I Love My Local Wal-Mart

Call it evil if you want to, I love my local Wal-Mart. I don’t love every Wal-Mart. I don’t go to many other Wal-Marts. None of them is like my hometown Wal-Mart. Take today, for instance.

When I walked in, I saw many familiar faces. As I made my way to the produce aisle, I met one of the produce guys who smiled and announced they had lots of fresh stuff for me. I told him that was good news.

I went up and down the bins and got what I needed. When I got over to the bananas, I was picking out what I wanted when the other produce guy spied me from across the tower. Breaking into a big grin, he greeted me like I was his friend. Asking how I was doing, I told him I’d be better if it weren’t for Daylight Saving Time.

That’s when he started laughing. He told me his girlfriend was an hour late to work this morning because she hadn’t remembered about this dratted DST. (I added the “dratted”.) She’d gotten up in plenty of time but “chilled” for an hour before leaving only to find she was supposed to already be there.

Starting around the banana tower to the greens section, a woman was in front of the case with her cart. The produce guy asked me what I was planning to get and said he’d get it for me. I told him two containers of organic spinach—the big tubs. He brought them over but looked concerned. “The date on these is the 18th,” he said. “Do you want me to go to the back and see if we have some that’s dated later than that?” I told him yes, I would appreciate that. And could he get me some romaine hearts? There weren’t any in the case. He made sure of how many packages and said no problem.

He went to the back, found spinach with a date of 03/21 and romaine dated 03/20. He even put them in my cart. I told him I’d have to brag on him on my blog. He asked which social network it was on and I told him I have my own site with a blog and a forum. He asked for the address so he could look it up. In the meantime, the other produce guy had joined us.

We started talking about food and the second guy said that he figured I had a restaurant or something. I told him I eat it all. The first one said his girlfriend won’t eat red meat and asked if I eat meat. I told him I never had. The other one said something about all that juicy blood running out and how he likes to dip it up—YUM!! I had to say YUCK!!

About then, I took my leave to finish my shopping.

The poor unfortunate cashier was working so I got into her line. She spied me and called out, “I’m LEAVIN’!” I laughed and told her I wouldn’t be using coupons today, I promised. I busied myself unloading the cart and when I looked up, sure enough, she was gone.

I briefly considered looking for another of my favorite cashiers but figured I’d give the new girl a chance. I’m glad I did. She was as careful with my produce as anyone I’ve ever encountered. I told her how much I appreciated it and complimented her on her pretty name.

After I got the car loaded, I sat in the parking lot and called the store on my cell phone. I turned in all three of the people I’d come in contact with for being so nice. The manager was glad to hear it and said he’d pass it along to the cashier. I told him to give the guys in produce a good word, too, because they deserve it.

So…be down on Wal-Mart all you want. I can understand where you’re coming from but the one here provides needed jobs to people who are as nice, friendly and helpful as you will ever find.

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