The Raw Vegan: Part CX, Graduation Weekend

The weekend events began with Baccalaureate. My feet had recovered somewhat so I was there along with my sister. It was much more serious in tone than the program the night before had been. I’d made it a point not to adjust to the time change so by the time it was over, I was ready to go back to the dorm and to bed.

Once again, the heat was stifling and I slept in as little as possible. I didn’t want to scare my sister so I kept on enough to cover my bod and be decent enough to run outside should there be a fire. It felt like someone had built one under my bed.

Next morning, we dragged ourselves around and got ready for Sabbath School and church. We had to stagger our showers with the people in the room on the other side of the bathroom but, by and by, we were ready to go. We’d eaten breakfast in the room—er, suite.

DD met us downstairs and we went to the church together. She was one of the choristers for Sabbath School and I was proud of her standing up there, so poised. There were lots of songs I didn’t know. I’m used to singing out of the hymnal but these were scripture songs and the words were projected on a screen.

The Sabbath School lesson was taught by one of DD’s favorite professors but it was so learn-ed that it was over my head. Fortunately, it was one big class since I would have been petrified to respond if I’d been called on.

I don’t remember much about the church service. The seniors all marched in and sat together so my sister and I sat with DH’s sister, his brother and sister-in-law who had come out to share in the festivities.

After church, we went to the reception for a couple DD knew who’d married. She assured us that we would all be welcome. They were her friends and there would be plenty of food. It was all vegan which was fine with me. I was trending that way for the severalth time in my life. Sure enough, the tables were laden and there was no problem loading up my plate. There was a casserole with slices of “cheese” on top. My sister accusingly said, “I thought all the food was vegan!” I told her it was. She pointed to the helping of casserole she had and said, “THAT’S cheese!” I was quite proud to be so knowledgeable and told her it was vegan cheese—probably soy based. Personally, I preferred rice cheese since I was avoiding soy.

That night, we went to the current boyfriend’s home to help get ready for the next day. His family was having a reception for him, his best friend from grammar school on and DD. I thought that was very nice of them to include her.

Oh, dear! I was looking for pictures to post here and ran across one that was taken at the Petrified Forest. I thought I’d deleted it but I guess I hadn’t. I didn’t delete much of anything back then. I don’t know what I was saying but it wasn’t purty.

In All Her Glory

It fell to me to help with the blowing up of balloons. I don’t know how many thousand there were but it was a lot.


I didn’t offer to help in the kitchen. The food that was being prepared was kind of out of my league. I was more the steamed broccoli, cashew sauce, fried corn and sliced tomatoes type of cook. As for THAT cook, she was (as my mother would say) puttin’ on the big pot and the little ‘un.

How the balloons were going to be used, I didn’t quite catch onto it. There were people who were tying them together in some fashion but it was beyond me what the finished product was going to look like.

It was getting to be very late so my sister and I departed for the Sauna. The next day was going to be very busy and we needed some rest.

I was getting up at 8 EDT which was 5 there and, at that, I felt like I was sleeping in. DD came up to the room with her gown and an iron. I’d told her I would iron it for her. It took some doing but, between my sister and me, we finally got most of the worst wrinkles out.

There were shuttles taking the guests to the area for the graduation. From what I’d heard about previous years, the weather was unseasonably hot and, true to tradition, the ceremony was being held outside. Oh, woe! My sister hated to wear anything that exposed her arms so she had on a three piece outfit and one of the pieces was a long-sleeved jacket.

We’d taken the car to the place where we were to catch the shuttle. Mercifully, I had on a comfortable pair of heels because we had quite a distance to walk even then. We climbed aboard the shuttle and settled down for the ride to the clearing.

The chairs were metal folding chairs. We found two seats together—we had no idea where DH’s family was—and sat down to wait. The proceedings were anything but dignified. There were cheers, air horns, and one of the graduates was wearing an Indian headdress. I tried to get a picture of it but it turned out to be a blur.

After the festivities, the cameras came out in earnest. I got one of DD and her other family.

DD and Her Adopted Family

Then there was one of the whole family sans DD:


I was fascinated by the boyfriend’s candy lei:

The Candy Lei

Then it was picture taking time with our little family. This is my sister and DD.

My Sister and DD

It was her turn with the camera. I was so large, she almost missed me.

Almost Missed

Then she tried again and did better. Or maybe just being half there was preferable?


It was time for The Graduate to be photographed alone.


Getting back to the car proved to be a project. We waited and waited for a shuttle and then found out we were in the wrong place. It was an even longer walk than before to get to where we could take a short ride to the car. I’d driven to the Adopted Family’s home the night before so I was able to navigate right to it in plenty of time for the reception.

The layout was lavish by my standards. I would have probably set out some fruit and veggie trays and maybe some punch but this was a feast. To keep it away from the critters, there was a tent set up in the yard.

Food Tent

Then I saw how the balloons were used. All I can figure is, they must’ve done it before.

Balloon Arch

The food was wonderful. The mother of the best friend had contributed, too. I ate until I embarrassed myself. MY mother would have said I had a “comin’ appetite”. DH’s family had found the house and they enjoyed the meal, too. It was quite a spread.

When all the visiting was done and the tent of food laid waste, my sister and I went back to the dorm. Our “suite” was as hot as ever and I was dreading another night in it. So was my sister. So much so, she completely rebelled and said she would NOT stay there another night. She went downstairs and called the hotel and they were glad to reserve a room for us. Since it was her idea, she insisted on paying. Everything I had done so far was on plastic, therefore I didn’t argue. It was going to cut the visit with DD short but the hotel was much more comfortable.

We packed our things, bumped the suitcases down the stairs, loaded the car and I kissed DD goodbye.

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  1. Mary Jane February 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    What a clever use of the balloons! Sounds like quite a reception–glad you, a sister, and DH’s relatives were able to be there. Too bad we couldn’t all have been.

    • Tommie February 19, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

      You could have come, too! The dorm had plenty of empty rooms since classes were over.

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