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Ch-Ch-Ch Chia!

What do you picture in your mind (or maybe on your coffee table) when you hear that? A leafy green pet? A bust of George Washington with green hair? Or are you up on the best source of Omega 3 fatty acids and a food that’s high in antioxidants and calcium? Stay tuned and I’ll […]

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The Next Awesome Rawsome Giveaway Winner!

This a special day because the giveaway is not only a two-fer, it was contributed by Shari, one of my faithful forum members. The un-cook books are both brand new, never used and never read. There are no splatters, no dog-eared pages. Mint condition. She had bought multiple copies of the books and thought a […]

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My Week: Beginning with a Birthday

Today is my granddaughter’s 8th birthday so I called and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. I talked to my DIL and DS2, too. The birthday party will be at the skating rink. Guess she has outgrown the parties at the playground and it would be too cold for that today, anyway. The shelter acts as […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XCIII, Red Tape

I always went to North Carolina in mid-August to celebrate Mother’s birthday and this year was no different. She was turning a spry 95 and always put on the “big pot and the little ‘un” when she had company. I could count on some homemade vegetable soup, crackers and buttermilk when I’d arrive. All the […]

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My Week: There and Here

Sunday Mother used to be mindful of the neighbors when she would do her laundry and hang it on the line. She didn’t want to offend anyone who went to church on Sunday so she would wait until a weekday to wash (until she got a dryer). I didn’t have that luxury today. I had […]

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Am I Paying for Your Lifestyle?

I’ve been looking at the people around me and it has occurred to me that the problems with healthcare isn’t just with the insurance companies or the medical providers. It’s more about the way people live—and die. For instance, I was having a conversation with a man who recently went on a trip. Instead of […]

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My Week: Here and There

Sunday Last night was another weird dream night. This time, one of the doctors wanted a boiled egg. I offered him mine (?) but he refused to take it, not wanting to deprive me of it. I told him it was okay because I still had my peanut butter (again “?”). Now, what makes me […]

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