My Week: Christmas Partying

I was up too late last night. It was no big surprise that I ended up sleeping in this morning. It was 7:30 when I got up. This is the only morning in the week when I can do that with a clear conscience.

My main project was replacing the inside phone line. The old one had been here since I moved in (1999) and had been crimped over and over. As much trouble as it was, it wasn’t as involved as I thought it was going to be and the change has boosted my speed four times over. Gratifying! Now, if it drops again, I’ll know it isn’t the inside wiring. I need to take the corner off both the screen and window so this one won’t crimp, too.

DD called later than she did last week. I didn’t realize how late it really was until I went over to the sink for something and glanced at the clock. I don’t know if it was the Magic Jack’s fault or their phone but it dropped twice. We didn’t talk for quite an hour but we got our catching up done.

I didn’t hang laundry out. I’m not as hardy as Mother was. She would “freeze dry” clothes but I’m a wimp. It doesn’t bother me to have them in the house.

The arugula isn’t done in, after all. I picked a leaf and ate it. The hard freezes have made it tough. Guess I should do it in myself.

The cranberry orange salad for the Christmas party is in the fridge. It was a little watery so I put chia seeds in it to thicken it up.

My post for tonight is non-existent. Well, not quite, but it’s still a work in progress. I don’t know when I’ll get it done. Maybe never.

I’m going to bed. It isn’t good to stay up and I do want to behave.

It was warm today but overcast. It was supposed to rain all day but it cleared off and was beautiful. I walked both morning and afternoon.

My prescription needed a new one so I got that and orders for labs. I want to have a UA to make sure I don’t have a UTI before I go to the urologist next month. The blood work is for everything I get done annually plus I had them add vitamin D this time. I’ll take care of it Wednesday.

It started out warm today so I didn’t wear my coat. I should have. I walked in the morning and about froze so I forgot about it this afternoon.

Today was my Great Northwest sister’s birthday. I sent her a card. I didn’t try to call her because she is still having such a hard time it’s difficult to be up for very long. I do wish she could get something done that would help her.

Tomorrow is the office Christmas party. I made the mixture for the coconut-date-nut-OJ-orange zest-cinnamon balls and it’s in the fridge waiting to be formed in the morning. I mixed the pecans into the cranberry salad and put in a little more chia seeds.

I didn’t have time to write the next part of the Story of My Life. Maybe Thursday.

It was up and at ’em bright and early. I got the date nut balls rolled in finely chopped pecans and coconut (unsweetened organic dessicated). They’re too sweet but I can’t do anything about it now.

I pulled the car down to the house. It’s been long enough since it rained so the ground is dried out. It surely made loading easier.

There was such confusion getting everything from the car into the office that I completely forgot about my labs. I was drinking my fruit smoothie when it hit me that I needed to be fasting. I’ll get it done next week. No big rush.

It was cold but I had my coat today. There wasn’t enough time to walk but before lunch, though.

My cranberry salad and date nut balls were largely ignored since they weren’t cooked and/or dead body parts. I’ll have to admit the balls were too sweet. One of the girls was going to heat something up in the microwave. I told her she was going to smell the office up. She figured it would make me hungry. Nope. Dead pig never whetted my appetite. I guess you have to be brought up with it to appreciate it.

One of the girls did bring a veggie tray so I wasn’t completely left out. I appreciated that. She gave me all the veggies that were left so I won’t have a lot to do to fix the veggie tray for the after-school Christmas program refreshments. That will save me some time.

Our Christmas gift war was a lively one. I ended up with a 30 piece storage set. The one who got mine likes to read and it’s a good thing. I gave Mama Makes Up Her Mind by Bailey White.

The produce man was in town. I got some cucumbers and oranges. He said he’d be back Friday, depending on the weather, and that will be the last day until it warms up. I asked him how he was doing and he said not too good. I also got nosy and inquired if he had quit smoking and he said, “Yes. Had to.” I hope it isn’t too late.

Since today was my shopping day, I left early and still didn’t manage to get home before dark. I pulled down into the yard again (I believe in living dangerously) and was able to get the unloading done in record time.

It surely is nice having the car so close. I think the first order of business will be to get a load of gravel and make it so I don’t get stuck even if it rains. That should be sometime in February.

I peeled three cucumbers and added some grape tomatoes to the ones I was given yesterday. It made a nice veggie tray along with the baby carrots, broccoli and celery sticks. I couldn’t find any vegan dip so I got some guacamole to go with them. I dropped them by the school on the way to work.

The walking was three trips around the building this morning. Period. When I got back in, the Curves shoes I’d ordered were delivered. The Avon lady told me to try them out and, if I didn’t like them, she’ll take them back. I didn’t pay for them yet. So…I tried them out and they are too big. I took my Powerstep insoles out of my running shoes and put them in the Curves. That made them better but still not completely satisfactory. They’re going back. I’ll stick with my Nikes.

Today was the hospital staff party and it was pretty much a dud. I’d mixed a lot more coconut with the balls and made them less sweet. They did go over well and only a half dozen were left. That was gratifying. There was still a lot of cranberry salad so I took it by the school and told one of the teachers to do whatever with it if it was left.

The gift exchange (that we were supposed to fight over) never took place. One of the people left and appointed someone else to take her place but all six of us could never get together. We ended up just picking a gift and that was that. I got a battery powered foot roller.

DD and merm had gone out for about three hours today and when they came home, the front door was standing open. They don’t have any idea why. Nothing was gone. Pixel had been closed up in the office all that time so it couldn’t have been his fault. He’s a smart cat but I don’t think he’s mastered the art of opening doors yet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in prison.

I pulled up to the house (again) but re-parked after unloading. It’s supposed to rain tonight.

Well, it wasn’t on schedule, but I got my post done.

It’s a good thing I listened to the weather guessers. It would have been iffy getting out today. It had rained quite a bit last night. There were times after I got to work that it really poured. I didn’t try any walking. It never let up long enough and my little El Cheapo poncho wouldn’t have been sufficient to keep me dry.

The Christmas party was today for the department heads but I didn’t go. It’s always during lunch and the office is short staffed every Friday. It’s a long way out on a mountain I seldom travel and I usually end up driving. I was just as happy to stay in the valley.

DS1 called from the used book/CD/DVD store and wanted to know what the name of the movie was that we saw back in his childhood. He gave me enough info that I knew it was the Wilderness Family. He couldn’t find it. It’s been discontinued from what I could find on the WWW.

I had emails from my two NC sisters tonight that it has been snowing all day where they are. One had lost power for a couple of hours but it came back on and now it’s off again. Last I heard, she’d called the other sister and said she was going on to bed to stay warm. I hope it comes on soon. That’s bad to be without electricity. We do get attached!

As for going to bed, I’m going to do likewise. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
This was one morning I could have stayed in bed a little longer but I woke at 4:15. I didn’t get up for an hour and a half but hauled out after the alarm went off. Twinkle was meowing at the door, too. So much for getting my beauty sleep.

I layered again and was quite comfortable in church. The bulletin had TBA for the hymns but I managed to find out what they were before the service started. During the in-between time, there was a slideshow of the school activities including a picture of me playing the organ. I looked UGLY! I figure if I really look that bad when I play, I should retire and not subject the congregation to such a view. (See, I DO need my beauty sleep.)

One of the women has been started on coumadin and she said it has made her cold-natured. It was the first time I ever saw her wearing a sweater and she hovered in front of the heat for several minutes. Maybe there’s hope for keeping the church warmer!

There was a surprise when the officers were voted in for 2010. I was listed as organist but I’d never been contacted. Guess it’s to the point where I can be taken for granted. A couple of other churches have tried to get me to move but I haven’t—yet.

It’s been cloudy and misty all day. Snow was predicted for the higher elevations but I only saw a couple of flakes. UPDATE! I just looked out and it’s snowing in earnest at the moment. WeatherBug says it won’t do much and I figure it’s probably right. The temperature is 32 and the ground isn’t frozen. I’m not concerned. Of course, when there was a 40% chance of snow in Nebraska, we ended up with 37″ and Mother was snowed in with us. Mem’ries!

The date nut balls were calling me so I ate one before I had my salad this evening. I wasn’t sure how it would set because I haven’t eaten anything like that in, literally, years. I’d cut it in half and ended up eating the whole thing. They are still crumbly so I think I’ll rework them and add more water or OJ and make them again. This should set a record.

I’ve been needing some new Nikes so, on a hunch, I went to the Nike site and there was a pair I liked on sale! So…it should be on its way next week. For registering, I get free shipping on the next order (and who knows when that will be) and free shipping if I decide to return these.

I’m glad I have a separate folder set up for forwards. I get so many, it’s like being spammed. I feel like I need something to swat them away.

Well, that’s about it for this week. I’ll try to get that other post together for sometime soon.

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