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The Raw Vegan: Part LXXVIII, Twinkle

It was still summer. To be sure, it was still my first granddaughter’s second birthday and all the members of the family who were in the area congregated at DS1’s to celebrate. They had moved from the cramped apartment to a roomy house on a hill. Getting it there was a saga in itself but […]

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The First Awesome to be Rawsome Giveaway!

Note: The contest is closed but feel free to read the article and leave comments. Several years ago, I found out I have hypothyroidism. My thyroid had all but quit doing what it was supposed to and my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) had sky-rocketed. I started a search to see what could either cause or […]

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It’s Almost July?!!

Sunday My sister had asked when I could come see her at her daughter’s house. I’d told her not Sunday because I had too much to do. Then…I ended up getting very little accomplished that I’d planned. I did get out in the sun for almost a half hour, then worked on the gardens. DD […]

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My Square Foot Garden Pictorial

If you put your pointer on each picture, you can see what it represents. The biggest cuke is about five inches long already. I can almost see it grow. I bought the cage you can see in the background at the Farmers’ Co-Op for $5. A little steep for a tad of wire but it […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXXVII, Summertime

The summer went by in a flurry of activity. Getting a college freshman ready to go to school clear across the contiguous United States wasn’t easy and we were doing it without DH around to help. That wasn’t unusual but, at times like this, I would get mad at him because he’d left. Not angry. […]

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I Am Gaining Weight

All winter, I hovered anywhere from 114 to 116. I can look back at my weigh-in stats on my weigh-in topic on the forum and see that’s a fact. What is also a fact is that I gain weight in the summer. That’s a given with all the good fruit that’s available. The unfortunate fact […]

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The Heat Descends!

Sunday I woke early and remembered I had a business meeting at the church this morning. For a wonder, I got everything done I absolutely had to and was out the door and the first one there. I’d had the beginning of breakfast (OJ blended with mixed fruit) and made a blueberry/banana/spinach smoothie to have […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part LXXVI, Graduation

Graduation weekend came and DD was the center of attention as far as our family was concerned. She wasn’t that comfortable with all of it but she tolerated it well. Relatives came from near and far to celebrate the occasion. Class night, I was gifted with a rose. I look like I was attacking my […]

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The Raw Vegan Tweets

I had dug my heels in long ago and refused to sign up at Twitter. However, I hadn’t counted on DD’s persuasiveness. Today, she talked me into taking the plunge into Twitterdom. I have already Tweeted a couple of times and have almost as many followers as DD does, give or take 53. My views […]

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