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The Raw Vegan: Part LXXIX, Sick Sicker Sickest

I’d thought I’d been pretty sick before but I’d really had no clue. The nausea that overwhelmed me was horrible, deep and lasting. It didn’t matter how much I had evacuated, it was still there. I still hadn’t thrown up. After I’d made my way to the car and was lying in the seat, I […]

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My Week Was Seven Days Long

Sunday Another dry day. When is it going to rain?? I got up early, planning to get my day’s work done before I went to see my sister. The rest of the tomato stakes were used except for the one I kept to aerate the compost in the bin and I did a load of […]

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My Square Foot Garden: Water!

It is terribly dry. There’s a chance of rain this weekend (sorry picnickers) but you know how that is. The chance can be 100% and still not pan out. I was hoping not to use up my store of water until it gets really really dry but it’s already really really dry and I’m down […]

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