My Week: Could There BE More Rain?

I’m so glad I thought to do laundry on Thursday and Friday of last week. It has rained off and on all day today. During a brief lull, I went out and scattered some kale seed. I’m hoping to have some big enough for the first frost of the fall. Unfortunately, that isn’t too far away. It’s so sad to see summer go. WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

DD and I had our weekly chat. We both had to vent but there’s an understanding between us that allows it.

My sister sent a report from her son who lives in the Chattanooga area:

It’s been cloudy/rainy here, for the most part, for close to a week, and predicting the same for this week. We had horrrible storms on Thursday. The streets were all rivers, and it was raining so hard I could hardly see. Robin [his wife] called a little after 11pm, and was in a panic. There was a river coming across the front yard, over the wall, down the stairs, and also down the driveway, and the yard was flooding. I left a few minutes early, and it had stopped raining before I got here, so the water had gone down some. I couldn’t get across the river by the mailbox. It was at least 6 feet wide, and shooting up a foot, or two over the wall by the mailbox. It was wide going across the driveway (couldn’t pull into the driveway until later), but I got across, getting soaked well above the ankle. Water had backwashed about 10-12 feet into the garage, through the closed door. It had gotten up to the molding on the side of the car, and a little had gotten inside the car! Still smells horrible, so I’m going to try to get that cleaned out today. We have debris all through the front, side, back yard, and driveway, and it’s been too wet to clean it up, so it’s a mess here. Maybe it’ll clear up later.

It’s been on the news that there is sewage in the water and that could account for part of the smell. Children are warned to stay out of the water and the adults are to take all sorts of precautions and not get into it unless they absolutely have to. It’s a mess.

I did a post this evening about exercise. I need to do more of that myself.

It was Monday all day long. It took until after 11 o’clock to work my way through the scrubber report. I didn’t get to walk.

One of the registrars is off so I’ve had to shuffle everyone to cover her spot. Makes for an interesting time. It’s kind of rough but we’ll live through it.

Went by my raw friend’s house to get some tomatoes and told her I’d bring her some material from the Raw Divas. They are in the process of a detoxing regimen. I should do it, too, but I’ve got too much on my plate right now to try to do anything different.

I made a quart of salsa to enter in the contest the Mother Ship is having. I made the mistake of not refreshing my memory re: the ingredients, until I was in the process. When I got to cilantro, I thought, “Oh, NOOOO.” I took my little flashlight (a freebie from Dell from years ago) and went looking. It’s all history. I called The Pig and they have some that the woman said looks “pretty good”. I’ll stop and get some in the morning.

A sadness. When I hung my flashlight back up, it was over my keys and when I reached for my keys this morning it fell on the floor and broke. I don’t know that there’s any hope for it. I think I found all the pieces but it still won’t come on.

I got the cilantro and mixed it in to the salsa and packed it up for the courier. It’s a little on the salty side. I probably won’t win anything but, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Well, shoot! I got an email from Shari (she is the first to notifiy me about problems with the forum) that some of our posts had disappeared. I got in touch with merm and he said that it was a server-wide issue and Support was working on it. Whenever I try to get into my blog or the forum, either one, it acts like a download rather than opening the index page. Weird. At least it isn’t something malicious. Two weeks in a row that I won’t have a chapter in my Life Saga.

I printed off the eBook for my friend and took it by the house but no one was home. I left it on the table on the back porch.

I’ve decided I’m going to extend the deadline for the giveaway. I don’t think it’s fair to people to end it when they couldn’t get in for so much of last week to submit comments.

It’s the first day this week I’ve been able to get out and walk. I hate to use that “Q” word, but it was pretty quiet today. It was also the first day it didn’t rain buckets. The last it’s rained was early this morning. I heard the other day that the deficit is down to like 4″ but surely it’s lower than that now, if not a surplus. There was flooding at my nephew’s home and a lot of people have had to be evacuated according to the news. Some deaths are due to the storms and flooding, too. At least one could have been prevented two ways. First, the opening to the drain doesn’t have a cover. Second, the man who jumped in to swim the ditch did it on a $5 bet that he couldn’t. He didn’t value his life very highly.

I had Apples with Snow for lunch today so that makes seven bananas total. No watermelon. I’m saving it for tomorrow.

My prescription needed to be refilled. I headed over the mountain a few minutes early to go to Wally World. I decided I’d go ahead and pick up a box of oranges, too. I’d called yesterday and asked them to put my name on the box but do you think they did? NO! Someone had put the oranges out in the bin to sell so they had to box them back up for me. At least I shouldn’t get any bad ones this way.

Four of the mangoes I bought at Wally World last week have rotted instead of ripened. I don’t take things like that lightly. I bagged them up and put them on the doorknob so I wouldn’t forget them this morning. I had them triple bagged so they wouldn’t leak in the car. The man at the check-in desk very gingerly opened the bag. He didn’t ask any questions but just printed off the return sticker and waved me on. I was offered a refund either in cash or on my credit card. I took cash.

This morning, there wasn’t time for me to fix my greens for a salad but I wasn’t to be stopped! I bought an Earthbound Farms Herb Salad and mixed in what romaine I had that was ready.

I’d promised one of the girls some peppers. The first one I “picked” didn’t have the stem and there was a hole where it belonged. I put it in the compost bin. The next one had been attacked by a critter so I kept it and picked her a red one and a green one. I’m getting low on red ones.

Just one registrar and me today. I didn’t dare eat watermelon in that situation so it’s waiting for TOMORROW. I got a salad from the kitchen and ate most of it. The lettuce was chopped very fine and I added some yuck tasting tomato (they aren’t allowed to buy locally), some decent onion and cucumber. I’d brought the rest of the red sweet pepper from the salsa I made and ate it this afternoon.

It was busier than yesterday but not overly so. Out of all the registrations, the daytime registrar did 56%, the second shift one did 24% and I did 21%. But, you say, that adds 101%! That isn’t possible! In my world it is when you round the figures and all of the third digits are over 5. So there! It was an adventure keeping up with my desk and backing up one registrar. I do that every day of the week at lunchtime (I never take lunch, myself, but everyone else does) but doing it all day is different. Oh, there’s usually just one other person and me from 3 on if not sooner. A few days, there will be two there but with having to keep everyone at 32 hours, it doesn’t happen often enough.

The sun actually came out today! I waited too long to walk, though. The temperature got up to 90—it’s been being a lot cooler than that—and I made it one lap and then sat in the sun on the new patio furniture for the rest of my break. I prefer the way the old chairs sat but the new is prettier, of course. I also found out that it wasn’t dry yet when I got up and had a damp behind.

It’s much better having two registrars. I actually had time to get some auditing done.

Before I was left with one person again besides me, I took a few minutes to go get some tomatoes. I didn’t try to rouse the occupants of the house since I had the right amount, didn’t need change and had to get back to work.

Haven’t heard anything from the salsa contest. Oh, well. I’m still the undefeated champion on my own turf.

I still don’t have Mother’s picture back on her stone where it belongs and I haven’t felt confident that I can put it back so it will stay. The people who sold it to us are very nice—guess they are supposed to be in the monument business. I called this afternoon and the man offered to either meet me at the cemetery or I could bring the picture by and he will go take care of it. Since they are available later on Wednesdays, I will take it down then and let the expert put it on. That’s a load off my mind.

Getting home was a surprise. I had noticed the road was wet. It had rained in the valley so THAT was no surprise. When I got out of the car, it was obvious it was more than the shower we’d gotten in town. I was wading water to the house. When I got inside, I decided I’d go talk to my neighbor and find out about it. The back door was open (I don’t bother him when the door is shut unless I really really need to) so I knocked and here he came. He had quite a tale to tell. He’d been mowing and, when he got through, he put all of the equipment away and went in the house. He said that all of a sudden the sky opened up and dumped. Our houses are maybe 50′ apart and he said it was like a wall of water between them. He could barely make out there was another house here. When it was over, he went out to the garage and the water was over his ankles. There is a roll of carpet on the floor and it’s soaked. He took me in and showed me where it had come up even higher than that during the downpour. It was amazing. A good-sized watermelon had been torn loose from its stem and had floated down the walkway to a pile of brush and was resting there.

I brought the melon to the house and made ready to go back and get the computer online for him when I thought to check my modem. It had been knocked offline so I took care of that and left. I have it pretty much down to a science now and it wasn’t long before he was able to check his email.

I did check on my kale and it’s up. Not much but it’s visible.

Rather than have a salad, I made some guacamole and put it on romaine leaves. It was a nice change.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I overslept this morning. DUH! When else?? I was dreaming that one of my friends had a CD with “Serutan Yob” on it and I was going to bring it home. My sister used to talk about that record.

Then I listened to it and it was something by the Veggie Tales characters. THEN I was driving an unfamiliar car and tore up the gearshift. I couldn’t get it to go into reverse. It was a crazy mixed-up dream.

Rain again. I didn’t need my umbrella to get out to the car. After I’d had prayer, I put the car in reverse and started to back out. It didn’t budge. It wasn’t all the way in gear. It was déjà vu all over again. Reminded me of my dream.

Still wasn’t raining hard enough to use my ‘brella to get into the church. Someone had opened both doors—one is right behind me at the organ and the other is right behind the pianist. It gives a nice cross-current and was fine until the wind picked up and I thought, “Uh-oh! Rain again!” Sure enough, here it came. Not hard but someone went and closed the doors and turned on the a/c. Not that it was needed that much. I’ve learned to make sure I have a jacket on. The church service was good. A little unusual but good. The opening song was “We Three Kings.” It was because it listed gifts and the sermon was about spiritual gifts.

After the service was over, the pastor’s wife and I got into a conversation and everyone had adjourned to the fellowship hall for lunch. I had forgotten it was fellowship meal today but I probably wouldn’t have stayed, anyway. Once, the pastor came by and let her know that they’d already had the blessing. We talked on. I finally told her she’d better get inside before all the food was gone. She said she’d brought some raw food and hoped there would be some of that left. According to her, she feels better the more raw she eats and if she eats soy, she feels bad for quite a long time. She wondered if she’d eaten so much that she’d developed an allergy. We good-byed and I came on home and ate.

It has rained off and on all afternoon. WeatherBug says that the valley got .92″ today. I’d like to know where we are as far as a deficit or a surplus. Just looked it up and, as of the 20th, we were +.33″ for the year. That was almost a week ago. We’ve gotten a lot more since then.

I’m going to close this down. I’d thought of something I wanted to add but it’s left me. You are lucky. Good night.

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  1. Mary Jane September 27, 2009 at 5:26 pm #

    Amazing that your kale is already up! I haven’t planted fall greens, and probably won’t get it done, as my “garden” is just weeds.

    • Tommie September 27, 2009 at 9:09 pm #

      It’s just BARELY up. I don’t know if it will be ever get big enough to eat before a killing frost comes along.

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