My Week: A Testimonial to Raw Food

Twinkle in Her Play CubeMy week started out as weeks do—with Sunday. It wasn’t an extraordinary day. I had my usual (when I’m home) visit with DD. While we were talking, Twinkle got into her Cat Play Cube for, as far as I know, the first time since I turned off the gas logs. She didn’t cooperate very well, getting her picture snapped, but I finally got one of her head. This view is from the top.

While DD and I were having our conversation, my neighbor called and left voice mail on my Google Voice number. It made it easy to get it because it comes through as both a transcript of the message and an audio file. I hardly ever access the audio when people use the GV number because it saves so much time. She said for me to come out when I could. I went on out and, while DD was still on the phone, she showed me all about the pump and where to turn it on. Nifty!

I worked on my Creamed Corn with Basil illustrated recipe much of the rest of the afternoon. I’d told DD I was going to get it done at a reasonable hour so I could schedule it to post later and go on to bed. And that’s what I did!

There had been a little rain this afternoon but none stopped me in the morning from getting out in the sun for half an hour.

As soon as I walked into the office, I heard those dreaded words, “When you get your things set down, I need to talk to you.” That always means trouble. We had known for months that our skilled nursing provider number wasn’t being renewed. For the first time since July 1 when it had lapsed, a patient had been put in one of the former skilled rooms. No one had thought to have them converted to regular rooms in the system. When I found out what the issue was, I said, “No problem! I can take care of that.” Yeah, right.

It took the rest of the day, phone call after phone call, email after email, and conferencing with the person who had decided which rooms would be what. THEN when the category was deleted from the system, it wouldn’t allow the person to set up the rooms in the right nurse station until tomorrow.

I was the mail/post office person and that was the only time I had peace.

I brought myself home and am overjoyed not to have to deal with it any more today.

There was no rain today but it’s cool tonight. It was hot and muggy today but I enjoy the heat. Didn’t bother me any.

I visited the Produce Man on the Street and got some peaches and a couple of watermelons. The one I got at The Pig was okay but it had enormous seeds and lots of them and took forever to eat. The flavor was good. Some people won’t eat seedless but some of the best melons I’ve had this summer have been seedless. Dr. D. says,

“Yes, I am quite willing to eat seedless fruit. I am paying attention to bigger issues, such as air quality, environment quality, getting enough sleep and exercise, etc. I eat well, and don’t need to obsess about it.”

Some people think the seeds have been chemically treated to produce seedless melons and I’ve heard some conjecture that they’ve been picked early before they get seeds but if you want the skinny on it, click here.

My cherry tomato supply rotted before I could eat them all so I stopped to get some at my newly raw friend’s place. Her daughter was watching a movie and wanted me to come watch it with her but people kept coming to buy produce. They didn’t have any cherry tomatoes picked so, while my friend’s husband went to get some out of the garden, she and I went out to sit on their back porch and visited. She’s been making salsa and canning it to sell and was cooking squash for supper for the others. And to think she was feeling so bad not so long ago!

I was the mail person this afternoon. Got me home a little early and I used the time to write my latest chapter in Sad to Raw. I found out, if I want to go back and read from the beginning (and why should I when I wrote/lived it?), it takes eight times clicking on “previous entries” to get there.

Early early this morning, I was in the bathroom (you know, that watermelon) and I heard thunder and rain off in the distance. I wondered if we would get any here but it didn’t take long to find out. You know how it usually starts sprinkling and then it will rain harder and harder until it’s coming down? Well, it didn’t this time. I could hear it coming closer and closer and all of a sudden it was WHOOMP!! right over the house. For the next two hours, it was pounding down with the lightning and thunder streaking and booming. I dozed during that time but I really didn’t sleep.

I took the rest of the seeded melon to work and set it on the table in the break room. I don’t know if someone thought it was my lunch or not but it was put in the fridge and mostly forgotten. I had intended for it to be eaten.

It turned out to be a very busy day again. An auditor was there and the person at the main facility who was supposed to run a report for her didn’t do it. I have a growing knowledge of Express Query (a bare bones ad hoc reporting system) so it fell to me to do it. After several attempts, I got what she needed. She was in an office in the nursing home so running back and forth got me lots of exercise.

One of the office staff brought in some yummy cherry tomatoes. I’d taken some of the ones I bought yesterday but they weren’t as ripe. I chowed down on the others off and on all day and brought the rest of them home to go in my salad.

We didn’t have any rain today which was probably a blessing. One of the forum members suggested my tomatoes might have blight but I didn’t think so. When I searched Google images, though, I found out otherwise. I also learned that there isn’t much that can be done at this point than to pull the plants up and destroy them. Some of them still have sound tomatoes so I don’t want to do that, either.

The same man who grew the yummy cherry tomatoes brought in a crate of produce. I picked out three ears of corn and came home and fixed it by my Sunday’s recipe. It is GOOD!!

For a wonder, I was able to concentrate pretty much on my own work today. We did have a meeting this morning that lasted long enough the girls thought I might have left by the back door. It was about the auditing results and Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractors. Believe me, you don’t want to know.

I’ve been working on tonight’s update on my Square Foot Garden but it’s been slow going. No chance of getting to bed on time, I’m afraid.

I went into the break room and took what was left of the watermelon and put it on a Styrofoam plate. If anyone wanted it, they must’ve been desperate because it was getting kind of sad. I washed my pan and that will be the last melon I take down there unless I change my mind.

The pharmacy supervisor came in, all frazzled, and said that she couldn’t charge the medications for the patient in the former skilled room because it wouldn’t come up in Pyxis. The pharmacist at the main campus had already called and told me about the problem. I’d emailed him a list of the rooms as they are now and he was working on getting it fixed. So many pieces to fix! He had it done before the day was over but the charges won’t go in until Monday now.

As I was going to see the Produce Man on the Street, I spied the former aide (who had been so good when I was in the hospital) with her husband. I hurried and got back so I could talk to her. I let her know I’d told about how she took care of me on my Tuesday night post and her husband wanted the blog address so I gave him my card. It was like old times. I wish she’d come out of retirement and go back to work.

I was getting very low on greens so I went to The Pig to stock up. There were three packages of romaine that were ‘way past their prime. I asked if there were any fresh and the man working in produce said no. My favorite cashier and the produce lady have been missing this week. I hope neither one of them has quit or been laid off. The produce has really suffered in the produce lady’s absence. The man offered to mark it down (they still had organic spinach dated June 14 for full price, too) but I said no. I was looking for good stuff, not cheap. I told him I didn’t want to go out of town but I guessed I’d have to.

So…I headed over the mountain. I stopped by the cemetery and managed to pull up the form the destroyed arrangement had been on. I’ll build a new one and take it down the next time I go.

I was hoping for some more of that delicious corn but all that was on the table was little and dried up. No corn. BUT, Bi-Lo had mangoes $1 each so I got a dozen. When I went on to Wally World, there were mangoes (that I could reach) for 88¢. I bought five.

I saw a woman I used to job search with and a family from church plus I had to make my regular visit to the bathroom. That put me in line when, I guess, the Lord wanted me there. A woman came up behind me and just stood there. I offered to let her go ahead but she didn’t have anything to check out. She said she was curious about what I was going to do with all that fruit and greens. I explained that I make smoothies and eat a lot of salads. A friend of hers had made some kind of salad with fruit, walnuts and some other things and she thought that might be what I was going to do. She said she and her husband were on Daniel’s Diet for, I guess, the prescribed 10 days and felt so much better. She’d just told him last night they needed to get back to it. It must’ve been fate that put her where she was when she was. I told her the Lord has a way of working things out and gave her my card. The cashier had been listening to our exchange so I gave her one, too.

I stopped at Goodwill on the way out to look at dishes I might use to display the food I photograph. A lady was in there who was quite knowledgeable about china and crystal and informed me the goblet I’d picked out for 30¢ was, in fact, the latter. I showed her the things I was interested in and she pronounced them both incredible deals. I wanted odd pieces because I don’t need any more sets but that’s the only way they came so I got them.

It was 8 o’clock by the time I pulled up to the house. I put things away as I unloaded. It was so late, I didn’t try to eat much. I had a few tomatoes I’d picked from the garden and two of the yummy peaches.

Saturday Night
What a day! I had to take my OJ/mixed fruit with me and ate it after I played for song service. During the singing, one of the organ keys got stuck. It didn’t appear to be stuck but it wouldn’t quit. A man who restores pianos and older organs (not electronic) came up and helped me isolate the culprit. I don’t have perfect pitch like DH did so I was groping. Together, we found it was “D” and I got it to stop by tapping the key.

During the praise and petition time, the husband of my newly raw friend was on the platform. He got up and was talking about how thankful he was to have his wife. He said, “Look at her! Isn’t she beautiful?” and she really is. They make a good-looking couple because he is quite handsome, himself. Then he told about how sick she’d been and he was afraid she was going to die. He looked right at me and said, “Then Tommie Sue pulled her out of it. She came to the house and helped her with raw food.” At that point, I was embarrassed at being singled out and ducked my head. In a way, though, I felt vindicated. I have felt like people viewed me as a wild-eyed weirdo for going down such a radical path.

Later, when it was my turn to talk, I said I couldn’t take the credit for the change in her. I said that it takes a great deal of courage to make the decision.

One of the young women of the church had the service and she was through just about 12. When I started to play the closing song, I had to start on “D” and it wouldn’t sound. I played it on the upper manual instead. I hope it’s just a bug or something in there blocking the contact. It can be expensive to get it serviced.

When I went to collect my things and leave, one of the ladies who had been briefly interested in raw came and said, “That was quite a testimonial.” I agreed that it was. She wanted to know what I’d done. I told her I’d taken two books for my friend to read because just telling someone to eat raw food doesn’t work. The lady had read The Raw Secrets when I first went raw and was okay with it until she got to the place that said we shouldn’t eat grains. Ellen White had advocated eating grains so that was what she was going to do. After we talked a few minutes, she agreed she should try raw again and I told her I’d have my friend pass the books along to her when she finished with them. There was one thing she was wondering—why did Ellen White talk about so much religion being in a good loaf of bread? Personally, I don’t know but I figure that maybe now, she’d write about raw food. She did say that we should eat more food as it comes from the hand of the Creator. Healthful living is a progressive thing and there wasn’t as much available then as there is now. I just know that raw is the way for me.

Getting out on the porch, I was stopped again. This time, a couple of ladies were standing there and one wanted to know how I knew to go see my friend. I didn’t and I related to her what had happened.

I went to town before lunch so I could get some cucumbers to have with my tomatoes. The produce man wasn’t there! I went to The Pig and got some romaine (I’m down to one package of what I got from Aldi) but the tomatoes were $1.69 a lub. Won’t pay that. Sorry. On to Save a Lot. The sign said the tomatoes would be $1.99 a lub if they had any which they didn’t. I didn’t even try for cucumbers either place because they sell the ones that could pass as green baseball bats.

There was one last place I knew I could get cucumbers but I didn’t think their tomatoes would be ready and that was at the home of one of the church members. They have greenhouses plus garden truck outside. I knew they’d been in Florida and wasn’t sure they were back yet. I had to knock twice before anyone came to the door. It was the lady of the house and she said she was glad to see me. She wanted to know all about eating raw food. Lately, she’s been feeling under the weather and she thinks that raw food might be the answer.

And, as They say, the rest is history.

I told the ladies I eat a lot of tomatoes. Today, I had 18. Before you think I’ve gone bonkers, 15 of them were cherry toms.

It’s been so cool today I’ve been wearing my leopard print jammies. When I ate my watermelon, I covered up and later had to soak in the tub to warm up. Weather like this isn’t good for the garden. I didn’t try to sun, either.

That’s about it for this week. Wonder what the coming week holds?

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  1. Mary in FL July 19, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    Another raw lifestyle website that might interest you and your church friends is Hallelujah Acres:

    • Tommie July 19, 2009 at 10:35 am #

      I respect the program that Hallelujah Acres has but I think going raw the 80/10/10 way to begin with is more successful than using so many “maybe taste-alikes” and high fat. HA can be good for someone who has no desire to go 100% raw.

  2. Tom Brownsword July 19, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    I washed my pan and that will be the last melon I take down there unless I change my mind.

    I love your logic. Must be something that comes automatically to us “Toms”!

    Your idea of business cards is a great one. Hadn’t thought about that (and don’t always read your weekly reviews — at least until now).

    Now I’m off to put my nose back into Roger’s new Veggie Stews product… If I keep getting good info like this, I just might become addicted to raw foods. 🙂

    Keep up the good work. It’s quite encouraging.

    Best regards,

    • Tommie July 19, 2009 at 6:53 pm #

      I felt like the watermelon wasn’t appreciated. Is that what you would have thought?

      Here’s my card as it looks currently. It’s changed over the years—just like me.

      Business Card

      Come back and see me, Tom! Good luck with raw! It CAN be addictive!!! 😀

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