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Did anybody even miss me? My DSL was down when I got home from church Sabbath and this is the first I’ve been online at home since then. I took my laptop to work so I could let my sisters know what had happened and, sure enough, they were concerned because I hadn’t posted my […]

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My Week With and Without

Sunday I got up early this morning (well, as early as I ever do on a weekend) and went out to work in the garden while it was still cool. Considering the days of my Tomato Battle, I didn’t do much or for very long. It took me less than an hour to Take Care […]

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My Square Foot Garden: 6,000+ Words

It’s said a picture is worth 1,000 words so here’s 6,000+ words worth. You can’t see the cucumbers but they’re there. I’ve gotten so I sneak over to the neighbor’s house and leave the extras on the counter and run. I took some to work and couldn’t give them away. They are lovely cukes and […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXXXIV, I’m Puny

Mother would tell me over and over that I was so fortunate when I was down with food poisoning because she knew a man in her church who died from it. I didn’t doubt that it could kill a person because I certainly felt like I was buying the farm. She’d say, “He ate soft-serve […]

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The Second Awesome to be Rawsome Giveaway!

It’s been my good fortune to acquire entertaining in the raw, a beautiful gorgeous recipe book utilizing only raw food. The book came wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with dark red and green raffia “string”. I read on another site (I don’t remember which one) that it was wrapped like a gift. Even […]

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My Week: Apologies to the Pig

To being with, I’ll tell you what happened last night. I was so proud of myself. I turned the light off at 9:33 PM EDT. Then I remembered something I needed to do and got up and took care of it. When I got back into bed, I remembered something else. Got up. Took care […]

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