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My Bladder and Me

When I went to see my doctor several weeks ago, I bit the bullet and told him about my bladder problem. He looked a little surprised when I asked him about the SPARC Sling. I guess I wasn’t supposed to know about it but I’d done my homework. His answer about the sling was that […]

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My Week: Three Days of Work

Sunday Seems when I go grocery shopping, little else gets done. I did do my post for tonight so I guess that’s an accomplishment. It rained some today but not a whole lot. I stopped at the produce place and got a box of oranges. I had asked for some navel 100’s but they aren’t […]

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Thanksgiving 2009 at Home

I was later than usual getting to bed last night but that was okay. I could sleep in this morning. That was not to be. I woke when the alarm went off (it’s a process to turn it off so it will stay off so I leave it be) and though I stayed in bed […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XCVIII, Life Really Is Short

Getting through Y2K without any problems at all was a little disappointing. We had been anticipating a semi-world meltdown but nothing happened which was good but anti-climatic. Driving to the airport was different. I didn’t want anything to happen. Fortunately, God granted my request for a safe trip there and back as well as an […]

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All Chia Seeds ARE NOT Created Equal

I started on my chia seeds quest several weeks ago. It was long enough to get it from two different places. The first was from Navitas Naturals Certified Organic Chia Seeds. That was a big mistake. Stay tuned to this station and I’ll tell you why. After I’d ordered it (and signed up for […]

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My Week: Banana War

Sunday Once again, I was planning to get up, get around, get to town and get back home before too much of the day had passed but once again, that didn’t happen. I did get laundry done and on the line. It was so warm once I got out there that I had to go […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XCVII, Y2K and Beyond

Tom left a comment on my last chapter asking me to accelerate the story. Just like a man! They don’t like to wait. Tough, Tom. I’m telling it as it comes to me and that’s one chapter (part) a week. You’ll just have to find other reading material for the rest of the seven days. […]

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And the Giveaway Winner Is:

Wow! Thirty-one recipes were submitted and 30 of them qualified! It took some time to go through and make sure I had them all listed with their authors but I did it! I even double-checked to make sure I hadn’t made a mistake. Then I went to to run the numbers. Before I say […]

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My Week: Living Through It

Sunday “The LORD straightens the backs of those who are bent over.” Ps 146:8, God’s Word. That was in my e-Sword Bible reading this morning and, guess what? A few hours later, something popped in my lower back and though the soreness is still there, the “catch” is gone. Hallelujah! I got done what I […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XCVI, “New” Digs

When I started Googling about hypothyroidism, I found my symptoms matched most of the ones listed online. I was incredibly tired all the time. I would stand at one end of the corridor in the hospital and will myself to walk to the other end. At night, I would be so exhausted, I’d fall into […]

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