My Week: Three Days of Work

Seems when I go grocery shopping, little else gets done. I did do my post for tonight so I guess that’s an accomplishment. It rained some today but not a whole lot.

I stopped at the produce place and got a box of oranges. I had asked for some navel 100’s but they aren’t available. It takes so long to juice oranges that have a lot of seeds. I have to budget extra time just for that. One of the girls got an orange of the same variety out of the bin and cut it. It didn’t appear to have as many seeds as the ones I just got through using. We’ll see.

When I was checking out at Wally World, the cashier was the woman who had asked me to pray for her. She told me her lab work had come back cancer free which was a relief for her, I know.

I went to the beauty shop and asked when “my” hairdresser will be there. She’ll be working Wednesday until 5 so I’ll see if I can leave work early that day. I’m getting really shaggy. My hair used to take so long to grow and now I can get it cut short short and it seems it’s down on my neck in no time flat.

It’s supposed to be cloudy tomorrow so I didn’t bring in the box of oranges. I figure they will be fine in the trunk and I didn’t want to have to deal with them in all the drizzle. I got enough for the next few days and left the rest.

DD had called but it was too late to call her back so I promised her I’d call tomorrow.

I was hit with all sorts of problems when I got in the door. I’d learned on Facebook yesterday that my old laptop is acting up and needs attention so I put my things down and said I was going to the nursing home. I had an idea of what was ailing it and, sure enough, that was what it was. I have no idea why but sometimes it gets the urge it wants a border around the screen. I couldn’t remember enough about how to get rid of it to tell my friend what to do. I knew it had to do with the display properties but not the ones you get when you right click on the desktop. I got it fixed and went back to address what had to be taken care of.

The weather was cold and damp but not actively raining so I went out and walked morning and afternoon. On one of my rounds, I saw my doctor and told him I’m ready for a referral. That’s all I’ll say for now.

I stayed after work and called DD. We talked for half an hour before I had to hang up and go to the bathroom. She was surprised I have a problem. She hasn’t been around much the last few years but I thought it was more obvious than that. I came on home and it was so late I left off my tomato mango soup. I thought that might help me get more sleep, too.

HA! More sleep? Try maybe three to three and a half hours total! I don’t know why but I couldn’t get to sleep. I got up and took a melatonin and the last time I looked at the clock, it was 1:26 this morning. I had to get up every hour on the hour to go to the bathroom so that theory was out the window, as well. I woke at 5:29 and got up for the day. I knew if I went back to sleep, I’d never make it to work. I was tempted to call in but I didn’t.

Another damp and cloudy day. I buttoned up my shirt jacket I got at Goodwill and set out. By the time I got back, my hands were freezing. I got fussed at by my staff for not wearing gloves. I didn’t have any with me so how could I wear them? This afternoon, I pulled the sleeves down over my hands and was going to walk that way but it wasn’t good enough for the girls. One of them got some tape and taped the ends shut. I was covered except for my head. They take care of me. When I got back, my hands weren’t warm but they weren’t really cold, either. One of the girls ordered me to keep gloves and earmuffs in the office for such days.

ForgottenTomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warmer so I finally brought the rest of the oranges in. Every time I open the trunk, I see the music I’m supposed to be going through and I feel condemned. I’ve sorted one expandable file and it was like going through Mother’s music. There was “Forgotten” and “Always”. The latter was Mother’s and Daddy’s song. There were other books and sheet music that were very familiar. It was kind of strange, like being in a time warp. I haven’t been able to bring myself to go through more. I need to do it, I know. I promised I’d share with the musicians in the church and I haven’t done what I said I would.

I’d asked to leave early and was told I could so I only walked this morning. I figured I’d walk at Wally World this afternoon so all wouldn’t be lost. It was slow going in there, though. I’d brought back some draft busters I’d bought that proved to be too low for my doors. There was a long line up to the counter so I took the time to run to the bathroom and go sign up in the beauty shop. I was surprised to find “my” hairdresser wasn’t there. She had swapped with someone else because she and her family needed to leave early to go to her mother’s. Nothing is done by appointment. It’s all walk in. When I walked in and she wasn’t there, I walked out after checking her schedule for next week.

Back to Customer Service, the line was a little shorter than it was before. There was a woman standing to one side and she had her son in the seat of the cart. He looked to be about eight years old. It was a little odd for such a large child to be in the seat but I figured the woman had her reasons. They became apparent when a lady walked by him and he lashed out and scratched her arm. I realized he must be autistic. The woman looked embarrassed and left the area, taking the cart with him in it. Sad.

The person who processed my refund must’ve been tired because she preferred to give me cash back rather than put the credit on my card. Okay with me. I pay it off every month, anyway.

With a brief stop at BiLo, I came on home and got here about my usual time.

You can read about my day here if you are interested or you haven’t already. Or you can re-read it if you want.

That reminds me, my friend in the nursing home must not have enough entertainment on Facebook. She has started two different projects that involve my blog. She is going back to the very beginning so she can read the whole thing as well as starting at the beginning of my life story. Brave (foolhardy?) woman!

When she used to work on the other side of the cubicle wall from me, I would throw paper clips over the top and sometimes they would land on her head. She remembers that among other shenanigans in the office.

I was planning to get so much done today. I’d mentioned in yesterday’s chronicles that my Internet connection seemed to be too slow. I started in early this morning trying to get through to tech support only to go into all the punching in numbers and dealing with computerized people to discover that “due to technical difficulties” I couldn’t speak to a real person. I got online and chatted with a tech where the computerized woman had directed me. Here was our exchange:

System: Welcome.
SystemConnecting to server. Please wait…
SystemConnection with server established.
You: Technical Support Topic: DSL High Speed Internet
System: Scott has joined this session!
System: Connected with Scott
Scott: Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Services. How can I help you?
You: My DSL speed is very slow.
Scott: I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Scott: May I know your AT&T e-mail address?
You: *************
Scott: Thank you.
Scott: For BellSouth customer we have dedicated help desk. in order to resolve your issue you need to contact BellSouth desk at 888-321-2375.
Scott: Please contact them, they will surely assist you regarding this issue.
You: I have cleared my cache, reset the modem, upgraded the software, done everything but stand on my head. I have called that number multiple times and can’t be connected with support due to technical difficulties.
You: That’s why I contacted you.
You: It took 57 seconds to complete a 34 second video clip on youtube.
Scott: I am sorry but I am unable to assist you as I am not able pull your records.
You: So…if I can’t get in touch with support I’m up a creek.
Scott: We do not support AT&T BellSouth member as we have dedicated help desk for them.
Scott: Is there anything else that I may assist you with today?
You: I guess not. If that’s all you can do that’s all you can do.
Thank you for using AT&T Yahoo! Chat Support. You will now be disconnected from this session. The chat window will remain open until you close it. For quick answers, make the new AT&T Yahoo! Help site your first stop. Visit where you’ll find pages of product information to assist you. Again, thank you for choosing AT&T Yahoo! Chat Support.

Well, that helped me none at all. I looked for another number I could call after I’d tried several more times with no luck. I found one for AT&T U-Verse and figured maybe I could get through from there. Once again, I was told to call 888-321-2375. Once again, I told the tech I couldn’t get through. I was about ready to give up and not try any more.

I figured I’d try one more time and whaddya know?! I got through. I talked to a nice fellow name of Earl and he had me do many many speed tests. I told him I’d done them over and over but he wanted to see it for himself. I use Google Chrome but he wouldn’t be able to see what I was doing on that. Seems like a plus to me. I had to start Firefox which takes longer to start and here we went. With Magic Jack in the mix, it took even longer but with the speeds I’d gotten before, he said they were unacceptable. He wanted me to unplug the router and try it directly plugged into the modem so I strung the L O N G cable through the house and plugged it in and called back. I got a different tech but he accessed my ticket and off we went. I ran more speed tests and he saw there was still a problem and it wasn’t with the router. During both calls, I had been put on hold several times for the tech to confer with the Central Office. Someone there said there’s a lot of line noise which will slow it down. When my port was reset, it dropped the call. I had to call back AGAIN to schedule someone to come out next week. I settled on Tuesday with a 1-5 time window. That means I’ll have to leave work by 11:30 to be sure to be here at 1. Time difference, you know. I just totaled up my calls and I was actively on the phone with techs from right at an hour. My various attempts came to another 20 minutes or so, plus the frustration.

So…I’ll deal with a slow connection until Tuesday. At one point, I thought I’d have none at all because the only lights I had on the modem were the power and Ethernet. Eventually, it came back up and I thought maybe all was well but it wasn’t.

One of my Facebook friends posted this on her page. It’s a take on “Amazing Grace” I’d never heard. It took 16 minutes to watch it but it was worth it.

I’ve made persimmon pudding for the dinner tomorrow and will put together a salad in the morning. One of my friends from church has been having some heart problems so I told her not to try to bring anything and I’d take enough for her and her husband, as well as for me. Of course, I don’t eat the food that’s provided so I guess it could just be for the two of them. I’m going to hit the hay. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
A miracle! My speed is back! I got up this morning thinking I would watch Wintley Phipps because I had let the whole thing load so I did, and then I clicked on another version of “Amazing Grace” and it loaded very quickly. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I did a couple of speed tests and got something like 1306 down when yesterday, it went as low as 128. I praised the Lord. I’ve called and canceled the tech’s trip out on Tuesday.

I hurried around and got everything ready to go. I didn’t have time for the rebounder because I’d stayed in bed later than usual this morning. I did get the salad made.

It was cool in the church but I’d taken my “new” London Fog coat and covered up. I hadn’t zipped the lining in so I’ll do that before next Sabbath.

When I went up to the organ bench, here is what I found:

My Sister's Wedding Day

That’s yours truly standing in front of the arch where my sister had married her true love. I was a teenager and in the throes of The Time of the Month complete with excruciating cramps. My doctor brother-in-law had his bag with him and provided me with something stronger than whatever it was that teenage girls took then. Midol. I finally thought of it. That stuff made me sick at my stomach but whatever my BIL gave me got me through the ceremony and the after events. I was glad when it was over and I could curl up in a ball and be miserable. BTW, one of my longtime friends at church had brought me the picture.

The church service was good. The pastor was back! He’s been burning the candle at both ends finishing up his education. I’m afraid he’ll have to go to the seminary next and we’ll lose him and his family. I complimented him on the selection of hymns. I could play both manuals because there was only once “D” natural came in. He asked me to contact the company to find out how much it will cost to get it fixed so I have put it on my calendar.

My friend and I sat together and visited. I tried to make conversation with the little girl to my right but she wasn’t talking. I’d taken a couple bananas, an apple and had a bowl of persimmon pudding. It was enough to do me until I got home.

The rest of the afternoon has been quiet. My neighbor sent me pictures of her new great niece. She’s a beautiful baby and all the relatives are proud. It’s her sister’s first grandchild.

It’s past my bedtime so I’m going to call it a day and get some sleep. Good night!

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