My Week Was Seven Days Long

Another dry day. When is it going to rain?? I got up early, planning to get my day’s work done before I went to see my sister. The rest of the tomato stakes were used except for the one I kept to aerate the compost in the bin and I did a load of laundry to hang on the line. By the time I was done with the necessary things, it was after 10. When I came in, I had voice mail from my sister. I called her back and, between us, we decided I should stay home. They had plans, anyway, that they would have had to bend around my coming so it was better for everyone that I didn’t venture out.

The one item on my to-do list that I wasn’t able to do was fix the arrangement on Mother’s grave. That really bothered me but it would have to wait. I don’t have greenery here at home that would work for it.

DD and I had our weekly chat and I talked to DS1 after DIL2 called and reported computer problems. Her computer won’t even come on now. DIL2 told me a possible fix so I relayed it and said if it worked to send me an email. I didn’t get one so I guess it was a bust. A new power supply for that particular brand and model is supposed to be tricky. I wouldn’t even attempt that fix.

It was Monday all day long. I was hit with problems the second I walked in the door. When it starts out with, “After you set your things down, I need you to look at something” I know it’s serious. At least the schedule was set and the regularly scheduled person was fine with working the 4th. That was all done last week.

The sun was pretty strong but I got out a few minutes, anyway. Methinks I may have overdone it. Under my eyes is very pink.

Today is the day for the continuing angst of my life. Won’t it be a relief when I finally start eating raw??!

I had gotten a really good watermelon from the produce man last Friday but they’d gone up to $7. That about choked me but I got one, anyway.

It’s still really dry. I’ve watered until I don’t have much more to draw on. I do hope rain comes before everything shrivels up and dies. I keep forgetting to take my container for coffee grounds but I don’t think anything will miss it much.

I’ve been out of spinach all week. With only one green smoothie a day it isn’t critical I have it. I refuse to pay $4 for five ozzies. Mine never came up this spring but it would be too hot for it now, anyway.

Still no rain. There has been some in the forecast off and on but it hasn’t panned out. I heard drops hitting the vent this morning about 3:30 and got up, went out and took the lids off the containers so I could catch whatever fell. When I got up to stay up, there was so little it was almost laughable. I left the lids off hoping to catch more but still nothing by this evening.

Did a load of laundry this morning and festooned the house. I should have probably hung it outside to tempt fate and make it rain but I need it to be dry for sure. It didn’t work.

I looked at the coffee grounds container and started to take it but figured I’d forget it for this week.

One of the nursing home employees called and said there would be a load of corn coming in this morning. We watched and when the call went out that they were there in the parking lot, I went out and got two dozen to take for this weekend. As a test, I ate an ear and it was so good I decided I’d try another and it didn’t disappoint, either.

There’s so much to do before I leave tomorrow that I decided not to do a post tonight. I went over to the neighbors’ and talked to the male half about the cistern.

Well, since I wrote that, I had an answer about the cistern! You can read about it here if you haven’t already.

Today was a busy day. I got out at the crack of dawn and picked the poke I could find to take to DS1. His grandfather-in-law and DIL1 sprayed what was growing at their place and he can’t find any.

Poke Sallit

Some people call it poke “salad” but it isn’t a salad green. Sallit is the English word for cooked greens according to this site.

I went in to work until 11:45 and left. First stop was at my newly raw friend’s house to get some tomatoes. I was gifted with another beautiful mango. My friend is feeling back to normal for the second day in a row. Wonder what she’ll think when she starts feeling even better than that? She has started out with 80/10/10 which avoids the pitfalls usually associated with transitioning. I don’t think the “transition” foods really help. To me, they defeat the purpose of eating raw and slow the process.

Second stop was the produce man. The melon I’d gotten on Tuesday was excellent. So…I sprang for his last two melons at $7 each. One of his helpers said, “I told him we’d sell a lot of melons today!” Well, yes! The 3rd of July explains it all. I also got some cucumbers. There’s only one in my garden nearly ready to pick and I want to have plenty for the ladies in the family. They don’t like so much that I’m taking. At The Pig, I got the last marked down container of spinach.

When I got home, I ate the rest of the watermelon I’d taken to work. One of the girls had brought in some good cantaloupe so I’d had some of that. I shared my melon but only one person had any. Later, I had a green smoothie with two bananas, a cup of frozen blueberries, a cup of water and lots of romaine.

My sister called me on my Magic Jack number AGAIN and I didn’t have time to call her back after I accessed her messages. I have asked her, more than once, to use my Google Voice number. I get a transcript of messages on it and it makes it much quicker and easier than having to listen to them.

I was busy getting stuff ready to go. Normally, I make a list but this time the only thing on it was “Air bed”. At least I wouldn’t forget it. I took one of the melons into the house and left one to take to DS1’s. They will ALL eat watermelon, too. Then I went to pick the cucumber.

First Burpless Cucumber

I picked some green tomatoes and the other three ripe ones. Rain would help so much! I wouldn’t want to get a hard downpour that would split the tomatoes, though. At this point, it can be a double-edged sword.

Another watermelon and some oranges were on the agenda at the produce place on the other side of the mountain. I went to Bi-Lo, too, and got some bananas (none were ripe enough anywhere else) and the produce man there washed some grapes for me to sample. They were double good so I got two bags.

It was on to the zoo at Wally World to get my granddaughters gifts—earphones for her Ipod and an ITunes gift card. I laid in the supply of groceries I’d need, too and checked out as soon as I could. Everywhere I’d been had lots of customers but this was crazy.

DS1 and I played phone tag for awhile and we finally really talked. I let him know I was almost there.

On my arrival, I had plenty of help unloading and I gifted my granddaughter. She was pleased with her presents. They ate their cooked meal and I had an ear of raw corn. I think I fared better. DS1 had a couple of ears of nuked corn.

Saturday night
The ladies went to church. DS1 and I were under the impression no one was going so we lost out. We stayed home and watched “Love’s Long Journey”, an inspirational movie. Later in the afternoon, all of us watched the last three in the series.

I cut the melon I’d gotten from the produce man and it was double-dee. He thought it was seeded but it was seedless. Everyone but my DIL had some. I ate my usual container full. DS1 told my granddaughter that Granny Sue had fixed a fruit smoothie this morning and it was really good. It was OJ, mango, pineapple, strawberries and peaches. She didn’t seem impressed.

I walked the property around the house and found several places where poke is growing. I showed all of it to DS1 so he can have some more when he wants it.

Oh, mid-afternoon, everyone disappeared into their rooms for their usual naps. I lay down, myself, and drifted off. Guess I didn’t sleep long but it’s unusual for me to even doze during the day.

Benji had yapped at me Friday night and strained to be off his leash but he’s been very quiet today except when he’d chase the cats. I think he’s frustrated when he’s on his leash by being unable to do what he wants. I’ve been mostly ignoring him but he got up on the couch and looked longingly at the cherry tomatoes I was eating. I bit one in half and put the other half down for him. He licked it, smelled it, and I thought I was going to have to throw it away when he ate it. Strange dog.

The green tomatoes were still sitting so I asked DS1 if he wanted me to fry them up for him. He was surprised I would do that but I don’t expect him to do without an occasional treat just because I don’t eat them. I chunked them up, breaded them with cornmeal and browned them in olive oil, sprinkling them with sea salt. He said he guessed that was the first time I’d cooked in four years but that isn’t quite true. I made Savory Macadamia Nut Cream for a pot luck dinner a few months ago.

I fixed a couple of ears of corn, cream-style, with basil and DS1 thought it was good but he preferred the nuked kind. He tried my tomato-mango soup and pronounced it “not bad”. He was surprised it was warm and wanted to know if the VitaMix did that. Yes. It will boil it if I’m not careful. He liked Matt’s Dip on his miniscule salad.

There were some fireworks being set off at the bottom of the hill so we went out on the deck to watch through the trees. Every time we’d think they were over, here they’d go again with another burst.

We watched some of the videos merm had sent me and the one I made.

It’s been different not being able to get online. DS1 told me there are plenty of places around where I could get free wi-fi but I told him I could live.

They’ve made some impressive improvements. One is the on-demand water heater and another is doing away with their trash pick-up. They are separating their trash and are composting. They figure that will save them $400 a year. Penny-pinching is the norm for all of us now. “THEY” say it won’t end. I hope not. We’ll all be better off.

I’ve rebounded once since I’ve been here. They have an Urban rebounder. I like mine better.

So…that’s been my week. How was yours?

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