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Life Without the Dish

I’m putting this in the category “Being Green” but this is more like “Saving Green”. As everyone who reads my blog knows by now, I have ditched the Dish. If you haven’t read that, I’ll quote from last night’s post. If you have read the weekly update, you can skip the parts that are quoted. […]

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My Week: Progress!

Sunday As I planned, last night I crawled between the itchy sheets without unplugging the heater and, sure enough, I felt the little prickles on my skin. I pulled the plug and voilà! no more prickles. This morning, I got one of the packages a sheet had come in and Googled the company. I have […]

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My Week: Snow?!

Sunday Today started out with snow falling but it proved not cold enough for it to do anything but get slushy. It was pretty falling but it was “double ugly” on the ground. I got ready and went to town about 10:45 and got home a couple of hours later. I took a side trip […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CX, Graduation Weekend

The weekend events began with Baccalaureate. My feet had recovered somewhat so I was there along with my sister. It was much more serious in tone than the program the night before had been. I’d made it a point not to adjust to the time change so by the time it was over, I was […]

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My Week: Celebration & Sadness

Sunday I was almost the first one up. DS1 goes out before dawn and walks several miles with a friend so he was up before I was. I’d occupied the couch so there was nothing to do but get up after I was wide awake. After I took my thyroid med, I read two chapters […]

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My Week: Pre-Birthday

Sunday Wow! It has been a long time since I realized it’s so nice to pry my eyelids open long enough to see the clock across the room. There was evidence this morning that the power had gone off sometime in the night but I don’t know when or for how long. The important thing […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CVIII, Roomies

The door swung open and there was our part of the “suite”. The whole thing was two rooms with an adjoining bath. There were two people already occupying the other room so we were roommates. Well, if you wanted to get technical, we were suite-mates. It might have been more attractive before the former occupants […]

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