My Week: And I Thought the Last One Was Bad!

Not as lazy as Labor Day but still not as busy as it should have been. At least I had enough food laid in that I didn’t have to go to town. That always eats into my day and I do like having at least one day a week that I don’t have to go anywhere. That was today. I was hoping to get my kale planted but I never did.

It was a couple hours after DD usually calls that I got on gmail and asked if we were going to talk today. She’d called but the message hadn’t come through yet. I went ahead and called and we visited for well over an hour. We both aired our complaints and caught each other up on the news of the week. Actually, it was more than a week. Though we had been chatting off and on, we hadn’t actually talked since two weeks ago.

I ate three watermelons today. Granted, one of them was baseball-sized. It was still a watermelon…The other two were a little bigger but not much. It was good, all in all, but nothing to write home about.

My neighbor was supposed to have left for a long distance job early this morning but the transmission had gone out on the work vehicle. If it takes too long to get it fixed, she’ll borrow something else to drive. She’s short on time because she has four jobs scheduled when she gets back.

Grace NotesI was reading the devotional in Grace Notes as I usually do and the reading struck me as being very well written. I was impressed. All of the readings are good but this one was especially good. When I got to the end, I glanced at the author’s name (I always do that, too) and I should have known why it was exceptional—it was written by my sister! I took the time to go back and read it all again and, this time, more carefully. The tipoff should have been when she mentioned my brother-in-law, twice! but I had glided right over those parts without noticing.

It was pretty busy today. There were only two registrars during the day which makes it seems like the patient load is even heavier because it’s more concentrated. And wouldn’t you know! The scanner refused to cooperate when I was registering. I had to hand the stuff over to another desk for it to be scanned. I was glad the patient was understanding.

There was no way I could get out and walk today. Too much going on.

My tomato supply was down to three little ones and some grape tomatoes I got at Aldi. I stopped to get some at my raw friend’s house and needed change but there was none to be had. Ringing the bell didn’t rouse anyone so I pounded on the front door. No one around. I heard voices down by the greenhouse and made my way down the steep bank beside it. There was one of the sons and another man digging the footing for another greenhouse. I asked about my friend and he said they were in Florida! I had no idea. He didn’t have change so he told me to get whatever I wanted and pay later so I did.

When I got home, it was to discover my site had been compromised (I’m writing this in Wordpad right now) and I had lots to do to clean it up.

One thing that’s going better (I have to find something encouraging) is that, when I cleaned out Twinkle’s cat box yesterday, I left the cover off. She was charmed by being out in the open and I’ve found it easier to clean without having to unsnap everything and snap it back. Wish I’d done that long ago. It’s deep enough that she doesn’t make any more of a mess than she did before and she loves it. She covers everything up and then “scratches” on the walls and the shower curtain for good measure. This is yet another time I’m glad she’d been declawed when I got her.

My neighbor got away this morning two days late.

It was too busy for me to get out and walk. That’s two days in a row. There was no walking yesterday, either. Rebounding has been my exercise.

My neighbor was waiting for me when I got home. He couldn’t get online. I don’t know exactly what I did but I got it up and running. Even though he’d told me before (in a rather disgusted tone) that it “tasted like pumpkin“, he said he enjoyed the yellow melon. Next time, I’ll share.

The cucumbers are still barely producing.

Even though I was up until after midnight last night, my efforts were for naught. The attack’s still going on. Both DD and merm thought it was coming through one of my links so I took it off plus all the ones related to it. We’ll see if that helps.

When I got to work today, I heard the exotic birds in the aviary at the nursing home have been stolen. I’d planned to take pictures of them to upload and see if they were like the lorikeets one of the forum members talks about but I never got that round tuit. I thought, had I been seen photographing them, people might think I was the culprit—like I’d brought them home to Twinkle (yeah, right). Then again, I wish I’d gone ahead and done it so I’d at least have the memory of them. There were a lot of them and, if I remember correctly, they were valued at over $1,000. The residents who could get out to the lobby enjoyed watching them and when I’d take packets for the courier, I’d stop to look at them, too. That was pretty low to steal them, especially from a nursing home. I don’t see how anyone could have taken them without someone hearing the ruckus it must have caused. I’ve been praying that God will give the thieves no peace until they bring them back. I emailed one of the TV stations about it but I don’t think they were interested in the story. Too much blood and gore to care about a few birds that belonged to a nursing home.

It was raining when I left home this morning and kept it up off and on all day. I couldn’t walk because of it. Guess I could be like the post office but I don’t enjoy walking and getting wet. Guess the romance is gone out of my life.

I left work for a few minutes and checked the Pig for produce. Not a leaf of organic spinach in sight. There was some romaine but not much else I needed. Since I had to go to the other side of the mountain, I asked to leave 3:30. Instead, I got out 20 minutes early. The rain stopped. That was nice since I don’t like to load and unload while trying to juggle an umbrella.

Because of the mess on my site, I was up late the last two nights. I’m going to bed.

I actually went to bed before 10, but I wasn’t asleep until a little after 11. I was too wired. All this mess with attackers and malware has about done me in. I finally had to admit defeat, myself, and merm came to my rescue. One of the forum members who is a Internet security expert was going to help me out but merm beat him to it. He had looked at it and said it wasn’t pretty. Poor merm stayed up until all hours of the night last night and found the root of the problem. It didn’t come from my links, after all. I’m a very fortunate person to have such people on my side.

It was sprinkling when I got to work. When I left, it was sprinkling again and then it opened up and dumped when I was on my way out of town. It was some of the hardest rain I’ve ever had to drive in. I slowed ‘way down. I didn’t have my umbrella so I had to sit in the car for longer than I wanted before I could come in. I’d worn my jacket out of the hospital (it was chilly in my office after I ate my watermelon) so I finally put it over my head and made a dash for it.

There’s no sign of the birds. A reward has been offered but it doesn’t say how much.

I put up my first post this week tonight. It seems strange. Sunday, I just didn’t feel like writing anything but Tuesday, I couldn’t. Well, I could have but I wasn’t chancing something going wrong and losing it. I also decided to extend the deadline on the giveaway since it was considered dangerous to visit my site. One time, DD went around the block and was redirected to another site and a virus was downloaded to the computer. So…it wasn’t just conjecture. If it had been someone without antivirus software that was up to date, it could have been bad.

It’s been a long several days and I’m about wrung out.

The highlight of the day was when the power went off this morning and plunged the office into darkness. There’s one outlet in the whole area that’s powered by the generator but my blender is the only thing plugged into it. I wouldn’t want to use that if I couldn’t see what I was doing. There are lights where they are essential and necessary equipment is kept running but not where we are. I guess we have the outlet because it’s where the server used to be. Since the rain had let up and I couldn’t do anything else, I walked. It was oh, so nice! The power was off for about 40 minutes so we got a good break.

We had a defective mouse on one of the computers and the replacement came. I had emailed the tech who had sent it and asked if I should send the mouse with the broken front leg (one of the mouse buttons didn’t want to work) back but he said, “No. We have enough rodents around here.” So…the mouse I’d scrounged up for my friend who is using my old computer didn’t have a wheel and it wasn’t optical. You guessed it—I took it and tried it with my computer and it works well enough for her to use it! I don’t know why it wouldn’t work with the office computer.

I was the post office person this afternoon. After I dropped off the mail, I went and got the rest of the tomatoes and two watermelons at my raw friend’s house. No one was there so I left the money and came on home. My neighbor was waiting for me with the news he couldn’t get online again. I got it fixed and told him to move the computer next time where he can get a better signal.

I’m so glad it’s Sabbath. I had asked the security expert not to work on the malware problem on Sabbath and he appreciated it. He said, “I actually had an interesting thought about this the other day. There are 168 hours in a week. If you take 10% of that time, it’s 16.8 hours—which is about the amount of time you spend awake on a Sabbath. In other words, honoring the Sabbath is a like giving a tithe of your time to God, and it’s always a good idea to honor God… 🙂 ” He also said, “I’ve noticed your Christian faith on your blog but have never been able to pinpoint an exact denomination (Seventh Day Adventist would be a logical conclusion but I don’t like to make assumptions!).” Cassandra and I have commented back and forth and have had some discussions on the forum but not everyone reads every word (I’m probably the only one who reads all of my blog and I miss some things on the forum) but, yes, I’m a Seventh-day Adventist.

I’ve been praying the same for the hackers as I have been for the bird thieves—that the Lord won’t give them any peace until they repent of their evil ways.

And with that, I will wish everyone a safe and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I was welcomed back to church after being gone last week. It was nice to be missed.

I’d carried my jacket but not put it on but then the a/c was cranked up and I had to. It was comfortable before that but some overheated person didn’t think so. It was probably someone who ate cooked for breakfast. As someone who eats raw food, my core temperature is lower than most at the outset. Processing cooked food produces a mild fevered state. The medical community just thinks 98.6 is normal.

The school children had the church service and I was there for all of it except the special music. I had gotten up from the organ and headed straight for the bathroom. All of them did a good job but there were some who were exceptional. I won’t point them out but just say to keep it up!

My raw friend was back in church after a trip to Florida. She’s probably going to fly to Colombia to visit her son and have some diagnostic testing while she’s there. She said that what would cost her $1600 here will be $90 there. And people want the status quo! That is so hard to believe. She agreed with me that healthcare is in a mess and something needs to be done and done now. I’m not in favor of mandating coverage but I do think it’s out of control as a whole. And now I’m a poet!

There was supposed to be a baptism at the Falls but it’s out on a mountain and the weather was rainy (again). It was moved to our sister church that has a baptistery. It was a nice service and, after, I got into a conversation with a fellow I’ve know for years and years. His wife and I were children in Sabbath School together when I was three years old. She wasn’t his wife then…Anyway, he ended up giving me some okra he’d grown. I munched on it on the way home.

After I changed into warmer clothes, I cut a couple of small melons and took half of each to my neighbor. I ate the rest plus some tomato mango soup and a huge salad. I topped everything off with a Bubbies and now I have the hiccups.

It rained again tonight. No shortage of water here! I don’t know how we are doing overall but there’s plenty from what I can see. I quit taking the lid off my rain barrel. It has a leak so it doesn’t do any good to catch it.

That’s enough excitement for the week. Here’s where I let you rest. Good night.

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4 Responses to My Week: And I Thought the Last One Was Bad!

  1. Lila September 20, 2009 at 4:57 pm #

    Glad I got to read your blog! Power was out this morning, but has been restored. Hope your week is off to a good start.

    • Tommie September 20, 2009 at 6:40 pm #

      “Fortunely” I haven’t been powerless though there’s been LOTS of rain. Glad you got to read it, too!

  2. Cassandra September 25, 2009 at 10:06 pm #

    I read your blog. You’re on my RSS but sometimes I fall behind and have to catch up by reading multiple posts. I think I have two more to read after this one…

    Happy Sabbath!

    • Tommie September 26, 2009 at 8:31 am #

      I know how time can fly by whether we want it to or not. Happy Sabbath to you, too. I have overslept and am going to have to play catchup.

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