My Bladder and Me: Did I Speak Too Soon?

Last week, I was rhapsodizing about how wonderful it is to have the option of going almost “commando”. This week, I have an entirely different story to tell.

Sabbath, I was so proud of myself. I only went to the ladies’ room once and that was between services. But then Sunday came. I don’t know why, exactly, but I was almost back to Square One. Maybe it was the food I’d eaten the day before. I used quite a bit of Tajin in both my tomato/mango soup and my salad. Prior to my shopping, I’d taken a long hot shower and then I had both a banana/blueberry/spinach/parsley smoothie and a generous amount of OJ.

When I got to Wally World, I went to the bathroom, did a little shopping, and then went back to the beauty shop. I was okay so far. Then I started shopping in earnest after my haircut. I don’t remember if I went before I had my hair cut or not but I probably did.

During my shopping, I had a sudden, almost uncontrollable, urge hit. It wasn’t as bad as it has been at times pre-dilation, but it was bad enough. I made it to the bathroom with a saturated panty liner and just a few wet spots on my jeans. I always carry spare “Granny Sue’s tiny diapers” so I was alright in that department. I put myself back together and resumed my shopping experience.

To make sure I’d be safe on the way home, I went again before I left (seemed like Old Times). Coming in the door, I felt another urge but I made it to the bathroom.

Next day, I was telling DD about my Sunday disaster. Monday saw me calmed down so I was thinking it was just a glitch. I said that, if I’d known how simple the “fix” would be, I would have done it long ago. Since then, it’s been somewhat of a roller coaster ride. One day, I’ll be fine, today it was back to running to the bathroom. I’m going to have to study what I’m doing to bring it on and modify my behavior, I guess.

There’s one thing I won’t do and that’s change my eating habits. You can count on that.

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