My Bladder and Me: More Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I was reading some of the posts on the Urinary Incontinence Support Group where I learned about Prelief, made by the same company that makes Beano.

It’s an over the counter aid for heartburn that has the pleasant side effect of helping with urge incontinence caused by acid foods. Take a couple with OJ or tomato “soup” and it tones down the acid so it doesn’t irritate the bladder. I ordered some and have been taking it for several weeks and it does seem to help with the urgency I’d have after eating/drinking citrus or tomatoes.

Now to a different topic. I was wavering about whether or not to drop my Medicare Part B since my next urologist appointment isn’t until March. Depending on how the visit goes, I might be moving toward an interstim implant. Just as the Social Security rep said they would, the forms had come to either drop the coverage or continue it.

I’d Googled to try to find the cost of the implant and the only thing I could come up with was someone slamming it and saying the device itself is priced at $25,000 and has to be replaced whenever the battery dies. I don’t know if that’s true or not about the price. I do know it has to be replaced every 4-5 years.

Initially, I had filled out the “continue” form, signed it, put it in the envelope and sealed it. I put it in the mailbox in the break room so it would go to the post office in the afternoon mail. I went back to my desk and I didn’t have a good feeling at all. Being a praying woman, I prayed about it and it dawned on me that, even if the scope and dilation don’t do any good, I really don’t want to walk around with an electronic device embedded in my hip.

I went back to the break room, got the envelope out of the box, filled out the other form and mailed it instead. So, my decision has been made. Successful or not, I won’t have the implant.

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