2009 Annual Raw Food Lab Work

It has gotten to be a December tradition. I get my arm stuck and several vials of blood are drawn for my annual lab work. My doc is very supportive of my eating raw food but he is the one who started the tradition. He wanted to see what my labs would show and every year, we add something else to the mix. This year, it was vitamin D and a urinalysis. Actually, I asked for both. I was curious about the D level because I haven’t been getting enough sun. The urinalysis? I wanted to make sure I was infection-free and satisfy in my own mind that it wasn’t the cause of my frequency.

I presented myself to the lab after getting duly registered and the tech had to close the door so I could partially disrobe. I had forgotten to wear something that would make it easy to bare my arm. I had on a long john top under my long-sleeved shirt and had to have assistance getting my arm into the open. The stick was a painless one but my veins tend to roll and roll it did. The tech was an expert, though, and she soon had a good flow going.

A few days later, I asked for the results. I gave them a brief glance:

Lab Tests

More Lab Tests

Lab Tests 3


The last one, being handwritten, may be hard to read without opening it up full size. It says that the color was yellow, it was clear and everything was as it should be. No infection. Can’t blame running to the bathroom on that.

Everything was pretty much as it was last year. If you want to compare, you can look it up. It was posted in early January, 2009, I think.

Last Monday, there was a voice mail on my phone at work. The doctor wanted to see me. I called the office and was told that the first two patients had canceled because of the bitter cold and I could come on over. Not even stopping to grab my checkbook or insurance cards, I set out. I was seen quickly.

All he wanted to tell me is that he wanted one component retested in three months (I don’t remember which one) (it’s in my chart) and he wants me to take vitamin D. I told him I would get the test when the time comes and I’m already taking D3 every day if I can remember it.

I was sent on my way. I told the nurse I’d failed to bring payment with me but she said it was a followup and there was no charge. My kind of office visit! Now…we’ll see what three months has to show.

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  1. Sophie January 13, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    I love this kind of thing! Blood work doesn’t lie. That’s sort of how I began my journey of eating a diet of roughly 80% raw foods– with a blood test. It’s always good to go back and check, in fact I should do that again soon haha. I do raw cleanses for people and it would be interesting to take a blood test before and after to see how purified their blood becomes! Thanks for sharing!

    All the best!

    • Tommie January 14, 2010 at 6:29 am #

      I do it every December. It’s part of my routine now. A before and after WOULD be interesting, Sophie!

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