My Week: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It was later than I intended when I got up. It would have been right on time a couple of weeks ago. I still haven’t come to terms with the time change and I probably won’t. I never have so why should I start now? It’s a mess perpetrated by people who don’t care if my whole body and mind both protest. No skin off them. Unless they get hit by a sleep-deprived driver. Then we’ll see how they react.

I was having my devotions when an email arrived from one of my North Carolina sisters saying I would be getting a phone call from our oldest sister about my sister in the Great Northwest. According to the brief message, the sister in the GNW had fallen and was subsequently taken to the hospital. Sure enough, not much time had passed when a voice mail came through from Google Voice. I called her back but she didn’t know a lot more than what I’d already learned. She did say the doctor was going to put our sister in a nursing home. I agreed to check with her when I got back.

It was raining when I left so I didn’t get out when I drove by Mother’s grave. The arrangement is still intact but it’s showing signs of being tired from all the rain. Maybe the time change has affected it, too.

The first stop was to pick up oranges. They had some beautiful strawberries, too, so I got a container and some onion sets. From there, I did a walk-through of Bi-Lo and bought a package of parsnips. I know there’s a recipe somewhere using raw parsnips but I don’t remember what or where. Guess I’ll have to Google it.

“My” hairdresser was working so I went in and signed up for a haircut. She started to go ahead and take me in because she wasn’t busy but remembered she was clocked out. She said that, whenever it’s slow, she has to clock out. She isn’t to get a minute over six hours. I agreed to go back when she could whack off my locks and went on to the produce department.

One of the produce guys was putting a new variety of apples out and called my attention to them. He didn’t know the name of the variety but said they looked kind of like Gala but they weren’t. The end of the box said “Pinova”. I got three to try. Later, I Googled Pinova and found it is a hybrid developed by crossing three different varieties. It was developed in Germany.

There were no large containers of baby spinach so I had to get four small ones for considerably more. The produce guy checked in the back for me but came up dry. He did bring out some fresher romaine hearts and let me pick what I wanted from the crate. That was nice of him. I put back the ones that would be out of date sooner.

I asked if the other produce guy was there but he’d come in at 5 and had gone home to sleep some more. We talked a little and I gave him my web site URL AGAIN and went on about my business. I had to turn in my prescription and I got some more things I needed that wouldn’t deteriorate. By that time, it was past when I should have been back at the beauty shop so I asked to park my cart inside the doors in produce. The guy said, “You’re getting your hair done, right? See! I know you pretty good.” Yes, he does.

The hairdresser and I caught up while she cut. She said she’s been there almost a year. I couldn’t remember right away how long I’ve been going to her but later, I happened to think that it was Memorial Day, 2009.

When I got home and unloaded, it made me wish the deck was all finished. I plan to have gravel put down to the house when it is so I can pull up and unload and not haul everything so far. The rain had let up some so I didn’t have to get wet except for the last load.

I tried to call my sister but it wouldn’t go through so I emailed her. The CT and blood work were normal but she is very debilitated. I posted a note on her daughter’s Facebook page and it was the first she knew that anything, except for the status quo, was wrong.

I’ve had a full day and I’m not going to start the giveaway yet. I haven’t had time to do anything about it.

Everyone but me is distressed about my sister going to rehab but I think it’s the best thing. She’ll get regular care and, if she cooperates, she should get her strength back. Yesterday, my sister thought she was in the nursing home already (or that’s the impression I got) but she’s still in the hospital.

It was busy today but we were FULLY STAFFED! The grandma with the new grandbaby had pictures and he’s a cute little feller.

It had been so nice Friday that I forgot to bring my coat home and I needed it this morning. You can believe I wore it out to the parking lot. It had cleared off somewhat and the sun warmed it up. The warmth in the car felt good.

My neighbor emailed me she had worked half a day so she’s feeling better. If Wednesday is nice, they plan to work on the deck some more. The roof, railings, another set of steps and finishing touches are left to go and then GRAVEL!! Woohoo! I’ll feel uptown!

Since I was given permission to post the pictures from the Nursing Home Tour de Wheelchair, here they are!

Look at that smile!

Proof Positive!

The results of the game that I posted last week are as follows:


Final Graph 6

The final score was 919 to 877. I got within one point once but I could never break through. We’re well into another one. I told her I thought she had created a monster.

I don’t think the sun has the strength to burn off the clouds. I’m getting so tired of not having RAYS! It was supposed to get up into the 60s today but I don’t think it made it.

Another Wordscraper game is underway. I’m not posting the results of the last one. I won but the progress graph looked pretty dull. The lines never even got close. My opponent played first this time and the one word (FERTILE) got her a total of 865 points! I asked her if she figured she’d win.

The other grandma was back today with lots of pictures on a CD. She even has videos. This one is a beautiful baby girl.

My friend from the nursing home was supposed to get someone to bring her over in her wheelchair but she wasn’t feeling up to it. She plans to sit up tomorrow and Friday and try the wheelchair again on Monday.

Guess what!! Sunshine! Warmth! I did two sets of three laps and it felt so good. I’m just not into walking when it’s nasty out. I had to stop at The Pig and get some parsley and, on my way through town, I saw that the temperature on the bank was 74!!

The roof on the deck is progressing but not finished. The top railing is up but also not finished. There’s still the pressure-washing and sealing to go and my neighbor wants to wait several weeks to do that so it will soak up the sealer. Guess I’m too impatient. I haven’t figured out how the polycarbonate will fit under the overhang of the roof and not drip when it rains where they meet. I’m sure my neighbor has it all figured out so I’ll wait and see. (I looked later and I believe there’s plenty of room.) I took a couple of pictures and posted them on Facebook. Here they are.

I plan to get some hummingbird feeders and another set of wind chimes to go on the front edge and have some hanging plants here and there suspended by hooks on the grid.

The front board is a little wavy (I have to look at it hard to tell) and it’s bugging my neighbor’s construction partner. I told her I was going to give him a hard time. She called him over and I pointed that out. He said it was because of the house. I said, “So you’re blaming my house now??!” He said yes and started in on all the details. My neighbor laughed and told him to calm down, that I was pulling his leg. He assured me it would be fixed. I trust them. They do good work.

Evidently, my compost bin was in the way of construction today. My neighbor nixed its being moved so they worked around it. As she said, it doesn’t have a bottom in it and the contents would go everywhere if they picked it up. Her husband announced that it stinks. He has a better nose than I do. I can’t smell it. Besides, if he can, does he think rotting vegetable matter should smell good? It’s better than putting it in a landfill. Once upon a time, he mentioned he planned to put a compost tumbler on the side of the garage but it isn’t there yet. He said we could both use it. I may get a tumbler type to put at the end of the house where my smaller boxes are.

Before the sun went down, I took a couple of pictures and posted them on Facebook.

Deck Roof Beginnings

More Deck Roof Beginnings

It was back to rain this morning. I was hoping to have the covering on the deck to keep the raindrops off but that seems to be quite a while down the road. It looks like there are some better days coming but Sunday is supposed to be nasty and that’s my grocery shopping day. Wouldn’t you know. Just my luck.

No word from my sister in the GNW. As far as I know, she is still in the hospital. I know three acute hospital days are required before she can be moved to skilled nursing (rehab) but, if she’s been inpatient since when she was first taken in, she could have been moved yesterday as long as her treatment was stable. Guess I’ll just have to wait until I hear something. At least I can hear. She can’t and that’s very sad.

The Wordscraper game I was talking about was a shoo-in for my opponent. She was ahead of me from the get go. I thought I’d linked to it but I guess I hadn’t. Take my word for it. She won. Another one is going. This time, I got her back. She’d played WEEK so I countered with KABALA, then she came back with BAYOUS and that’s when I jumped in with EXTRUDE for 600 points and now I’m way in the lead.

The rain came down so hard this evening that I could actually hear it and not just on the used-to-be-vent places. I haven’t emptied the rain gauge lately so I won’t know how much there was but there were too big storms that sounded like it was coming down in buckets. Woohoo! the roof didn’t leak! I still haven’t broken the habit of looking up at the ceiling…

A Facebook message came in last night after I was already offline. My brother-in-law was in the ER after falling. Now, both of them are in the hospital. I don’t know if I should ever retire. Seems as if their health took a nosedive after they closed his practice.

I was the bank/post office person today and the wind felt like it was coming off an iceberg. I don’t know what’s with this weather. I’m ready for, not only spring, but spring-like days.

My Wordscraper nemesis informed me that, if I wanted to start first, I’d have to set up the board. Well, I’m sorry. I have no imagination when it comes to doing that. We’d play on a standard board all the time if I did it. She’d asked me several days ago if I would mind if she taped her pictures (the ones above) to the laptop lid and I said of course I wouldn’t so she did. Hopefully, she’ll make it back into the wheelchair soon.

I ordered two hummingbird feeders and wind chimes that are tuned to the first notes of “Amazing Grace”. It should sound pretty. They are all scheduled to be delivered Monday.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunshiny and bright. I’d say it’s about time. The tulip trees are blooming in town and my daffodils are out in force.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Today dawned bright and beautiful but still on the cool side. I dressed in layers for school. I mean church.

That floor is sure hard on knees. I’d knelt when the pastor and assistants came in but had to give it up part way through the morning prayer and sit back down.

The pastor preached today and it was a good sermon about the abundance of the heart. He mentioned something about the Game of Life which reminded me of the card I got years ago at campmeeting in Nebraska. I showed it to him after the service was over and he liked it so much he had me show it to his wife. I used it as a straight edge to underline my Bible until all the edges are about worn out.

Victory Card

My niece had updated on Facebook today that my sister was being moved to rehab. Both she and my brother-in-law have improved. That’s good to hear but what I want is for them both to get WELL.

The afternoon was a quiet one. I went out and sat on the deck in the sun for a couple of minutes but the wind was too much for me. Even though the sun was warm, the wind was cold.

I lay down late this afternoon and dozed. Now that I’ve gotten this much written down, I’m ready to go to bed and it’s going on 11.

Good night! and have a good week!

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  1. Lila March 28, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    When I wrote about someone not liking to have her picture taken, I thought you were talking about our next-to-youngest sister, so the comment I made at that time was really off the mark – because all I know about your friend is what you write. Oh, well, nothing to worry about.

    • Tommie March 28, 2010 at 6:47 pm #

      That’s who I was talking about. That’s who I spent a week with in the GNW. I’ve been writing about family on my SAD to Raw posts. And BTW, I didn’t take the pictures of my friend. I haven’t seen her in the wheelchair—yet.

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