The Raw Vegan: Part XCI, Back In the USA

It was three weeks ago tonight that I wrote the last chapter of the saga. Let’s see…I need to refresh my memory so I’ll know where to pick up the story. Hmmmm. DD coming home. Went to Atlanta to meet her. DS1 drove. DIL1 and granddaughter with us. Saw Willie B. at the zoo. Ate pizza. Went to airport. Waited and waited. What to expect?

Okay. I think that about does it. I’m just about up to speed. Here we were in the international waiting area and my granddaughter was sitting on her daddy’s shoulders so she could see her beloved aunt come through the gate. Finally, the door opened and people started pouring through. Then, there she was, looking tired but relieved, too. There was a different air about her. She had the Look of the World Traveler. I’m not sure what it was but she’d changed—almost imperceptibly.

We got to her as quickly as we could and there were hugs all around. It took some time to get her luggage but, by and by, we had collected everything and then it was to the car. It was easy to understand that she didn’t want to pass go, collect $200 or anything else. She just wanted to get where we were going which was DS1’s place for that night. We headed north.

Once there, she unpacked the remembrances she’d brought from Spain. There was a kitty-cat clock for my granddaughter and candy for the rest of us. I was the happy recipient of two little boxes of solid bar candy—one was rum-flavored chocolate with raisins and the other was coconut. Both were delicious. I kept the boxes for years and tried, in vain, to find it on the WWW. I would have spent a small fortune to get some more, it was so good. God, in His mercy, never let me in on the secret.

Next day, we headed home. It wasn’t to be for long, though. DD needed a job and jobs were almost non-existent in either valley. She didn’t have transportation so she would have to depend on me to ferry her around. That would necessitate coordinating our schedules. It was an impossible situation. DS1 and family came to her rescue. She could spend the summer with them and work at one of the many supermarkets in the area.

She repacked some of her belongings and we headed out not too many days later. Twinkle and I were going to be alone again. She hadn’t been home long enough for me to get used to her being around.

We were able to keep in touch by phone and soon she had the news that she had a job. She was cashier at a supermarket several miles away. DIL1 took her to work and picked her up plus some of her co-workers helped out. It was a workable arrangement but no one was overjoyed with it. The young family had never had a 21 year old in the house before and there was bound to be some strained times. It was only temporary, though, and everyone could cope for a couple of months.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, things were moving right along. The new owners had made a deal with the former ones that we would use their computer system until the fall of 1999. Since it was quickly approaching, it fell to us to pick a new system. I had never been involved in such before. It was an interesting process. Companies were coming out of the woodwork wanting to come and demonstrate their wares. After weeks of looking at systems and meeting to discuss them, we all settled on one of the first ones we’d seen. It was exciting.

I was put in charge of getting the hardware together. There would be some dumb terminals but we’d need 17 PCs too. I cast about and got the best price possible. The day they arrived was a Red Letter Day. We’d be ready for Y2K.

On the personal front, my mother-in-law had declined and word came that she had passed away. Arrangements were made and Mother and I were picked to provide the music. She played the piano, I played the organ and she played for me to sing. DS1 and family were at the funeral and they brought DD with them. My father-in-law was broken up. His Doll had died.

Life goes on and it was back to work for me and DD. We went our separate ways.

A nice lady had been hired as assistant controller. She and I hit it off. I’d set up a web page on GeoCities and she was impressed with my seeming expertise. I’d bought HTML for Dummies and learned some simple code. She was blown away by what I could do. I had a pipe dream of, someday, designing web sites but that was all it was. She was determined I should quit work and devote myself to it full time. It wasn’t a period in my life that I could take such a risk. Then she decided that I was underpaid for what I did. I should demand a raise. I should tell my boss that, if I didn’t get it, I would quit. There was no way I was going to do that. I had learned long before that people who did that were told to have a nice life. They’d be missed.

One of my staff later tried that on me. I wasn’t in a position to give her a raise. That wasn’t in my power. All I could do was wish her the best and wonder if my friend had talked to her and given her some ill-fated advice. I never found out.

Home was getting to be more and more depressing. I couldn’t see my way clear to move but I couldn’t stand the way I was living. Then the Lord worked it out so I would have enough extra each month to be able to make a house payment. But where would I find a house?

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  1. Mary Jane September 30, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    Welcome back!

  2. Tommie October 3, 2009 at 7:34 pm #

    Thanks! It was nice to be able to post for a change. I have hope that the hackers will leave me alone from now on!

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