My Week: Snow?!

Today started out with snow falling but it proved not cold enough for it to do anything but get slushy. It was pretty falling but it was “double ugly” on the ground. I got ready and went to town about 10:45 and got home a couple of hours later. I took a side trip and went by Mother’s grave. There was a big pile of junk off to one side about 20 feet away. I don’t know if maybe it was a new grave and the greenery had turned brown or what. Her picture is still where it is supposed to be and the arrangement, though not beautiful, is whole.

DD and I had a shorter than usual visit. They were going out to peruse a different Asian market. I told her to buy a young coconut and kill it for me.

I called my neighbor and THEY were in town. I told her to holler at me when they got home and I’d come over and see what I could see with her template. She called me and I downloaded and installed Open Office and, sure enough, it opened her document just fine. We went through her programs and I pointed out some that could be uninstalled.

We went over the contracts for the roof and deck and they are now signed and the deposit check is in her hand (or somewhere over there) for the half down for the roof. The other half will be paid when the job is done. She said it can be finished in a day, easily, if the weather will break. Her husband was saying this isn’t a good time of year for outdoor jobs. True, but she’s determined and a woman of her word. One of these days, I’ll come home and have a roof. Woohoo! Now I need to see how to go about canceling my Dish Network.

I sharpened my knife and managed to slice my thumb this evening. It bled and bled until I had to put a bandaid on it.

The weather forecast has been promising 2-4″ of snow in the higher elevations. I don’t know if that includes here or not. So far, not.

We-elllllllll, snow it did but not enough to keep me at home. When I first looked out, here is what I saw.


Early Monday morning

Later, I’d gone to start the car and forgot to lock it so when I went do that, I took my camera with me.

My snowy car

My neighbor's truck

Looking up the road

Looking down the road

There was snow at the hospital, too, though not as much.

From the front of the hospital

The other direction

In anticipation of getting rid of my Dish, I picked merm’s brain and he told me what he thought would work with my TV so I have ordered $18.49 worth of cable and adapter. Now to wait until it gets here. That will save me a nice amount every month. Enough to more than pay for my DSL. Of course, getting rid of my land line covered that, anyway.

My neighbor was outside when I left for work and was commenting on how pretty it was. I agreed but said it wasn’t enough. I want a BIG snow that will snow me in. I told her the latch was frozen on my storm door. She said she’d look at it but I told her not to bother. I just wanted her to know so if she heard the door hitting the house, she’d know what it was.

Getting home was no problem but I’m wondering about tomorrow morning. We are supposed to get more snow.

One of my NC sisters has just gotten a Dish. Ironic that she took the plunge when I’m seriously considering terminating mine since I can watch just about whatever I want online. She’s still on dialup. I thought she could get DSL but it doesn’t seem to be available where she is. She isn’t interested, anyway. My sister in the Great Northwest will be going broadband day after tomorrow!

Last night, I got the door to shut by pouring boiling water over the latch. This morning, it was frozen solid and I had to use my hair dryer to melt it enough to get it open. When the front light came on, I saw that there was more snow. Not a lot but more. Later, when I tried to open the door, it was frozen again. I’d flipped on the TV earlier and there were warnings about icy spots in the mountains and schools all around are closed. I think they have been closed about as much as they have been open this year. Yesterday, I was short a registrar but today is as fully staffed as it can be with the shortened hours so I called in. I had plenty to do here at home.

I spent a lot of the day working on the kitchen. Didn’t get it all done but put a good dent in it.

A “big” thing was plucking up my courage to put the itchy sheets on the bed. I’d left one mostly folded and lay down on it bare skinned and it didn’t seem too bad. I hope they are over their irritating ways. Time will tell.

The sheets are still itchy. I put on my flannel pjs and slept that way for a few hours, then got up and put on a looser pair of pajama pants. The others are fine for wearing around the house but not for sleeping.

One thing I did yesterday was make kale “chips”. I figured I’d post the recipe if it turned out well but I guess I don’t miss chips anyway. They are crumbly and not especially delicious. At this point, I’ll pass. It’s been going on five years since I’ve had real chips. They aren’t a necessity and the kale “chips” are a poor substitute. If there are people who like them, fine, but I don’t. Twinkle likes kale, though. I was hoping I’d like the result of my labor because kale was one of my favorite greens to eat cooked. No biggie. I’ll live.

I would have loved to take another snow day but I didn’t. I had a hard time with the storm door but the hairdryer did the trick. The car didn’t have any frost or snow to speak of but I let it warm up for a few minutes, anyway.

I’d called to let the girls know I’d be late but I’d be in. Things were rather slow today. One of the registrars went home early. Later on this afternoon, there was a major network outage. My friend in the nursing home and I are involved in a game of Wordscraper and she managed to get in some heavy blows in spite of it.

No Impact Man” is my latest thing to watch whenever I take a few minutes. Like now, I watched about 15 minutes but I’m getting sleepy so I’ll save the rest for another time. There’s a half hour left. It’s very interesting.

I slept in my sweats last night. I’m determined to make the sheets work one way or another.

I was the bank/post office person today and will be tomorrow.

The temperature actually got above freezing in town today. We were all amazed.

For months, we had to turn people away who wanted mammograms. Finally, the machine was replaced with a state of the art digital one. Problem solved. NOW, the lab equipment is being upgraded and we’re having to turn people away who need lab work done. When I was walking out the door this afternoon, a couple came to the window and said the man was supposed to have a faxed order for blood work. I had to break the news to them that, while the order was there, the blood work couldn’t be done until next week. The woman was irate and said they’d driven 40 miles to get it done. I apologized as best I could but there was nothing I could do. They took the order and left.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I would have liked to get out and walk but the budget is due Tuesday and I didn’t get it until today. When I went to the bank this morning, it was 47 degrees. This afternoon, it was 54. Spring thaw?

I got more parsley while I was out. It makes a nice addition to my morning smoothie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Come to find out, the lab could do the simpler tests but I hadn’t been told. I don’t know what the man needed yesterday because I only looked at the name on the order. I would have stayed and registered him if necessary. I can’t go back and do it over.

The roofing has been delivered! My neighbor met me when I got out of the car and told me. I went around to the side yard and there it was!! She said she’d gotten on the roof and cleared it of snow but it was still wet so nothing can be done yet. She knows about Sabbath which makes it nice because I don’t have to explain about not working over here tomorrow.


Here’s the material for what will be the deck. The guttering has been stored under the house all these years. My neighbor says she can make it work, no problem.

Deck material and gutters

Last night, I had a Facebook message from one of the young mothers at church. There’s to be a fundraiser for the school tomorrow night and she wanted me to fix a salad. At first I told her no because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to do that and have my evening meal but after I checked, I told her I’d do it. I’ve washed the romaine, chopped it up, spun it in my salad spinner and put in all the ingredients except for the tomatoes. I let her know where it would be and I’ll hand her the tomatoes at church.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!!

Saturday night
A gorgeous day! Beautiful! Wonderful! I can’t trust the temperature on the indoor/outdoor thermometer because it’s in the sun much of the afternoon but, at 5:15, it was 54 according to the one on the storm door.

My neighbor asked me yesterday what my decision was about whether or not to keep my Dish. I told her merm had advised me about what to order to hook my ‘puter up to my TV and when it got here, I would know. It’s on its way. I have no idea when it will arrive because it’s coming UPS Basic, whatever that is. The last thing recorded is that it left Baldwin Park, CA, on the 17th. I asked her how long I have to decide and she figures they’ll be able to put the roof on one day this coming week. Woohoo!

Church was a video. It was good but I like live preaching better. Our resident trumpeter played a solo for special music. He’d given me the song between Sabbath School and church. That’s the first time that’s happened for a long time. I thought I did okay, though.

I was surprised to see my Tomato Woman wasn’t there this morning. I gave the bag to her in-laws to deliver to her.

My friend, Rose, came up to talk to me after the service and asked for recipes for sauces. I told her to look through the recipes on here. She said so many of the commercial ones have ingredients she can’t pronounce and I said, “So, if you can’t say it, you don’t eat it.” She laughed and answered yes. I really do need to get the rest of the giveaway recipes on that page, too. Where’s that round tuit?

She wanted to know if I eat garbanzos. I said I’d tried sprouting some once and they were nasty (I’m sure I did it wrong) so, no, I don’t eat garbanzos. She meant cooked garbanzos. I don’t cook. From a can? I. don’t. eat. cooked. food. It occurred to me that she didn’t realize I don’t eat any cooked food (unless it’s when I let the blender run just a little too long). There were a couple of recipes I steered her toward and then she left.

I came on home and ate my way through much of the rest of the afternoon.

Latest on Wordscraper on Facebook. There are two letters I can play that will make three words but it tells me one of the words is invalid. I know it isn’t because it is in the dictionary that’s linked to from that very page. The other two words are common, everyday words. Aggravating! Makes me want to reach through the screen and grab the creator of the game by the neck and shake him/her.

Well, that’s my rant for the week. And here’s where I’ll let you rest.

PS: I forgot to say I cast off the sweats in the night and tried sleeping on the sheets. I’d had the waterbed heater plugged up because I’ve been concerned about falling trees taking the power out again and I wanted a warm bed. Anyhoo (my sister hates that), I unplugged and the sheets weren’t itchy. Not smooth but not itchy. So…I wonder if the heater has something to do with it and, if it does, whatonearth is in that material that makes it react? I’ll find out if that’s the thing tonight. I’ll leave a report in next week’s post. Good night!

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  1. Lila February 20, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

    Tommie, have you tried raw kale salad? I understand it is tasty, though I haven’t tried it. Maybe you can still enjoy kale, after all.

    • Tommie February 20, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

      Yes, and massaged kale and kale about any way it can be fixed and I still don’t like it. 😛

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