ve had a full […]

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My “5th Anniversary” and Beyond

When Shari read my first Parkinson’s? post, (this is the second) she protested in a comment. Since eating cooked fava beans is medicinal, I should still count myself a 100% raw foodist. I haven’t been sautéing my onions and garlic or stewing anything, I’ll agree that I haven’t progressed past cooking the rehabilitative member of […]

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My Week: Saying Goodbye Too Many Times

This is another of those “I didn’t update every day” posts for the week of June 20-26. I’ll have to just try to remember what I did and when it happened. With my memory what it is, it may be spotty and I may leave some things out. If it isn’t all here, count yourself […]

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