Life on the Edge

That’s what my sisters say so here we go with another week.
Happy Mother’s Day! My middle child is the only one who didn’t check in with Mom today. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. He gets into mowing the lawn and generally working outside and the time slips by. The first to call was DS1 and then DD called later in the day. It was a nice day up until afternoon. I got outside in the sun for half an hour. Well, the sun played peek-a-boo but it was mostly there and nice & warm.

I’d looked out now and then and my neighbor’s truck was gone. Then, this afternoon, activity! He had picked up the lumber for my boxes and first I noticed what was going on, they were both out there working away on the first box. They got it in and leveled before the day was over. It was pretty intense work so I wasn’t surprised when that was it for the day.

My protein post took more effort than I thought it would. I started on it early, thank goodness. I might not have finished it otherwise.

Another dismal day but it makes me appreciate the nice ones. It didn’t rain, at least not here, but it was overcast in the valley all day. At that, it would have been pleasant if the wind hadn’t been blowing so much.

I was the bank/post office person again. That was fine. It gets me out of the building and away from the hectic activity.

On the way up the mountain, I munched on Cherry Berries, Camparis and cucumber slices. It was a good thing because I something waiting for me that caused my supper to be late.

When I got home, I was surprised to see TWO SQUARE FOOT BOXES all built, set up and filled! What riches! After I changed, I took my checkbook over to the house and was presented with an itemized bill which I paid on the spot. They were the ones who were surprised when I brought out plants and proceeded to set them out. A fellow who was visiting them told me I could buy groceries for a year with the money it took for the boxes but I disagree. I don’t eat ramen noodles any more. You can see pictures from the beginning of the process here.

Back inside, I discovered DS2 had called me. I called him back and DIL had to wake him up to talk to me. He apologized for not calling me the day before. I told him I forgave him and to go back to sleep.

A beautiful gorgeous day! I was out to check on the garden after it began to get light but before the sun was up. Everything was still there and looking perky. I stopped to admire the fruits of my labor (let’s don’t forget the neighbors’ labor) on the way to the car and it looked even better in full sun.

No bank or p.o. today. I did get outside for 15 minutes this morning. I woke myself snoring.

A raw vegan who lives in the area had emailed me the other day. I finally found that round tuit and called her today. We had a good conversation and we’ll meet the last of this month. She’s met Dr. D (lucky girl) and is familiar with Fred and Roger.

It was kind of a nasty day today but we didn’t get any rain to speak of at my house. Seems it will rain everywhere but here. A couple of my tomato plants looked droopy this morning so I watered them. Then I read somewhere they can wilt with too much water and I thought, oh no! Then they perked up, sort of, so they must’ve been dry.

This afternoon, I went grocery shopping and remembered to take a bunch of orange boxes back to the produce place. The man who unloaded them was surprised there were so many. They represented a lot of oranges. I wanted some local strawberries but they were sold out. The woman told me to call in the morning next week and she’ll save me some. The oranges are 138s. I didn’t know they came that small. I thought 125s were about it. Learn something new every day. I got a really good-looking watermelon. It was $6 and I don’t normally pay that much but it’s a treat.

The Camparis at Wally World were suffering from neglect. The produce boy spied me and made a beeline for his refuge but I headed him off at the pass and told him as much. I asked him if he’d checked the Camparis. He said they were all they had, there were no more in the back. I told him that wasn’t the problem that he needed to take a look at them. He finally went over there and was picking through the containers. One had tomatoes in the bottom that were past rotten. They had black places on them with white mold. He was stacking containers up and I asked what they do with them. “Throw them away. We’d get in trouble if we give them to anyone.” That’s criminal. There were still sound tomatoes in all the containers.

I bought some more plants and seeds for what plants I couldn’t find. It took so much time I was late getting home. I won’t plant them until tomorrow.

It was cloudy but the sun would peek through now and then. I sat outside for 15 minutes this morning.

I talked to the dietary supervisor about getting coffee grounds and she told me to bring a container. I had gotten a couple of little containers full in the break room which I gave Ralphs. I have a sheet of cardboard on top of the dirt and they were congregated underneath it.

When I got home I changed clothes and went out and finished planting the garden. You can read about it here.

On the way to work, I finally remembered to look to the left of the highway when I got to town. Sure enough, there was a truck parked with a strawberry sign strung across the back. I stopped and it was like Old Home Week. The lady selling them used to fix my mother-in-law’s hair. I knew she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her. She thought the same of me and asked my name. We talked long enough to make me late. The strawberries are good but not as good as other years. Guess too much rain has made the difference.

I had promised the produce man some salsa. As it was, I got to bed at almost midnight last night so I decided I would make it this morning. I wasn’t flush with tomatoes so I only used three and I ended up with the pint I was giving him and a little container not quite full that I ate this afternoon. He was pleased and said it looked good. I told him I’d leave it up to him to decide what he was going to eat it with, that I eat it like soup.

My plants all look good. The rain was just what they needed. There was a couple in town selling plants so I bought a four cherry tomato plants and split them with one of the girls here in the office. Between us, maybe we’ll have enough.

It was HOT! today. I got out for about seven minutes and that was all I could handle. It’s supposed to get up to 67 one day next week. Strange weather.

Today was Relay for Life. I didn’t participate this year. My late night hours are catching up with me so I decided I would come home, eat and go to bed. At least they won’t be cold. Year before last was extremely chilly.

I told the girls about my experience with the Camparis and one used to work in a supermarket. She said that was the policy there, too. That’s ignorant with so many people needing a break.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
Another rainy day. It’s a good thing my boxes have good drainage. I just hope it isn’t too good. And it looks as if the critter that munched my romaine may have done me a favor. It’s growing back and looks better than ever. I scattered moth balls and sprinkled the blood meal around, too. I did that a couple of days ago and the balls sure smell loud.

The sun came out after church but it didn’t last long. I was hoping to get out for a little while this afternoon but the clouds would part and then close right back up. I did talk to one of the ladies for awhile before I came home and we were in the sun so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Not much else to tell. I’m going to see my sisters at the university store tomorrow. That’s where we’ll meet. I need to do lots of other things so it will be a quick trip. It would be a sad state of affairs if I didn’t see them at all. Maybe I can lay in enough of a supply of things that I won’t have to go grocery shopping mid-week.

Well, folks, I’m going to rebound and go to bed. I was so shot last night I forgot about it until it was too late. I did get to bed by 9:30. Unusual.

Good night!

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  1. Cassandra May 17, 2009 at 11:00 am #

    It is a shame that grocery stores can’t give away perfectly good food. I have yet to find some place around here to go dumpster diving. I think the stores should give away food, but if they are worried about liabilities, have people sign a waiver saying they won’t sue if they get sick. 😛 That should cover it.

    • Tommie May 17, 2009 at 5:59 pm #

      Seems like but they’d probably find something wrong with it. 🙁

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