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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXX, A Wild Ride

It was late October, 2001.Through the intense pain, my DIL was trying to tell me the shortest route to the hospital with the fewest red lights. I protested this wasn’t the time for me to be driving in unfamiliar territory. What if she should pass out? I’d be stuck not knowing which way to go. […]

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Happy 5th Anniversary—Almost

This is a post I’ve been doing over a number of days. The main reason I wanted to consult with Shari’s naturopath is because of the pressure headaches I’ve been having, the tremor that’s manifested itself in my left hand following their onset and my tingling lips. When I walked in the front door, I […]

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My Week: Off to See the Chilluns

Sunday (Note: This post is for the week of 06/06 to 06/12/2010. As I said in my previous update, I wouldn’t be following my routine schedule.) Spent the day indoors mostly since rain threatened all day but didn’t get around to doing anything until afternoon. I could’ve done laundry and had it dry and in […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXIX, Intractable Pain

It was Sunday when I headed home. I couldn’t go without seeing my new granddaughter again. I went through all the preparations and expected DS2 and my DIL to be there, too. They weren’t. The little one and I were all alone in a room full of other babies and their families. I took full […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXIII, In the NICU

The Little One was born on Thursday. Bright and early on Friday, I went to DS1’s. The delay meant I wouldn’t see my new granddaughter until she was a day old. She would still be brand new. What’s the difference when I wasn’t able to be there for the birth, anyway? We loaded up DS1’s […]

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My Week: The Cat House

Another seven days are gone and I haven’t written a single word before now and it’s Sabbath afternoon. Twinkle and I are on the deck. She’s safely ensconced in her cat house and I’m sitting in a Little Debbie camp chair—the only piece of furniture I have outside. It’s comfortable. That’s the main thing, right? […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXII, Travel and Travail

DD and merm had arrived at their destination and were getting established in their new roles as interns. They traveled to and from Connecticut by train and got around New York City by bus and subway. Someone took them on a tour of the area including the still smoldering ruins of Ground Zero. DD told […]

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