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My Week: Powerless

Sunday It started out rainy and got rainier and rainier. It was a terrible day to have to go grocery shopping and I just almost decided to blow it off until tomorrow when I opened the fridge door. No spinach. Very little romaine. Not much parsley at all. Unacceptable. Besides, I’d called the produce place […]

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Emergency Stores

No, there aren’t any stores in this area that are geared solely toward emergencies. This is a post about inclement weather predicted and what I’m doing to take care of myself. Starting tomorrow afternoon, snow with accumulation is supposed to come into the area. According to WeatherBug, there will be 1-3″ of snow and sleet […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CVII, Changing Places

Next morning, my sister and I got up and packed our bags. We were going to stay the next few nights in the dorm. The underclassmen had already left the campus. It had been a long time since we’d been in that kind of situation but the fact that the rooms weren’t rooms but suites […]

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My Week: Lotsa Rain

Sunday Was up a bit too late last night but I still got 9.5 hours sleep. I feel lots better when that happens. Maybe the older I get, the more sleep I need. I dunno. I’ve always felt better with more sleep even when I was a youngster—or, as my sister would write, “yunkster”. The […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CVI, Mystery Solved

Long ago, my mother had taught me to imagine what people were doing to keep from being bored. It could result in all sorts of flights of fancy. Was the man a drug smuggler? Was the bag full of marijuana or cocaine? Maybe it had classified documents and it was a “drop” for another spy […]

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My Week: Warming Up

Sunday This morning, it was 12. Not warm at all but not as cold as it was yesterday when it was 8. Twinkle was mewling at the door but I covered up my head and went back to sleep. I was up much later than I should’ve been for no good reason. DS2 called and […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CV, Traveling

DS2 explained what the doctors had found. His voice was shaking to the point that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. It might have been more merciful if I hadn’t. “A what?” I asked. “An omphalocele,” he said. “The baby’s liver and intestines are in a sac on the outside of its body. The […]

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