At DS1’s House

I promised to post the pictures I took at DS1’s and here they are. I haven’t been happy with the way the pictures I took with the camera they gave me would turn out. DS1 took a look at the setting it was on and changed it and I’ll have to say it’s much better. He took a picture of me to prove it.

Yours Truly

I’m wearing a sweatshirt my granddaughter gave me years ago.

Then he turned and took a picture of the Christmas tree almost bereft of gifts.

The Christmas Tree

Handing the camera back to me, he told me to try it and see what I thought. I took a picture of him.


Next morning, I decided I’d try my hand at some more picture-taking. My DIL has quite a knack for decorating. This grouping is on the kitchen wall and it includes the famous rolling pin DS1 had crafted for her at Dollywood when they’d just started dating.


This wall hanging is in the dining room.

Wall Hanging

The male cat of the house loves clothes so he’d taken up residence on what I’d put out to wash.


This is Sophie in front of the Mattress from Hell. She’s sitting beside the bag I put my bedding in for travel.


My almost grown Granddaughter is playing a game on her parents’ computer.

My Granddaughter

Benji was intently watching something—probably the cats.


Sophie and Khatoul are safely out of reach of Benji. It baffles me why the bigger cat gets in the smaller bed and vice versa.

The Cats

That was about it for my photo taking. I tried to take one of my DIL but she begged me not to so I didn’t. I’m much happier with my camera now.

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  1. Mary Jane January 10, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    Nice pictures!

    • Tommie January 10, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

      Thanks! Glad I really do have a good camera.

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