My Week With and Without

I got up early this morning (well, as early as I ever do on a weekend) and went out to work in the garden while it was still cool. Considering the days of my Tomato Battle, I didn’t do much or for very long. It took me less than an hour to Take Care of it. I can’t say I’m glad the tomatoes are history but it’s a relief not to have all that work for nothing plus the stress.

The morning slipped away before I knew what was happening and I never got out in the sun. I was able to work on the house for a change and got quite a bit accomplished before DD called. We discussed changing my theme on my blog and decided it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

I took the pictures for my giveaway post tonight. I do hope there are lots of entries because I’d like some new recipes!

My watermelons at the North end of the Square Foot box were looking kind of wilted so I got out and watered them from the rain barrel. Rain is predicted but I have no idea when it will show up. Neither do the Weather Guessers. They get paid for being wrong much of the time. If I had the same track record, I would have been fired long ago.

I checked this morning and there were two comments to be moderated on my giveaway post. One was from my sister who eats some raw food but not mostly and the other had a recipe with it. A slow start but a start. THEN there were four more when I got home. Wow! That’s great! I hope they realize they can come back and enter once a day.

Work today was run run run and run some more. I didn’t get to touch my breakfast until around 10:30. Maybe I need to investigate the Breatharian way of living for days like that. Or how to clone myself and the rest of the staff. There were 74 registrations where 60 is a busy day.

Went by the Pig but no fresh spinach. I still have some so no big deal. The manager told me the Excellent Produce Person is coming back tomorrow.

I went without salt all day today. I’m proud of me.

Leg cramps kept me awake for quite some time . I can’t handle this. I have to have my sleep.

It finally rained last night. As much as it has rained lately, things still don’t seem to have gotten enough. I ran out and took the lid off the rain barrel so it could fill back up. I’m glad I have the cistern to pull from if I need it but for watering here and there, I’ll use what I can catch. The power had gone off at work and I had to sign back onto the computer. It takes awhile because it’s like getting into Fort Knox but it doesn’t take as long as it used to. I don’t know if it’s because I have a faster computer or a faster connection.

Another busy day at work. One person is out on vacation and it really straps everyone else. There weren’t as many patients to accommodate, though, so it was okay.

I was the bank/post office person today. Rain had been predicted and I took my umbrella with me but it never happened. I looked for the produce man but he was nowhere to be seen. I guess he’s really folded up his tents and left until fall. I’m in the process of eating the last watermelon I bought from him and it’s good. I went by the Pig to see if the EPP was back and there was someone else working in that area. I looked around and left.

It’s almost time for me to refill my phone so I went back in the afternoon and got a $10 phone card at the Pig. While I was in there, I asked the manager when they were going to get some fresh spinach. He thought what was there looked good but I pointed out that it was three days past the date on the package. He looked and sure enough. He wanted to know if I’d take it for half-price. I said no and walked on. I was getting some other things I needed/wanted when I heard, “Young lady! Young lady!!” being shouted across the produce section (it really isn’t that big). When I looked up, I realized he was talking to me—should I have hugged him? He wanted to know how much I’d give him for the spinach, what would be the fair price. I told him the dumpster was the place for it. He said that was the difference between men and women, that he would pretty much eat roadkill. I’d differ with the generalization because I don’t think ALL men would be like that. I gave him my card and told him that was the reason I was so picky. After some dickering, I finally took ONE container of spinach for 99 cents. I told him that, while it might look fresh, the leaves toward the middle could be slimy. And slimy I don’t eat. I asked about EPP and he said maybe tomorrow.

So far, there have been absolutely NO entries on the giveaway today. Maybe no one wants a beautiful uncookbook? The fewer people who enter, the better the chances are for the ones that do. And the better the chances for the ones who enter more than once. It isn’t over until one minute until midnight EDT on August 16. That’s the day before what would have been my mother’s 105th birthday. She used to predict she’d live that long. She missed it by a little less than five years.

Yesterday was a low-salt, not no salt day and I didn’t have any leg cramps last night. A young woman with two children in tow came in selling corn. I bought a dozen. She said she gives extra and she really does. I ended up with 15 ears of corn. I gave two to one of the girls in the office, two to my neighbor (she’s the only one who will eat it) and fixed Creamed Corn with Basil for supper. I haven’t been able to face a salad with no salt since the one I had Monday with Fred’s mango/tomato dressing on it. It was passable but not what I’m used to.

Should I use the “Q” word for work? I dunno. When I do that, all you-know-what breaks loose. Oh, well, we weren’t as busy as Monday and Tuesday but there were still Moments.

I feel the need for more exercise. I’ve quit rebounding at night because it gets late and I don’t want to stay up any later. I still faithfully do it every morning, though. It does make me feel good but I’m missing something.

Happy 37th anniversary to me and DH (if he were still around). DS1 usually remembers it but he didn’t today. That’s okay. I’m not hurt.

I did two laps around the buildings early enough in the day that it was still cool.

I’ll be the bank/mail person today, tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday and then it goes back.

It’s easy to remember when I need to refill my phone since it’s on August 6 every year. That’s another anniversary. This is the first one for having enough money invested that I only needed $10 to keep it going for an additional year. But that was an adventure in itself. I put reminders on my calendar at work and my Google calendar so I wouldn’t forget for sure. I drove to the other side of the mountain and parked where I knew I could get a signal. The card I’d bought at The Pig had a scratch-off place so I scratched it to reveal the number. Fine. That much was done. Then I realized I hadn’t put my reading glasses in my purse which might present a problem. I have glasses in the car but they are much stronger since they were pre-vision therapy. They’d have to do. THEN I saw that I could read the numbers without glasses. Proceed. I called the number on the back of the card but it was no longer the number I was supposed to call. I was advised to call *238 or some such. I remembered a phone number in my address book to refill so I looked for it and there it was! I placed the call and a voice asked me if this were 423-255 something or other. I figured it was so I said yes. The voice asked if I wanted to add minutes to my phone. I said yes. I was given three options–refill with a credit card, a bank draft or a pre-paid card. I selected the third. Then it asked me what my number was! I didn’t know. I hung up and wrote down what I thought it was and called back. This time, I made sure of what the number was when the first question was asked. I had it right except for one digit. I corrected that and went on. When I got to the three options, I messed up and selected the first one. There was no getting where I needed to go from there so I had to hang up and call back. To make a long story a little shorter (it’s already long) I finally got ‘er done and turned around and high-tailed it for home.

Arriving at work, I found a bag of Wonderful Tomatoes on the table in my office. It’s good to have friends who have husbands who have successful gardens.

I did two laps around the buildings again. I hope to work up to three soon. It’s wimpy, I know. No one has to tell me. It’s obvious.

Yesterday, one of the nursing staff and I were discussing computers and she said now would be a perfect time to get one because today starts the Sales Tax Holiday. I got a bee in my bonnet and called Wally World last night to see if they had netbooks in the store I frequent and was told no. I figured I’d go look at the laptops, anyway, and pick up the box of oranges I’d intended to get Sunday.

Somebody called me wanting to know about the peaches someone had at the 127 Yard Sale. I didn’t know anything about them but I figured I would investigate so I drove up there and braved the crowds. It ain’t a pleasant thing to contend with every year. There are people who love it and people who don’t and I’m one of the people who don’t. The sign for the peaches was big but I had to go ‘way past it to park. When I made my way back to the booth on foot, the man was sold out. He said there were more on the way and they’d be there any time. I elected not to wait but to come back after work. When I went back hours later, the peaches STILL weren’t there. I was glad I hadn’t waited. I told him I was headed over the mountain and had to go. He apologized. Wouldn’t you know it! I met the truck with peaches halfway up the mountain! Oh, well…

I went to the produce place and got a dozen ears of corn, some peaches and my oranges. Then to Wally World where I laid in a supply of whatever I needed. There was a netbook but the man in electronics couldn’t even tell me how many USB ports it has. The laptops weren’t anything I’d want, either. I’ll probably wait for Windows 7.

Back home, I unloaded, put things away, and commenced shucking the corn. What a disappointment! I’d gotten the excellent corn (as seen in my Creamed Corn with Basil recipe) at the same place. It’s been the Gold Standard all summer. What I’d gotten was, for the most part, so dried out it was dented. I threw away a lot of it, ate maybe two ears and have five for a later date.

My watermelons were beginning to droop so I stretched the hose across and started it dripping.

Saturday night
Today has been a humbling day. It started out just fine with me putting a couple of comments on Facebook and approving a recipe on my giveaway post. I studied my Sabbath School lesson, as usual, and read Guideposts and the Upper Room online plus checked my email. I listened the the Sabbath School discussion I’d downloaded from Pine Knoll while I got food ready for the fellowship meal (surprise!). It was all fairly quick and easy—a salad and several sliced cucumbers (with the skins) from my garden and Vidalia onion in a marinade of lime juice, EVOO and seasonings. I made my OJ and mango smoothie (luscious!) and drank most of it before I left the house. I took the rest of it with me.

Sabbath School and church went well until the closing song. It was “So Send I You“. It isn’t a hard song to play but on the second verse, I went on to the ending that’s for the fourth verse and I never could get caught up with the others on the third verse. I was able to play the fourth verse through but, by that time, I wanted to crawl under the organ bench. I survived. The pastor asked for a show of hands of the people who wanted to rid their lives of things that are standing between them and God. Of course, I raised mine. Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

THEN when I went to the fellowship hall, I had gotten my contributions ready and was leaving the kitchen when I saw a man struggling with cutting a watermelon. I remarked, “What this kitchen needs is some good knives.” He informed me he’d brought that one from home. I said, “Sorry! With that and the closing song, I’m batting 1,000.”

I sat by the man I usually do and we talked computers. He said he and his wife have his and her computers. I figure that’s best if there’s more than one person in the house. Twinkle doesn’t care about getting online. He did say that I had been a bad influence on his wife—she eats mostly raw food now. I’d seen her earlier in the week and had noticed she’d recycled some lubs.

My newly raw friend had some good tahini dressing I tried. I’ll have to make it and, if it turns out well, I’ll post the recipe.

Anyhow, my food was pretty much licked up except for a few onions swimming in a little marinade and a dab of salad. I poured up the rest of the marinade I’d put out as dressing for the salad and came home.

On the way in, I picked a big cuke that I’d missed before and sliced it into the marinade along with some onion for tomorrow. YUM! Bubbies, watch out!

DD’s 8th grade classmate’s husband and I had been talking about Ranger Bill at church so I went to the computer to listen to it online so I’d know what happened with those unruly boys. Well! a message popped up that my DSL was down. I went to the bedroom and, sure enough, the lights on the modem were not as they should be. I plugged a phone into the line and I was getting a strong dial tone so it couldn’t be the DSL, surely. I reset the modem and put it back to the factory defaults but nothing. No DSL, no phone. I got into the car and drove to the edge of the mountain, same place I was Thursday. I called DD and asked her to look up the phone number for AT&T so I could find out if there was an outage. The woman I talked to figured, from what I told her, that it might be a line problem. She asked when I was online last and I told her this morning. Then she checked and said there wasn’t a signal going through, for sure. She’d send out a technician. I didn’t want him coming out today. I should have waited until another day to call in the first place. I’d done it, though. I called and left voice mail for DD to let her know. The woman had told me some things to check and I’ve done that with no luck. I’m writing this in Wordpad. Since I was getting an occasional red light on the power indicator, I thought it might be a bad outlet. I plugged it in somewhere else and now the power light wavers but it’s still the only light on. Methinks the modem is bad. A man will be out Monday to check things over. If my neighbor is home, I’ll leave the modem with him so the tech can check it, too. In the meantime, it’s kinda nice. No pressure to publish this. No emails. No phone calls. Quiet. I do catch myself thinking, “I’ll look such & such up.” I don’t think so.

Good night.

Sunday morning early
I dreamed that my DSL magically came up. It didn’t. I got up in the night to use the bathroom and couldn’t go back to sleep. I have no idea when that was because it’s 2:20 am now, I’m up and typing this. I took a melatonin a few minutes ago. I should have done that when I looked at the clock and it was 1:38. I started thinking about any other problems there might be besides the modem so I took another cord to replace the green one that came with it and tried that. No luck. I’ll go clear everything out of the middle of the floor in the bedroom and see if I can get some Z’s. Good morning.

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  1. Cassandra August 18, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    I have Windows 7 and love it! It’s similar to Vista but has a few upgrades that are really nice. I think I’ve only found one thing about Win7 that I don’t like and it’s a very minor complaint about the Media player. You’ll love it!

    • Tommie August 19, 2009 at 6:30 am #

      I’ll be glad when the final release comes out.

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