My Week: I Breathe Deeply

I love this time of year. The hyacinths are blooming at the entrance of the hospital and they smell so good! I had to get down on my knees the other day to breathe in the fragrance. “A hyacinth for the soul” is my mantra. It can transform me into a smelling machine. If I’m not careful, I could hyperventilate. But that isn’t all I did this week…

A nasty day—again. When is the weather going to be nice? I’m just about UP with this, as Mother would say. Do you notice I quote her a lot? It’s said that a person eventually turns into a parent. I guess I’m well on my way. I could think of worse ways to be, though.

It rained and rained this morning but it stopped before I went to do my weekly grocery shopping. I took my umbrella for insurance and never had to use it. There was a little light drizzle now and then but not enough to go to the trouble to put it up.

Usually, I start at the produce place, then go to BiLo and on to Wally World. Today I worked backwards. Wally World had plenty of the big tubs of spinach but only two packages of the lovely romaine I’ve been getting lately. The produce guy (the one who always inquires about how I’m doing, etc.) was at lunch so I lurked until he got back. Bad news. That was all the romaine they had. And as for tomatoes, they seem to be scarcer and scarcer. I sucked it up and went to my next stop, BiLo. I’d seen a co-worker in WW and told her I’d have to go to The Pig to get romaine this week but…BiLo had organic romaine with a dollar coupon on each package. When I checked out with my five packages, I got another 90 cents off each with my bonus card. Woohoo! Five packages of organic romaine for less than $10 including tax!! I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

At the produce place, I was looking at the tomatoes. They were priced at, I think, $2.69 a lub. I bought a cup with seven small tomatoes for $4.79. A man was looking at the tomatoes, too, and wondered about the price. I told him they were made of gold. He agreed they must be. I said I could remember when we could get tomatoes from a cousin for 50 cents a BUSHEL. Granted, they were culls but his culls were nicer than the first quality is now.

They had beautiful gerbera daisies that were well worth the $5 a pot. I got one to go on my new deck (doing the happy dance).

No rain still but the ground was soupy when I got home. I was surprised I didn’t sink. It was much easier to unload when I didn’t have to juggle the umbrella and groceries at the same time.

Cloudy and cold but it got better this afternoon. It was busy and I had one call in sick. We made it through the day but I had to do some plain and fancy rearranging to cover tomorrow. One person will shift to 6, I’ll shift to 7 and, since the evening person is off, her fill in will report at 10 and work until 10. Whew! I’m glad everyone is willing to step up to the plate! I’m going to bed.

I got to bed earlier last night which made it a LITTLE easier to get up at 4:45 instead of 5:45. That bed’s going to feel good tonight, though.

The day was beautiful and sunshiny but still coolish. I wasn’t too broken up that I was pretty much tied to the desk. I got a call from the Sick One saying she felt much better and wants to come back tomorrow. It will be nice not to be shorthanded yet again.

Since I went in an hour early, I left an hour early and surprised my neighbor and her construction partner still working on my deck. She was staining/sealing the overhead boards in preparation for putting on the polycarbonate panels. I stayed outside and talked for a little while before I came in and got busy.

The romaine wasn’t as good a deal as I thought. There’s a lot of waste. Tomorrow, we’re having a retirement lunch for two people (and neither one of them is me) and I agreed to take a salad. Between the salad and my smoothie romaine, it took two full packages so I guess I’ll hit The Pig later on this week.

A gorgeous gorgeous day and my neighbor was outside when I left working on the pressure washer. I’d emailed her to let her know that the window in my “cool room” was open but she hadn’t checked. She said she’d probably just get the front and ends done, anyway, and that window is on the back.

The morning slipped away and I never did get out to walk. I could have kicked myself.

After I got up early and fixed the salad, I know of only one person who ate it. I’d put in a couple of (expensive) tomatoes plus English cucumber (which ain’t cheap) and onion, so, rather than taking it home and trying to salvage some of it, I gave the rest to that person. I don’t think I’ll contribute anything next time. There was lots of “comfort food” (Dr. D says that’s synonymous with empty calories) and that’s what appeals to people. It’s something to fill them up but not build them up. Why I should spend the time and money and practically none of it is touched is beyond me.

When I got home, I discovered that the poly is on the deck roof! After I was informed that a deck has no roof and if it does, it’s a porch, I Googled it and found that decks CAN have roofs! I got my camera and took a couple of pictures. The other steps are there now, too. Later, I got my broom and the push broom and swept the floor.

My neighbor cut the trees out of the raised bed in front of the house. I’m beginning to get ideas…

I tried to call DD but got voice mail.

Today was when students from the highschool who are interested in getting jobs in the healthcare field toured the facility. I was called out to tell about my department and it was so sudden, I couldn’t remember all I had intended to say. I told the hours we’re in the office and how many people I staff. I meant to say that six weeks is required in the office before going for four days’ training and an exam at the Mother Ship plus it is a very demanding job (and I could add at much too low pay). There was lots I could tell them to scare them off but I wasn’t given the opportunity.

I didn’t let the day slip by without walking three laps. I had intended to do the same this afternoon but I was down to one registrar before I had expected to be. Well, three is better than zero.

A patient came in late in the afternoon when I was down to one registrar. She was already busy with someone else so I stayed and registered and went home late. I had to stop by The Pig and get parsley and romaine (after all). When I went by the bank, the sign said the temperature was 85!

The deck is coming along nicely. My neighbor had pressure washed everything and was out sealing the floor, rails, etc. She said for me to let her know where to put hooks and she’ll take care of that, too. I have the two hummingbird feeders, two windchimes (I plan to get a third) and one Topsy Turvy tomato planter to hang, so far. While she was still working on sealing, I went out and pulled weeds out of my grow boxes. After that, I went back and asked how much it would cost for a load of gravel and how much to finish cleaning out the raised bed and getting it ready to plant. She’ll find out about the gravel tomorrow. I told her she’s created a monster (me). I’ll be like my mother and see more and more that can be done. I took a picture of the deck roof with the sun shining through. The stripes on the framework look so pretty!

I had an email from DD saying she would be home most of the day but, by the time I got in, cleaned up and ate, it was too late to call.

Speaking of eating, the little tomatoes I got at the produce place are better than Camparis!! I had three of them chunked up and I could have eaten the other three but I restrained myself.

I haven’t been talking about the Wordscraper games this week. I figure the only ones interested are my opponent and me. However! she set up some really weird boards and we had two games going at once. I won both of them. Of course, I started first on each, too. They were a blank canvas so I went for it and didn’t even think about it.

I ordered my next box of oranges before I left home. They are getting some more of the tomatoes in so I put in for half a box. If they have it, I may get a whole one. They’ll be closed for Easter so I’ll have to wait until Monday to do my grocery shopping. I’d gotten enough romaine for two days but I’ll need to go by and get some more. Oh, and he said the price of tomatoes is dropping. That’s good to hear.

DS1 called and we had a short visit. I called back and talked to my DIL, too. Then I had an email from my other DIL saying that my granddaughter is participating in a program and needed sponsors so I’ll send a check. She wanted to know if I’m coming for the weekend but I’m not. The Sonrise Easter Pageant is tomorrow and they plan to go. I’ve been, I think, three times and tomorrow is supposed to be HOT. Strange weather for April. (I checked the weather later and storms are predicted for tomorrow afternoon.)

One of the ladies from the church called and said they are going to the pageant. She wanted me to swap weeks with her because her family is supposed to have the guest lunch. I told her I didn’t think people would want to eat my raw food. I love it and could sit down and eat a half dozen bananas with no problem but I can’t expect people who eat cooked food to do the same. “Oh! I forgot about that!!” I don’t know how. She has talked to me on different occasions about going to raw food herself. Oh, well.

I called Time and Temperature at 12:45 CDT today and it was 82. Another glorious day! I got out and did three rounds this morning and one in the afternoon. It was too hot to walk much later but I took my shirt off and sat in the sun the rest of the time. Before you think I was exposing myself, I had on a camisole that could double for a top.

One of the registrars wanted to put a sign on the door tomorrow saying we were closed for Easter weekend but I don’t think that would fly too well.

Soon as I walked in the door this morning, I was hit with problems and it was that way for hours, literally. I felt like they were coming at me like blood-thirsty mosquitoes and I was batting them away as fast as I could. We had thought, with the weather so nice, there wouldn’t be many registrations but three registrars were busy most of the time.

There was a bake sale to raise money for cancer research. They made a pretty tidy sum. I mentioned it was kind of strange to sell stuff that will make people sick. One of the girls said, “That’s YOUR opinion.” I told her no, it was research. Guess if people tank up on it, we’ll get more business.

I was talking to one of the employees at the Mother Ship today and their hours have been cut almost as much as the ones here. I hope things pick up so everyone can get back to making a living.

I’ve been offered a tulip tree if the mama has any more babies and I’m gonna accept it. I don’t know for sure where I can put it but I do love tulip trees! There’s one I pass whenever I go through town that’s breath-takingly beautiful.

The church doesn’t look a lot different from the way it did the last time I stopped by. When people can’t get down and work on a regular basis, it surely takes a long time. I looked for the music on the organ but the bulletin secretary (she was touring with me) said she thought everything had been taken upstairs. The entry to the stairs was blocked off so I guess no one is supposed to go up there and root around.

The deck is all finished except for a few minor touches like the tops of the posts where the finials rest. There’s a split in the wood over the door but my neighbor said it won’t cause a problem. It doesn’t look beautiful but it is functional. The other set of steps is up.

Voice mail was left twice for the person who will (I hope) be delivering the load of gravel but nothing was heard back. Guess if I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer.

Well, that’s enough for now. Happy Sabbath everyone!

Saturday night
I was pretty sure I’d have to play the piano for church but I was rescued. The person who played for church wasn’t very happy about playing without the music she usually has access to but we scouted around and found everything she needed.

The sermon was very good. The school principal had it. The turnout was more than I’d expected with the Pageant going on.

It was supposed to storm today but I don’t think it did any more than sprinkle now and then. It’s supposed to be severe clear and 80 tomorrow.

I’d taken pictures of the deck roof that were pretty neat but I can’t find the flash drive I have to use with my memory card to access them. The only thing I can figure—and I hope I’m right—is that I took it out of my purse at work and it’s currently living on my desk. If I had known I had to use the adapter to get to my pictures, I would have bought just the card but I didn’t know until I had it and used it. I’m really going to be up a creek if it isn’t at the hospital. I took everything out of my purse and it’s nowhere to be found. I keep it in the pocket on the front and it isn’t there (obviously). So…no pictures this week.

Tomorrow is when I’ll start planting the garden. I’d gone outside this morning to check on my daisies and romaine plants and the latter wasn’t anywhere around. I looked briefly but no lettuce. This afternoon, I looked and looked and even went all around the house to see if my neighbor might have put them in a safe place out of the way while she worked but nothing. I called and left her voice mail and she called back and left me a message that the last time she saw them, they were on the deck. I really hadn’t looked very closely around the deck. I went back out and looked down at the ground beside the front door and there they were, upside down on the ground. I put them where I think they will be safe and watered them. They look kinda sad but maybe they’ll perk up.

It’s after 10 and I was hoping to be in bed by now. There’s a work bee at the church tomorrow but I need to work bee around here. It will be the first day I’ve had at home since I was off work because of snow. That’s been a while. Good night!

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  1. Lila April 4, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    I have been under the impression that Wally World and The Pig are one and the same. What is The Pig?

    Congratulations on the progress on your deck!

    • Tommie April 4, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

      Piggly Wiggly. I sat on the deck this afternoon and ate some fresh raw applesauce. It was very pleasant.

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