Square Foot Garden Visited and the Harvest Has Begun

I can’t say “revisited” because this was the first visit. I’ve had my romaine munched so I sprinkled bone meal, blood meal and scattered enough moth balls to keep the surrounding area free of moths for a year. That didn’t seem to deter the latest invader, though.

To make it short, I’ll let the pictures speak for me. It must’ve been a dog. And I wonder if the blood meal attracted it/him/her…

Paw Prints

At least it was a very discerning dog that didn’t step on any of my plants.

More Paw Prints

I managed to get my toe in this one and aren’t the tomato plants pretty?

Tomato Plants

My neighbor came over and looked at the prints. The canine population only stepped in one of the boxes. Strange. She said she’d have her husband keep an eye out for dogs. Far as I know, nothing has come back to take another stroll.

And now for the harvest. I pinched the tops out of two of the basil plants to make some of Matt’s Dip. Oh, it smelled SO GOOD! I’m looking forward to when I can report picking tomatoes! Isn’t gardening wonderful?

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  1. earthmother May 22, 2009 at 9:33 pm #

    I’m so excited to be putting in my first squarefoot garden this weekend. I live in the arctic tundra, aka northeastern Ohio, and we can’t plant safely until Memorial Day. Even had frost two nights this past week! I’ve been prepping the soil for several weeks now so it should be could and ready to receive visitors (of the green kind…hopefully, no four-legged visitors).

    • Tommie May 22, 2009 at 9:58 pm #

      Good luck, mother! They’re lots of fun and less work than other methods. I put in some time on mine this afternoon. They have a start of earthworms now. Ralphs (not all of them) are on the loose!

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