Looking Back

I got up earlier than usual for a weekend day. I had places to go and people to see. It was dreary and rainy and I got a later start than I wanted to (of course). My sister and I talked about my getting a couple of quarts of strawberries as I went through town. She settled on one so that was my first stop. What my plan was, was to meet the two sisters at the university supermarket but I had second thoughts so I tried to call them on my cell phone from in front of the produce place. I’ve called from there before but, this time, I couldn’t get a signal. Bi-Lo was next so I could go potty and I tried from there (I’d gotten a signal there, too) but nothing. Finally, I got one as I pulled out of the lot and let my niece know I’d just come to the house.

It was a good thing I’d changed my mind. My nephew and his family (his daughter had graduated the day before and that was the reason for his mother’s trip) were there. We had a nice mini family reunion. There was some in-the-house badminton, my niece and great-nephew played Monopoly until he tired of it and he demonstrated his WII. My niece gave me a couple of ripe bananas and I was on my way.

First thing at the supermarket, I broke out my lunch—a container of delicious cantaloupe and a green smoothie (blueberries, bananas, spinach and mint). I’d put too much mint in it so I decided to bring it home for Ralphs. Later, I polished off both bananas and they kept me from sheer starvation. Actually, it isn’t likely I would starve. I’m gaining weight and I could probably do with a little hunger.

The weekends seem extremely short. And cool. I was concerned about my plants but not enough to cover them up. It got down to 41 here last night. It may get colder tonight. This must be blackberry winter. We’ve already had dogwood winter. It wouldn’t have felt nearly as brisk today if the wind had quit blowing but it was stiff at times.

I was notified it was time to correct the state data so I worked on that some today. It’s sort of interesting, really, to see the errors that are made at the other facilities. My crew didn’t make any at all. The ones that were there were because someone else had tampered with our registrations. I really do appreciate “my” bunch and their hard work.

It was another cold night last night but the daytime temp was more pleasant. Still quite windy. I got outside for a few minutes this afternoon.

More corrections made. It would be super easy if all I did was take care of our little hospital but doing it for all the facilities can be daunting at times.

I visited the produce man’s stand and got my supply of cucumbers to last until Friday. A couple had plants for sale but they didn’t have change. I went back to the hospital and got some and agreed to split what I thought was a six pack of cherry tomato plants with one of the girls. It turned out to be a four pack and that was even better. Neither one of us could use more than a couple. The plants are beautiful and sturdy and just cost $1.50 for the four. I planted them when I got home. I have a couple of tomato plants that aren’t doing well a’tall so I moved them and put the cherry toms in their place.

The Pig has watermelon at a good price. I plan to get some later on in the week. I have two at home right now.

With the food I got Sunday and what I can get on the way to/from the hospital, I didn’t have to go for my weekly shopping trip. Hopefully, I can make it through until next week. I’ll have to lay in enough to last until Tuesday, at least, since Monday is Memorial Day and I’M STAYING HOME.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood. I got outside for a little while in the morning. My boss saw me and said I had the right idea. She started making plans to upgrade the patio. Originally, it was supposed to be a sun room but the renovation grant wasn’t enough to do everything else and that, too. So…I’ll have my patio a little while longer.

My sister (the grandmother of the graduate) had an unpleasant experience today, to say the least. She had gotten broadsided pulling out of a parking lot and spent hours in the emergency room. There’s good chance her car will be totaled. Bless her heart!

I finally got the post about the dog in my Square Foot Garden done. It happened last Sunday and I took the pictures then but the day got away from me and I didn’t get it posted. Then Tuesday is the day for the continuation of my life story in “1394 parts” as a fellow on Roger’s forum said.

I take my camera to work every Friday in the hope that someone will be inspired to wear a Hawaiian shirt and I can add them to the photos on Facebook. And this time it worked! My neighbor’s construction partner has a collection of Hawaiian shirts and he wore one to the hospital. He thought I was joking about taking his picture but he went along with it and gave me permission to post it both on Facebook and here. Woohoo! Now, if I could just get my neighbor’s brother-in-law to pose for me, that would be two!

Hawaiian Shirt Friday

When I talked to my sister, she said she was sore but no broken bones. If the car had hit her door instead of the back one, she might have been seriously injured or dead. We have lots to be thankful for. My other sister went up this afternoon to stay with her until Sunday.

I had a very nice thank you note from my great-niece for the little gift I’d given her for graduation. It’s unusual to get such any more. DD always sends me one. I feel it’s sufficient if someone just tells me thank you or emails as much but there are a lot of giftees that don’t say boo. Then I wonder if they got their gifts. Oh, well, I’m the worst about writing notes.

I got three watermelons. Two are for me and one for my neighbor. She objected and said I should keep it but I didn’t need another one.

Said neighbor had backed up to my little boxes when I got home and was unloading a huge pile of mushroom dirt. She said she thought it was more than they’d gotten before. It stinks but it will do my garden good. I plan to build up the other boxes some more with it. That will be a project for later, though. Like Sunday or Monday. I did some watering in the hope that it would bring on the rain but nothing.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I watered some more this morning. I hadn’t thought of it as work until we were going over things we should/shouldn’t do on Sabbath in class today. I guess this would fall under doing my own pleasure, actually, because I enjoy it. Then, again, it qualifies as getting out in nature…I dunno.

We had a good church service with an altar call. There was a fellowship meal but I didn’t stay.

This afternoon, I watered some more because I wanted to empty the rain garbage can. I’d seen some earthworms down in the bottom when I was out there earlier and I wanted to rescue them. That’s “doing good”, isn’t it? I put them into one of the boxes and they didn’t seem to know what to do on dry land. They finally tunneled their way down. I didn’t want them to get et by a hungry robin so I stayed and watched them for awhile.

I am stuffed. I need to cut back on my food intake. I really am gaining. I’ve quit weighing except for once a week and this morning I was around 121. I’ll have to admit that’s better than knockin’ 190. Having so much good food is hard, though, after the winter…

It’s early to bed tonight! Good night, all.

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  1. Cassandra May 24, 2009 at 9:15 pm #

    Stuff that should or shouldn’t be done on Sabbath… hmmm, I think it’s been awhile since I’ve had that discussion with someone. I believe the last time we discussed it, it turned into a legalism debate. 😉

    What’s considered a good price on watermelon? A couple summers ago, I was buying it for 15 cents a pound or 20 cents a pound, but the cheapest I can find it right now is 50 cents a pound or $4.50/each at Walmart. 50 cents a pound on most watermelons turns out to be $6 or so. For two meals, that seems high… but I really want to buy some!

    • Tommie May 24, 2009 at 9:38 pm #

      Yeah. It was the pastor’s wife teaching the lesson. She said friends of her children were with them on a hike and it was a hot day. She saw nothing wrong with their taking a dip in a stream to cool off but the other parents were horrified. Guess it’s a matter of up to the ankles? up to the knees? etc., etc.

      The melons I got for $3.99 each on Friday weigh in at around 18 lubs. I cut the first one today and it’s GOOD! The $6 one was smaller but I was hungry for melon so I got it, anyway. It did me for two meals.

  2. KAY May 25, 2009 at 7:41 pm #

    All very interesting! – – Also, I would like to know what you mean by “rethinking retirement.”

  3. Tommie May 25, 2009 at 10:17 pm #

    I didn’t mention that on this post but, that being said, I won’t be able to retire any time soon. I was hoping to in February of 2010 when I turn 66 but I have to pay my house off first.

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