My Square Foot Garden Grows! and Grows! and…

Trellis for CucumbersI’ve tried to find tomato cages for my cucumbers without any success. The variety is Burpless and they like to climb. If left to their own devices, they will sprawl over the ground and the resulting cukes curl up and assume all sorts of weird shapes. When I grew these before, I put the long gone tomato cages over the plants and they could climb to their hearts’ content (do cucumber plants have hearts?). They ended up looking like the English cucumbers you find in the supermarket but they tasted much better. Had I gotten things out sooner, I would have gone with planting the little pickling cucumbers, too, but they get bitter in hot weather. The Burpless doesn’t. Hence my decision to go with only these seeds. And they are grown from seed. I couldn’t find any plants. They either weren’t available or I had procrastinated too long. I may have cucumbers later than anyone else but maybe they’ll last longer, too.

If you look right at the base of the trellis in this picture, you can see the cucumber plants.

Lower Square Foot Box

In the center of this picture is a bloom on one of the pepper plants. I plan to let these grow and mature until they ripen into red sweet peppers. They have a much better flavor that way than the “green” bitter peppers some of us don’t like at all. And the green ones surely aren’t burpless. That’s ’cause they are close to being indigestible.

Bloom on Pepper Plant

If you can’t see it very well and want to, click on it, then click on “All Sizes” and choose a larger one.

This tomato is the one produced by the strange blossom on the Pink German Queen. I do believe it will turn out to be cat-faced. Some say those tomatoes have a better taste than any of the perfect ones.

Pink German Queen Strange Tomato

And now! TADA!! It’s the tomato that’s getting ripe. Rather than the four inches across it’s supposed to achieve, this one is about two inches. That’s okay. It will still be tasty and I don’t need giant huge tomatoes. I don’t eat them on sandwiches any more. And, no, I don’t eat the dehydrated disasters that are supposed to pass as raw bread. I broke the bread addiction long ago.

It's Getting Ripe!

If you look ‘way back at the right upper end of this picture, you can see the splash of red that’s the ripening tomato. I plan to have it for a Sabbath treat. It should be good ‘n ready in two more days.

The Tomato Jungle

This is some of my cilantro:


And these are part of my dill plants:


You can see watermelon sprawling everywhere—and it’s just getting started!

These are the volunteer tomato plants that came up in last year’s box. They are really taking off!

Volunteer Tomatoes

And now to the Grand Finale to today’s pictures—the lettuces. I’m letting these grow to form heads. I want to see if they will do it in this hot weather.

Romaine and Buttercrunch

One of the women at work stopped me a couple of days ago to talk about my Square Foot Boxes. She wants to get started on an easy to maintain garden. I agreed to talk to my neighbor about building her a 2′ X 8′ box, supplying all the materials, and setting it up. I didn’t see him until this afternoon and he said he’d do it. He’s going to talk to his wife tonight about what to charge. So…it’s contagious. Better than the flu!

5 Responses to My Square Foot Garden Grows! and Grows! and…

  1. Cassandra June 19, 2009 at 6:47 pm #

    Everything is looking great, Tommie!

    • Tommie June 19, 2009 at 7:09 pm #

      Thanks, Cass. I can’t take all the credit. My neighbors fixed up the boxes for me, I simply planted them and God is making the plants grow. Tomorrow is the day to have my first tomato!! (Unless I decide to let it get riper than it will be then.)

  2. Mary Jane June 20, 2009 at 5:47 pm #

    Congratulations on that almost-ripe tomato! Enjoy it. I have one that’s beginning to turn, but not red yet. Hard to wait for them, but with 34 plants set out, plus dozens and dozens of volunteer ones, I should have more than enough in a few weeks!

    • Tommie June 28, 2009 at 11:57 pm #

      Thank you! It was yummy and didn’t need a speck of salt!

  3. Caryn Inspired Raw July 2, 2009 at 6:54 pm #

    Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I gave up this year and will leave it to the pros at the CSA I’ve joined and the farmers market. But it really is super when you grow your own. Enjoy!

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