My Week: PAW 2010

Saturday night
It’s been so intense, I didn’t get a word written before tonight. This will be rather disjointed since it won’t be day by day but you are probably fortunate as a result.

Last Sunday, DS1 didn’t get home until after I got up. My night in my granddaughter’s bed left me wishing I’d slept on the couch. It’s better than the old mattress but still not ideal. When asked, I just said it isn’t a waterbed.

I’d finished my devotions and was ready to eat breakfast. DS1 had some cereal and a Clementine and then requested a banana. After he ate that, he sat trying to watch TV but kept nodding off. I asked him why didn’t he go on to bed. He said I’d probably be gone by the time he got up and I agreed so we said our goodbyes then and he and my DIL made their way to the bedroom.

My other DIL had asked when I’d be down that way and I told her. I didn’t hear back from her saying to come see them. I learned long ago it isn’t wise to pop in on them so I loaded up and worked my way back home. It was just as well. I needed to get unloaded and to bed at a reasonable hour. I went to all the usual places first so I had quite a bit to get out of the car. I pulled up next to the house, glad it hadn’t rained lately though we need it.

Monday started Patient Access Week 2010. Officially, it was the week before but one of the staff was out all week so I decided to wait. We are sort of an entity to ourselves, anyway, unless something is wrong and then we’re contacted. No news is good news.

Our schedule for the celebration was Monday, cookies and punch (the punch is still unopened); Tuesday, ice cream sundaes; Wednesday, pizza and salad followed by the quarterly staff meeting; Thursday, choice of cafeteria meal or salad bar; Friday, burgers and fries. Out of all the food, I ate grape tomatoes and brought home two bananas plus the avocado no one wanted. I gave the rest of the salad away. It was a bagged salad and they are usually dry and insipid. I hope I get reimbursed for all the expense but if I don’t, I don’t. I never know from year to year but the girls deserve it so I’m not going to stop.

Tuesday and Wednesday, I had one out sick. She was back on Thursday but still not feeling completely up to par. One of the others had offered to fill in for her but she worked anyway. They’re a willing and faithful bunch.

There’s a good crop of moths in the house for some reason. Twinkle likes chasing them but never, to my knowledge scores a catch. I just caught one and put it outside. I held my hand up to the light so it would come on and the moth seemed to be glad if a moth has such emotions.

DD and I had our visit on Monday. She’s taking more art classes. This time it’s sculpture. She’s doing a little of everything so she can see what she likes best. They are renting a garden spot from an area church. The 10’x30′ plot is full of rocks. They’re getting lots of exercise digging them up and moving them. I’ve suggested it would be a good idea if they could find a mushroom farm where they could get a load of dirt. Sounds like the soil needs some help.

The gravel was delivered early this week! My neighbor said the truck hauling it was so high when it was dumping that they had to hold the power lines up with a pole so it could get under. She called me at work to tell me not to freak because it wasn’t spread like I wanted it. The truck couldn’t maneuver well enough for that so he left two piles—one next to the house and the other at the top end. My neighbor came over and spread it up next to the steps and smoothed it out. I can pull down to the house now even if it’s raining! The pile at the top end hasn’t been moved yet but it will eventually get done.

I noticed my gerbera daisy has a strange blossom so I took it’s picture. I should have used the macro setting because it’s a bit out of focus.

Unusual Flower

This is from the top. Do you suppose it’s something in the air? Remember the tomato blossom last summer?

Double Daisy from the Top

There’s a house in town I look for every year. Well, I’ll amend that statement. I don’t look for the house—I look for the field of flowers in front of it. I stopped and took some pictures this year. I’ve meant to every other year but I actually did it this time.

The Long View

Flowers on Main Street

When I came through yesterday, I thought they’d been mowed down but today I saw they were still there. Are they anemones? Someone tell me, PLEASE!! I would love to get a start of them. The first year I saw them, they were in a ring right around the tree and now they’ve taken over that side of the yard. I’ve always focused on the flowers and not the tree. It’s a dogwood and a beautiful one but it’s overshadowed by the blooms underneath.

The rain we were supposed to have last night and today never materialized. From the looks of WeatherBug, there isn’t much chance we’ll have anything measurable soon. I guess I’ll have to get the hoses out so I can water my onions and greens. I have some bricks of coir that I need to soak and put in the boxes, too. I don’t know how much it will cover. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Church/school was good today. I took my probiotic capsule with me and washed it down between Sabbath School and church. That made me have to get up and go out more than usual. I sat about as close as I could get to the door.

It was considerably cooler today than it’s been all week. Most days, it was in the mid-80’s. I was looking forward to sitting on the DECK but there was a stiff breeze straight from the north coming through.

I did something unusual this afternoon. I took a short nap. Twinkle kept walking around on the bed so I gave up and got up. She probably wonders why I don’t let her in my bedroom at night. She’ll be on the bed and all I have to say is, “Time to go to bed!” and she is up and out the door. And They say you can’t train cats.

Wordscraper #16 is about over and yours truly has all but won. The first word I played was 778 points. My opponent has been playing what she terms “healthy” words but they haven’t been enough to catch me. I’ve suggested a different board for the next game but she may want to hang onto this one. This will make nine I’ve been the victor. I didn’t realize I’d won more than half until she pointed it out on Facebook the other day. That was just before she won that game. We’ve sort of been taking turns winning.

You’re getting off easy this week. Maybe I should do this more often! I have a cat on my lap obstructing my view—not completely but enough to make it tricky to operate the computer at times. She keeps wanting to help so I think I’ll give this up for tonight.

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