My Week: Progress!

As I planned, last night I crawled between the itchy sheets without unplugging the heater and, sure enough, I felt the little prickles on my skin. I pulled the plug and voilà! no more prickles. This morning, I got one of the packages a sheet had come in and Googled the company. I have emailed the info address on the web site and let them know what was going on. Now to hide and watch and see if I get a response. I’m not sure I want to sleep between sheets if they have something in them that reacts that way.

My neighbor was over here painting the fascia board so it could dry before the rain came. She had other plans, too. I’ll get to that later.

I was out and gone by a little after 11. I made all my usual stops plus the used food store before I came home. I had a hard time finding ripe bananas so I went back to the produce place and found that they had huge bags of ripe bananas for $1. Needless to say, I got one and also needless to say, I have LOTS of bananas. I emailed my neighbor to see if they could use some. I know he told me one day that he doesn’t eat them but maybe she does. I haven’t heard back.

While I was in Wally World, I ran into an old friend and we visited for most of an hour, I guess. She was telling me about her activities in the church. She’s a busy lady.

My neighbors to the north were out working in the yard. The mother and I visited for a few minutes. She said there had been a lot going on here while I was in town and she was right. The tree has been cut up and will be hauled off when the roofing is moved (preferably on the house).

DD had called while I was out so I called her back and we visited. She hadn’t been to her drawing class last week because of the holiday.

The sheets are off the bed and an old pair put back on. I’ve ordered some percale sheets from LL Bean. Twinkle is on her last bag of food, too, so I ordered some for her. The shipping was so high I canceled the order and placed one with another company where I got more food for a lower price (including a 10% discount) and lower shipping. It ended up costing about $24 less. That isn’t to be sneezed at.

I finished watching 30 Days: Jail. I’m getting closer and closer to ridding myself of the Dish.

I was the bank/post office person today and am supposed to be tomorrow. I started feeling headachy and snotty nosed so I left the key where people could find it if I don’t get better overnight. I have been kind of feverish from time to time this evening, too.

Before I started feeling rotten, I went the help one of my co-workers with a file. I hope I haven’t exposed her to whatever I have. Another person was in her office at the same time so ditto.

The Wordscraper game kind of went belly up. My friend had played a word and when I hovered the point over her name, it showed her with zero tiles. I still had six left so I congratulated her for winning. She messaged back that she hadn’t won, that she still had tiles left, too. I had A N R R U V. When she told me to go ahead and play, I put down two tiles and clicked on Play Word. Nothing happened. Then, when I got on this afternoon, I saw a message that something was wrong and it was being fixed. Well! it was fixed, all right. I had four tiles, A A E O, but it was showing I still had six. I tried playing a word AGAIN and nothing. This is the first time this has ever happened to her so we have given up that game and she’s starting another one.

It was supposed to get up to 62 in the valley today. I don’t know how high it got but there was a cold wind blowing. When I stopped to get gas, the station owner commented that it was turning cold again. I’m afraid he’s right.

I’m going to feed Twinkle and hit the hay.

No blog post about my life tonight. I came home early from work. Bedtime was about 8 o’clock last night but it was after 9 before I went to sleep. I couldn’t find my melatonin, try as I might. I have since then, praise the Lord.

My mother would say my nose is running like a sugar tree. This morning, I was getting ready to put my smoothie in a container to take to the hospital and (avert your eyes if you’re squeamish) I dripped into the mixture. I grabbed a spoon and got the dot out and hoped for the best. I’ve been more careful since.

I would have left sooner but we got access to a better medical necessity checker so I stayed to teach one of the registrars how to use it after I’d sorta learned. She can teach whoever wants to learn before I get back. If I don’t get better soon, that may be a while.

The day was gloomy and there was a heavy fog sitting on the top of the mountain. The roads around here are showing signs of needing to be repaired. All the moisture, freezing and thawing is taking its toll.

A Gloomy Day

You would think I wouldn’t be sleepy at 8:35 p.m. since I went to bed at 7:20 last night and didn’t get up until after 7 this morning except for potty breaks but I’m yawning. There isn’t anything remarkable to report about today. I’ve rested a lot. Haven’t napped, though. I’m a little feverish tonight, I think. I don’t have a thermometer so I can’t tell for sure.

It’s so nice to have good neighbors. I had an email that a package was on the step. She hadn’t knocked because she didn’t want to disturb me. It was my supply of raw cashews from Amazon. My sister wanted to know where I get mine so that link is for her but anyone who wants to can click on it. She might be able to find the ones that aren’t really raw for less but these are topnotch. Having them on subscription is handy, too. If you need more, you can go in and have them shipped “now” and if you don’t need any, you can skip the shipment.

My sister sent a chart that anyone might be interested in. It was in the body of a message and she couldn’t get it to print out right. Well, my friend Google helped me find it. If you want to check it out, it’s here. It says to share it with everyone so I have.

There’s another Wordscraper game going but the previous one was healed and we finished. I didn’t win, BTW. I’m ahead after the first move on the current one, though. One word got me 300 points—“enzymes”. I’ll have to admit I got help on that one but she said it was okay so I played it.

Time will tell if I feel like going in tomorrow. Right now, I’m going to fix myself a cuppa garlic lemonade and go to bed.

I didn’t go in but I promised that, if I didn’t feel feverish tonight, I’ll be there tomorrow. The day was spent lounging around and resting, mostly. I did tape off some things in preparation for doing away with Dish Network.

Another package of raw cashews came. I’d gone in and changed my subscription and they were double shipped. They keep well, so it’s no biggie and I can skip the next ones. My neighbor came to the rescue again and delivered them.

Last night was largely feverish-feeling free.

Early in the morning, I looked at the thermometer and it said 32 degrees. Not bad, thought I, until it changed and I realized that was the temp in the room where I keep my fruit. The outside temperature was 19.

I was doing pretty well staying on track to be on time to work when I walked into the living room and saw Twinkle scratching the carpet. When she moved, there was a pile of upchuck. So much for being punctual. I cleaned it up and got back to getting ready.

On my way to the car (which had been running for several minutes), I heard my neighbor in her garage so I stopped for a word or two. She said she hoped to get the roof on today. That sounded good to me.

I took the plunge and called Dish Network after consulting How to Cancel My Dish Network Satellite Service. After reading that, I was primed and ready to go. The fellow asked why I was canceling. I told him I was having a metal roof put on my house and, besides, much of what I watched was on Food Network and I can’t see spending more than $400 a year on that. Actually, it’s closer to $500. Anyway, he offered to send out a tech to put the dish where it wouldn’t have to be on the roof and said he’d find me a cheaper package. I was curious about the cheaper package because I had the lowest priced one out there. He said there was one for $15.99 that would end up being around $24.99 with the local channels. I told him that’s what I had and with all the taxes and fees, it’s over $40 a month. He sounded kind of deflated and wanted to know if there was any way I would decide to keep the service. I said, “Yes—if it’s free.” He mumbled, “We can’t do that.”

He proceeded to tell me about how I would go about returning the equipment. They want the receiver back with the remote and something off the dish, itself. It will cost me around $30 to send everything but I’ll be shed of that bill then so that’s okay with me.

It was past noon before I got through my emails and the top layer on my desk. I tried to stay in my office for the most part during the day though I had to venture out several times to man (woman?) the front window.

By 4 o’clock, I was pretty well wrung out.

Anxious to see my new roof, I didn’t even stop to get the mail. When I pulled in, I saw it was about 2/3 done. My neighbor met me and said they’d run into a problem. There was a good-sized area of the roof that was rotten so they had to put off finishing until next week. I guess they are going to have to buy material to fix it. She said she’d taken lots of pictures at the direction of her husband who told her, “Tommie will want those and she can’t get up on the roof and do it.” She said she’d email them to me. If they are here by tomorrow night, I’ll post some.

The HDMI cable and adapter came for me to hook up my PC to the TV. Turned out I didn’t need the adapter. I asked merm what to do now and he said I needed to set the TV to the HDMI input. That involves the remote and I have no idea where it is. I found every other one known to man except for the one for the TV. The Dish remote was set up to turn the TV on and off and control the volume so I haven’t used the other one for a LONG LONG time. I’m going to bed. I’ve given notice that I won’t be at church tomorrow.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Well, I found the remote this morning and it was no problem setting up the input. I had to do a couple of things on the computer (which I’d emailed merm about but figured it out on my own anyway, thank you very much) that got me all set up. It was a very easy process. I even have sound from the boom box which is quite impressive. Not surround sound but better than the speakers I have for the computer. Now I need to get my Bluetooth mouse working so I can control my computer remotely. I tried Yuuguu but that didn’t work out too well.

One of the girls from work called me this morning. She was very upset because her computer had malware on it that wouldn’t let her do anything. When I called her back, I guess she was on the phone with her brother because she said she’d talked to him and he’d had the same thing. He ended up wiping everything out and starting over. I walked her through going into safe mode and she restored the computer to an earlier date and it was okay. I asked her what anti-virus program she uses and she said she doesn’t have one. I had to yell and scream at her then and told her she was playing with fire. I sent her the links for Chrome and Microsoft Security Essentials.

After I had my regular devotions, I listed to the Sabbath School discussion from Pine Knoll.


That was while people were talking. Here it is on the TV after it was over.

Finished Listening

I watched the live streaming on 3ABN briefly but the video quality is poor plus the programming was for Christmas. I moved on to Mo PC Web and attempted to watch Kelly Mowrer but couldn’t watch and hear it at the same time since it was out of sync so I listened to it while I fixed a smoothie. It was like a badly dubbed foreign movie. Oh, and every Sabbath has to include Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, able to jump tall trees with a single bound. Well, I added the last part of that sentence.

I got on the computer then and started looking in earnest and found that youtube has lots of Veggie Tales stuff! I knew there was some, but the whole Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie is on there plus I found out since it is also on Hulu. I hadn’t seen Jonah since I went years ago with DS1 and family when my granddaughter was just a little girl—and now she’s 14. I settled down and watched it and realized I’d forgotten most of it. They take a lot of liberties with the story but the message is still there.

DS1 had looked at some devices for getting Internet content on a TV but they are all pretty pricey. I called him and let him know what merm had me do and it worked! I told him I’d watched Jonah. He said he thought they’d bought the movie. He remembered Carleel and Reginald. Those are two of my favorite characters. We talked for right at 15 minutes. They’re talking about getting access again so he’s pretty interested in doing something other than the over the air digital they have.

Later on this afternoon, I watched a couple of documentaries, one being about an atheist who went to live with a Christian family for a month. It was very interesting. No one ended up converting the other but they had a respect they didn’t before.

Something that surprised me is the quality of the picture is very good on the TV. I expected it not to be and the amateur videos don’t translate that well but the others do. I’m impressed.

Well, I’m still ahead in the Wordscraper game but my opponent keeps playing these high point words. We’ll see if I still lose.

Pray for my sister. She is going to a hearing specialist now and may end up having to have surgery.

Until next week, aloha!

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