My Week: One for the books

It was an auspicious start to the week with a visit to my niece’s house to see not just her family but also my two North Carolina sisters. I was up and out the door later than I had planned but still early enough that I didn’t have to rush through my hellos and goodbyes. Oh, and on the way, I stopped at the cemetery and made sure Mother’s arrangement was intact and it was. I couldn’t put the picture back because it was raining off and on. It was good to see all the family members and, on my way out, I met my nephew and great niece on their way in. We waved and I went on.

Then came the hard part of the trip. I flew through my shopping at the university supermarket because I wasn’t sure when Aldi closed. I didn’t get my list out but I got almost everything on it, anyway. Then, when I did get to Aldi, it was well over an hour until closing time. I made good use of my debit card. Wally World was next and then home. Oh, I’d stopped at the produce place this morning because I was sure they would be closed before I got back and I was right.

It was almost dark when I got in. I haven’t had enough to eat today but I’ll live.

Happy Labor Day! I’ve been pretty wiped out today from yesterday so I haven’t done much of anything. I haven’t slept (thought I slept in until about 8 o’clock) so I think I’ll call it a night and go to bed.

It was back to work with a vengeance. I stopped in to see how the operator and my laptop were doing and she said she imagined my desk was piled high from what had landed there since the Friday before. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but I still had plenty to go through.

I forgot again about my results. Guess I’m not too anxious about my TSH, huh?

There was time for three laps around the buildings. I’m getting back into the swing of it. At first, my legs felt heavy but not any more.

I finally remembered to get my results. I won’t upload them. Guess it’s just as well since I can’t find them. I think it was just about right in the middle at something like 3.88. The reference range is 0.3 to 5.something. According to the ‘net, it’s 0.3 to 3. If the ‘net is correct, it’s high. I’ll see what my doctor says.

Today was my turn to go to the bank and post office. I stopped by to load up on tomatoes and watermelon and got into a conversation with my raw friend’s son. He had been on a mission trip in Nebraska so we had a lot to talk about. I inquired about his mother and he said she’d been to the doctor and she was okay. That was a relief.

No walking today. Didn’t have time.

My neighbor called and said to come outside and bring my camera. I did as she said and there she was, in front of the well-house door. Two slugs were hanging by a thread of mucous and we guessed they were mating. It was interesting. I wondered if the cameras flashing bothered them.


Their cat didn’t seem interested or maybe he was giving the slugs the privacy he thought they deserved.


I still haven’t mastered the art of getting good pictures every time with my Canon so only a few of the ones of the slugs turned out reasonably well.


Slugs Disengaging

My neighbor’s husband refused to come out but here we were, fascinated. I came home and looked it up on the WWW and found that we were right. We’d caught two slugs in an intimate moment. There’s an excellent video on youtube that shows the process much better than my attempts do.

I was up too late last night but what we’d seen was evidently pretty rare to observe. My neighbor told me later that her construction partner said he couldn’t believe two women out at 10 o’clock at night watching slugs mate. Oh, well.

The laptop operator was having a time with the touchpad so I finally found a mouse for it on the way home yesterday. I took it in this morning. It isn’t optical and it doesn’t have a wheel but it’s better, anyway. I took her some more basil.

Managed to take my walk. I’m not doing too well this week.

Short staffed so no walking today.

The laptop operator is moving into the nursing home for a few weeks so I took the ‘puter over to see what kind of signal I could get where. It quickly lost its strength as I moved down the hallway in one direction. I don’t know why they don’t put up more hubs. The room where she is to be this weekend is fine, though.

My oldest sister used to send my boys birthday cards with a dime for each year taped inside. She was very thoughtful. DS1 remembers that every birthday so I got a brainstorm. I got a roll of dimes from the bank and went to get a card.

DS1's Card

When I got back, I taped 45 dimes—one for each year—to the card.


That was fun! One of the girls said that if he dropped it on his toe, he could use the dimes for his ER co-pay.

I should have spent the night at work. I had a horrendous time after I left the hospital. With the weekend coming up, I went to get tomatoes and melon. That went okay but I couldn’t rouse anyone to give me change. I finally wrote a check and walked around the house to the back porch and put the check under a little thingy on one of the tables.

Since I’m going to celebrate The Birthday tomorrow, I didn’t want to be without cash so I went to the ATM at the bank. It’s a drive-thru and there isn’t much leeway. Two cars were behind me so I was trying to hurry. I opened the little door where the money comes out too soon and a $10 bill fluttered out and to the ground. I pulled over to the right so I could open my door and get it and went over a curb that’s there. Oh, woe! the car was high-centered and I couldn’t move. A man came along and figured he could rescue me. Soon, he was joined by two others and between my maneuvering and their lifting and pushing, I was free. I offered to pay them but they said no, just to drive safely. When I pulled over to a parking space so I could get my money squared away (I had the $10 by then), one of the men ran over and said he saw a nail in my tire. He had me back up enough so he could see it. He made a mark on the tire and one of his friends told me a couple of places to get it fixed.

I’d hoped to get home quickly but there was no way. I picked one of the tire shops and stopped. When I went inside, a woman was smoking like a chimney. I didn’t want to stay in there so, when the man came to wait on me, I accompanied him to look at my tire. He had me pull it into the bay and he proceeded to jack it up and find the nail. After taking the wheel off, he took it over to pull the nail out and he said, “You are a lucky person!” The nail had gone in at an angle and hadn’t made a hole in the tire. He sprayed it to make sure and there were no bubbles. With the wheel back on, I asked how much and he said nothing. Praise the Lord! I told him I’d remember that. If anyone from the area wants to know, it was Tires Plus. He could have scammed me easily but he chose not to. I talked to my neighbor and she said he’s like that.

My DIL said church starts at 9:20 but DS1 called and said it’s 10:30 so I won’t have to get up until the alarm goes off. My granddaughter is to have a part in the service so I don’t want to be late. Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I made it to church after several unplanned side trips. The last time I was at that particular one, it was a small frame church. Now, it’s a nice brick edifice on a hill. I stopped for directions twice. It was 10:40 when I arrived but they were still having the preliminaries. I found my family and we settled in. My granddaughter did a lovely job with the Call to Worship. She was very poised and looked beautiful up on the platform.

It isn’t often I can be part of the congregation so that was a treat. The service was good and I enjoyed being a visitor. I was disappointed that the organist didn’t participate a lot. He was in college when I was in academy and I expected to hear something magnificent. He only played the hymns and the pianist played the intros for them. The organ was barely audible over the piano and congregation. He came back to speak to me after the service and he looks much the same except older and with quite a few good meals under his belt. I got the idea that his wife must be a very good cook.

When I left the parking lot, I took another scenic route since I turned the wrong way. I realized my mistake and turned around and went to the house.

My granddaughter was about starved so she started in eating as soon as she filled her plate.

Getting Started

She was soon joined by her father.


You can see Sophie peering out of her bed on the chest of drawers behind them.

I’d gotten half of the watermelon from my garden and I took it for us to eat. The center was hollow and what was there of the heart was soft and spongy. I took out all of that and was left with the firmer flesh. I scooped it out with a spoon and it was pretty good.

My homegrown watermelon (disaster)

I had my OJ/mango/strawberry smoothie and my banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie while they had their lunch.

Grandpa, DIL, Granddaughter, DS1

DIL had made a German chocolate cake from scratch for the occasion. At one time, I could have eaten all of the filling by myself but it didn’t tempt me in the slightest today.

Then came time for the gifting. It didn’t take long to assemble the hummingbird feeders. He’d only expected one so he was pleased I’d gotten him two. I included some money to buy sugar, too.

Putting the hummingbird feeders together

I’d put off giving him the card until last. When he picked it up, he guessed what I’d done.

"I know what this is!"

You can see Sophie and Khatoul in their beds behind DS1.

DS1 got a huge kick out of the card and dimes and showed it to the others. He explained it to Grandpa, too.

"I knew it!"

When everything was over and done, Grandpa and DIL went their separate ways to take a nap. DS1, my granddaughter and I went to the livingroom to talk. The cooked food took over, though, and DS1 asked me if I were going to take a nap. It used to be that I would have spent two or three hours napping on Sabbath afternoon but not any more. I seldom nap at all these days. He was having a hard time staying awake and Granddaughter had stretched out on one of the couches. Since I didn’t want to be late coming home anyway, I loaded up and left. It was a good day and I enjoyed it.

DS1 called and left voice mail but when I tried to call him back, I couldn’t get it to go through. I got a message that I needed to put in my email address and password for my MagicJack to work. I had to chat with an agent and we finally got it to go through. That was the first time that ever happened. I called and DS1 just wanted to thank me for being there with them and for his gifts.

It’s getting late and I need to get to bed so I’ll hush for tonight.

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  1. Cassandra September 13, 2009 at 1:31 am #

    Great slug pictures! 😉

    • Tommie September 13, 2009 at 7:50 am #

      Thanks, Cass—I think. 🙂

  2. Lila September 13, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    Thanks for a good laugh – watching slugs mating at 10:00 p.m.! Guess we take our fun wherever we find it. Also, I enjoyed the pictures, especially the one of DS1 showing the card and dimes to the others. Cute idea!

    • Tommie September 13, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

      You’re welcome! Did you watch the video on youtube? It’s amazing! Yes’m…he’s talked about that every birthday so I decided I’d do it this year since I was sure Kay wouldn’t.

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