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The Raw Vegan: Part XCI, Back In the USA

It was three weeks ago tonight that I wrote the last chapter of the saga. Let’s see…I need to refresh my memory so I’ll know where to pick up the story. Hmmmm. DD coming home. Went to Atlanta to meet her. DS1 drove. DIL1 and granddaughter with us. Saw Willie B. at the zoo. Ate […]

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My Week: Could There BE More Rain?

Sunday I’m so glad I thought to do laundry on Thursday and Friday of last week. It has rained off and on all day today. During a brief lull, I went out and scattered some kale seed. I’m hoping to have some big enough for the first frost of the fall. Unfortunately, that isn’t too […]

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Exercise! Which is Best?

It’s confusing at the most and puzzling at the least. There are gyms and exercise “salons” scattered everywhere and most seem to be doing a barrel house business. Turn on the TV any time of the night or day and you’ll be bombarded with commercials and infomercials for the latest equipment and a few of […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part XC, Coming Home!

The nine months had finally passed and it was time for DD to fly back across the Atlantic. This time, DS1 was able to go along and was I glad! That meant I didn’t have to do the driving. It was still a lot farther than I liked to go in heavy traffic but DD […]

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