My Week: Beginning with a Birthday

Today is my granddaughter’s 8th birthday so I called and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. I talked to my DIL and DS2, too. The birthday party will be at the skating rink. Guess she has outgrown the parties at the playground and it would be too cold for that today, anyway. The shelter acts as a wind tunnel for any breeze that might come through. Since it got down to freezing here last night, I’m sure they would rather be inside.

I went out and checked on the garden. The basil got bit though I was able to get a few sprigs that were more sheltered. The pepper plants survived and I picked a couple of peppers I’d missed yesterday. The arugula made it through, too, and I’d hoped the frost would have calmed the heat down but it didn’t. My kale never did get past the seedling stage. I’ll have to plant it earlier next year. It was supposed to get big enough to eat in 45 days but this has been a strange year.

It’s been a phone call day. First with the birthday girl and her family, then DD, next my sister in the Great Northwest. I decided I’d round it out with a call to DS1 but got his voice mail. Well, this is just a little later and he called me back. That does it for the phone today, I’m sure.

DD told me that merm is in the Great Northwest looking at cars and housing for when they move. I hope he finds what they need. It’s a load off my mind that they won’t be moving out there without jobs.

I broke down and lit the gas logs. I dread doing that every year. I always have to get the directions out but hey! I only do it once a year so I’m entitled to forget the process.

It frosted again last night. This time, the basil is gone for sure. It was nice while it lasted. I’d like to have an AeroGarden for herbs in the winter but I can’t justify the expense.

This was the first morning of the year that I had to scrape the frost off the car windows and windshield. BRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr! It’s too soon for that!

As I was driving to the hospital while I was still on top of the mountain, a movement off the right side of the highway caught my eye. When I looked, there was a beautiful buck with a full set of antlers. I didn’t count all the points but I could tell it wasn’t a young buck but not an older one, either. There was no other traffic but me so I slowed ‘way down and gave it the right of way. He was a beautiful sight and I thanked the Lord I was able to see him and not have any kind of mishap.

My desk was piled high and wide. I didn’t get through all the stacks yet. There’s always tomorrow.

I went by to see my raw friend and take her the Date People’s price list. She’s doing well. Her daughter was eating a good-looking salad along with some cooked food (she says she isn’t a “rawist”). When I asked if the greens came from the greenhouse, she said no, they came from Wally World.

It was nice to be able to turn on the logs when I got home. Twinkle appreciated it, too. She stretched out between the register and the fireplace. Guess she had the best of both.

It wasn’t as cold this morning. The car was okay today.

I’m getting low on tomatoes and apples, both. One of these days, I’ll have to go Stock Up.

I called DIL2 today to see if I could stay at their place next weekend. She said her parents were planning to be there but if the plans had changed, I would be welcome. Well, they had so she said they’d have room for me. Then something happened that I won’t be going anyway so it’s a moot point.

We had a staff meeting today and I think it went pretty well. I did stress that I would have to have help with the agenda next time because I don’t know what all the issues are that they want to discuss. There are plenty of issues, for sure, but discussing all of them at one meeting could take days. I’ve ordered some legal pads so they can jot things down as they think of them.

When I got home and walked across the yard, I noticed that the light fixture that hung by the front door was on the step. I wondered how it came down until I looked up where it used to be and there was the motion-detector lights my neighbor had given me for Christmas once upon a time. She came over when it started getting dark and we got it set the way I think I’ll want it. Between these and their lights, I’ll be able to see all the way from my car to the front door. Woohoo!! I gave her the old fixture. She said she’d put it in the garage.

I’d gotten my shipment of agave nectar that I have on subscription plus I got a lub of chia seed. Those are strange little things. I had some in my tomato/mango soup and it was very filling.

I hate to use the “Q” word but things were pretty quiet at the hospital today. Not a lot going on with patients. That wasn’t true of problems, though. I got most of them resolved.

Along about 2:30, I was called to go over and train some more as backup. It took me by surprise because nothing had been said earlier. I said I didn’t have time to worry about it, anyway. It took me over half an hour to do a very few minutes’ work but I got through it okay. I’m “new”.

Speaking of “new”, I got a new-to-me Hawaiian shirt that I’ll wear tomorrow.

One of the ladies from church brought me a lot of music she’d been given by the family of one of our members who had passed away. I’ll try to go through it gradually and see what can be used.

I keep missing the right days to take my trash to the dumpsters so my neighbor is going to haul it off for me. I put three bags in the designated place this evening.

I noticed there’s a new version of WordPress but I won’t upgrade until later.

Another day at the office. I was elected to take the mail this afternoon so I with one small delay, I was able to get away a few minutes early. That was a good thing since I needed to go grocery shopping. I got a box of tomatoes plus the usual stuff I buy. Wally World had bananas for 39¢ a lub. That was amazing. I’d put persimmons on my list without believing I’d actually find any but when I asked the young man in produce about them, he took me to the few they had. I got half of them and then three more for one of my friends at church. I can’t shop like this after work on Friday again until the days get longer. It was just after sundown when I pulled into the driveway.

There was a text message from merm in my email that he’d found a place. Praise the Lord!

I have everything put away and I’ve eaten my supper. This is going to be it for tonight. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
When I was shopping yesterday, I realized I’d left my reading glasses at work. I can get by without them if I have to but it’s a lot easier to play the organ when I don’t have to concentrate so hard on the notes. I left in time to go by the office and get them.

Church was a video today. It was an older one but it was interesting. I thought it was going to be about the actual creation of the world but it was more on the wonders of God’s creation. I thought I was wearing enough clothes today since it wasn’t as cool outside as it was last week but no! The men in their suits opened the front door to let the 50° air come in.

The leaves have finally begun to turn and I see the beauty of God’s creation every time I go on the mountain road. Mother loved the song “Autumn Leaves” so I’ve named this one in honor of her. Not a whole lot of color is showing yet, but just wait! It won’t be long until the mountain will be a riot of color. I think.

Autumn Leaves

Mother worried about me driving on “that old curvy road”. This is about halfway up the mountain.

"That old curvy road"

And this is almost to the top.

Yet another curve

I had a quiet afternoon. I spent some time on Facebook. I put this video on there. It was made by a group of people from the Hollywood SDA Church.

DD left a comment that she had gone to college with the fellow in the video. It’s a small world…

I’d better get to bed. I’ve stayed up a lot longer than I planned to but I got WordPress upgraded. Good night!

4 Responses to My Week: Beginning with a Birthday

  1. Cassandra October 25, 2009 at 9:47 pm #

    What did you think about that video? I watched it on Sabbath but I can’t decide what to think about it. It does enforce the idea that you can’t be perfect without God but doesn’t offer any help beyond that.

    • Tommie October 25, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

      It’s puzzling to me, too.

  2. Lila October 26, 2009 at 8:22 am #

    Tommie, please explain the point of the video; I’m afraid I didn’t get it. Sorry!

    • Tommie October 26, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

      I had to watch it more than once to catch onto the theme. It shows the futility of trying to be perfect in our own strength. The fellow spent a full month trying to have one perfect day and always messed up.

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