The Raw Vegan: Part CXI, On Our Way Out

The road down the mountain was beginning to be familiar. I wasn’t as timid driving as I was originally but my sister would swear I’d never been timid. She dubbed me “Old Leadfoot”. I didn’t believe I deserved the title but it has stood all these years. Ask her today and she would tell you that I am, in fact, “Old Leadfoot”. Not fair, not accurate but I’m stuck with it.

By now, I knew the general lay of the land and was able to get around more by instinct than a road map. We got back to the hotel with no problem whatsoever. Once there, it was like we were coming home.

The Entrance

The front of the hotel

The grounds

I’d been in fancier establishments but none quite so picturesque. The entrance to the lobby was through these doors.

The door to the lobby

The design on the front of the check-in desk was mosaic and beautiful.

The check in desk

The time before, our room had been through this wonderful archway of heavenly smelling jasmine but now our room was around at the back.

On our way to the room

We settled into the luxury of two large beds and air conditioning! It was a great time to be alive. No more gasping for breath in the middle of the night.

Our sleep was restful and deep and I was thankful my sister had made an executive decision to go back to comfort.

Next morning, we found some breakfast and then it was time to turn in the car. The girl at the counter in the hotel gave us some wonderful news. All we had to do was call the rental place and they would come pick it up. There was no danger we would have to ride with the Lady from the Demolition Derby. We took our suitcases and walked the short distance to the shuttle station stopping to take some pictures of the restaurant where we’d eaten our first meal, seemingly so long before.


The restaurant

Getting to the shuttle station, I was careful not to make the same mistake of having my camera in the luggage compartment below when there was so much to see and photograph. I kept it in my hand and at the ready.

It wasn’t long until we were under way and heading out of town. When we got to the outskirts, there was what appeared to be an abandoned roller coaster. My sister had graciously allowed me to sit by the window so I could take pictures to my heart’s content.

I took one shot

An abandoned roller coaster

and then another

My last picture

and lined up the third. When I squeezed the shutter release, nothing. I had my camera but the spare batteries were in my giant suitcase in the luggage compartment. I wouldn’t be able to take pictures of anything else until we got to our destination. I was bitterly disappointed. I wanted a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco landmarks but it was not to be.

Resigned to my fate, I decided to enjoy the ride anyway and turned to visit with my sister.

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