This Week with Tommie

Doesn’t have quite the ring that “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” has but it will have to do. Speaking of George, he is such a cutie and one of those perennially young human beings, sorta like Dick Clark used to be. He must have good genes. But this is supposed to be about my week, not George Stephanopoulos.

It got off to a bad start with me staying up until 2 o’clock this morning for no good reason. I just didn’t go to bed. I had planned to be at the produce place to pick up my oranges when they opened at 10 but I didn’t even pull out of the driveway to go down the mountain until noon. That has GOT to stop.

I went to the cemetery to try, once again, to put the arrangement on Mother’s grave. I’d searched the house for a wire hanger and finally found one. That would make it easier to put the anchor in the ground because the others were rusted. This time, I was successful. I would add what my mother used to say but it wouldn’t mean anything except to my sisters and they know what it is. I stood back and took the long view and it wasn’t pretty. It needed more so I got the fern I was going to return (that rhymes) and filled it in with that. I used my Leatherman Juice to cut it. Then I had to take a picture.

Mother's Arrangement

The arrangement isn’t beautiful but it’s something that won’t be any great loss if it gets mowed down. I should put concertina wire around it. Another victim of repeated blows from a weedeater, I would guess, is Mother’s ceramic picture. I hadn’t noticed it until I had everything done I was going to do to the arrangement and there it was, lying face down on the stone. I brought it home with me and I’ll find out what I can use to anchor it back.


Since I try to make my trips count, I got a goodly supply of food. I won’t have to go to The Pig for anything.

After I got back, I saw where DD had called and left voice mail so I called her back and we had a good visit. I still had time to get a few things done and that was my day.

No chance for walking. Too busy.

Not a whole lot happened that was noteworthy except when I got home, I noticed my biggest melon had rolled over and it was belly up! I guess my neighbor thinks it will ripen better that way but melons ripen all the time without being disturbed. At this stage of the game, it’s easy to damage the stem and it’s better to let well enough alone but he’s anxious. So am I but I’m being patient.

Another busy day at work. I was the bank/post office person plus I had a meeting to attend this morning.

I stopped to get some tomatoes from my newly raw friend’s place. I still have some watermelon and it is SO GOOD! I got some corn and came home and had CC/B. I guess it’s a good thing corn season is winding down. I don’t eat much salad when I’ve had corn. I haven’t had any corn chowder this year. I’ve found that the combination of nuts and corn weighs heavy on my stomach and I don’t like the way it makes me feel.

I picked a Crimson Sweet watermelon from one of my many vines. I have to pick my way very carefully over them and it’s a longer and longer route each time. They are sprawling everywhere. I put the melon in the fridge to chill.

It was time for another chapter in The Story of My Life. I didn’t get started until late so I’ll let this be it for tonight. I see I’m off on my numbering again. It’s the 88th chapter and I have LXXXVII. One of these days, I’m going to renumber everything and do it not in Roman numerals. Or go back to where I got off kilter in the first place and fix it.

My neighbor hitched a ride to town with me today. She left her work vehicle for her husband to drive since this is his bowling night. It was nice to have someone in the car to talk to. I had to make myself slow down, though. I’m used to swooping around the curves and I didn’t want to make her nervous.

I was the mail person this afternoon but not this morning.

It was time to go by and get another watermelon from the usual place. This time, it is a biggie. I’ve been getting some that will last me a couple of days but this one should do me for four. When I brought it in the house, I stepped on the scale with it then put it down and weighed again. It came in at 28 lubs. Pretty big for $5. And organically grown, at that.

This morning, I was up early enough to chunk up some watermelon to take to work to share. I had a good-sized container of it plus a smaller one for the late shift person. The melon in the larger one pretty much went begging. I brought the rest home and put it in the fridge and will take it back tomorrow.

Mail person again.

I cut the watermelon I’d picked from my garden and it isn’t Crimson—it’s YELLOW! The yellow melons are planted pretty close and I guess they crossed. I took a little bite and it was okay but nothing like the ones I’m routinely getting. The rest of it went to my neighbor. I don’t know if he saved any for his wife or not.

I’d put the huge melon in the fridge yesterday afternoon when I got home and cut it this morning. It has got to rival some of the best melons I’ve ever had. SWEET! and JUICY!! Wonderful! I filled the container back up with it and took it to work. This time, I put my name on the container so it won’t get pitched.

One of the ladies from church called to let me know there had been a death. For those of you who have been following my blog, it was the female half of the older couple I used to try to help with their bills. Visitation is this evening (too late for me to stay in town after work) and the funeral is tomorrow. Fellowship meal was last Sabbath but there will be another one so the family will have a place to eat. I’ll take food but I won’t stay. I washed romaine for a salad and it’s in the fridge.

When I stopped at my friend’s place this afternoon, there was no melon in sight. The corn was down to a few ears in a five gallon bucket. I got a good supply of tomatoes and put my money in the bowl. I rang the bell but no one answered.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I was up fairly early this morning and got busy on the salad. I usually fix a simple one but this time, I went all out. Organic romaine. Organic carrots. Organic celery. Cucumber from my garden. Organically grown red bell pepper. Green bell pepper from my garden. The only thing that wasn’t either certified organic or organically grown was the Vidalia onion. For those of you who care, besides spinach, you should use organic carrots and organic celery. Onions are very low on the pesticide scale as is romaine but I had organic so I used it.

Church was pretty short. One of the young women in the church spoke. I guess she’s in her mid-teens. She did a good job.

The organ is still crippled. I keep forgetting to tell the pastor about the problem. I have a hard time playing it the way it is. It’s down to one manual because that “D” is in 99% of the music. I just took a break from blogging and emailed the pastor. Didja miss me?

I’d left my salad in the fridge so I went to get it out and it was already on its way to a table. One of the ladies had brought corn and she had me pick out several ears of the raw. I took three and wished I’d taken more. It was really good. I fixed it after I came home and had my blueberry, mango, banana, spinach smoothie.

After I had that, I got dressed and went to the funeral. There was a good representation from the church and I saw several people besides that I know. It was a nice service. Short but nice. I was headed home just about an hour after I got there and I was early enough to view, sign the guest book and watch most of the video. I stopped at the fellowship hall to get the rest of my salad and I came on home.

The watermelon from my garden was really quite good. My neighbor said he’s going to save the seed from his half. Fine with me.

Supposed to be a Crimson Sweet

One of my peppers is getting ripe. I could go ahead and pick it and let it finish off the plant but I’d like to see how it does staying there until it’s all red.

Ripening Bell Pepper

I’ve had some really really good mangoes this summer. I had mango blended with my OJ this morning, in my green smoothie, and I made a Fred’s Mom’s Salad with a delicious Kent this afternoon. It was the best one I’ve had in many a moon. I love FMS!

Once again, I’ve realized I prefer a simple salad. Everything but the kitchen sink isn’t for me. I ate most of it then picked out the cucumber and put the rest in the compost bin.

It’s getting late. Story of my life. I heard on the Sabbath School discussion from Pine Knoll that a man went to his doctor and said, “Doc, I know I’m burning the candle at both ends but all I want from you is more wax.” Not an exact quote but close enough. I feel like that’s me.

So…this is where I will bid you good night.

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  1. Cassandra September 1, 2009 at 1:16 pm #

    What an awesome picture of your mom. 🙂

    • Tommie September 1, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

      I’ll be glad when it’s back where it belongs.

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